70's Collection - Stuck in the Middle With You has wrong artist




  • Jack Anderson
    Scott has that right, "Steelers Wheel" is the correct artist. Stuck in the Middle With You is on Reservoir Dogs (1992) Movie SoundTrack STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU Performed by Stealers Wheel Written by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan Courtesy of A&M Records
  • Geoffrey Collins

    I have seen this a few times now.  It throws me off each time!  Hahaha!

  • Brent Webster

    Please change this!

  • Deb Golden
    This needs to be changed to reflect the artist, "Stealer's Wheel" as the other choices on this challege listed the artist, as well. Soundtracks were not mentioned. ERROR!!!
  • Pete Hult

    So.....how many times does this have to be reported to get fixed?

  • Mark

    In the CLASSIC ROCK category a tune came up which was supposed to be by RESERVOIR DOGS, JOHN COUGAR, IRON BUTTERFLY or THE WHO. The tune playing was STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU by STEALER'S WHEEL. The correct answer was apparently RESERVOIR DOGS but that was a film the tune appeared in. Please correct. Thanks.

  • Rick Shulman

    Here is the correction again.  Stuck in the Middle With You is by "Stealer's Wheel" NOT by "Reservoir Dogs".  Reservoir Dogs is a movie (directed by Quentin Tarantino) in which Stuck in the Middle With You is on the soundtrack.  By now, after all of these comments, it's time to fix this.

  • Jody Burke
    Please fix this!!! How many people need to ask??
  • Bazinga Gardner
    This is why I came here,to complain about this also.pretty lazy mistake, guys!
  • Mark

    Stealers Wheel are British artists actually, Tom Plasket. And the point of a British playlist is to include songs that were hits in Britain, not British artists.

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