90s country wrong song




  • bree b

    There are so many mistakes in that playlist! Disappointing! 

  • Lisa Gremminger

    I found the same one as Sara Kilby just a few minutes ago with the two Tim McGraw songs.

  • John Schmutzer

    Just found this too, luckily it was an artist choice and not song title. But he says "and the camel's burried in a big straw stack"...clearly not Everywhere....

  • B b

    In 90s country, you have Two Of a kind working On A Full House listed as Brooks Garth,BUT it IS NOT Garth Brooks playing this version. If a song is not been pefromed by the original artist DO NOTlist the original artist name, ansd list it so the players can read the full title.You also have Fred Eaglesmith and Gretchen Wilson listed as Aussie Country- STILL , I have sent notifactions about this problem before,getting very tired of all the mistakes.This game will go out the back door like so many others that were popular but failed to maintain the standard

  • Dale Smith

    In 90's Country, You played "Any man of mine" which was Originally sung by Shania Twain. Yet Shania Twain was a WRONG ANSWER!! You claim that the "correct" answer was a group named "Done Again" who sings a EXACT replica of the same song. How do you expect anyone to know the difference??? SHANIA TWAIN should be a correct answer, since she WAS the ORIGINAL artist!!! 

  • B b

    In 90's country you have Unanswered Prayers which is by Garth Brooks, the choices you have are Brooks Garth and Brooks stars Garth .You say the correct answer is  Brooks stars Garth- come on guys fair go how are we meant to know the name of a cover artist.You should only list original artists and original songs,unfortunately cracks are appearing in this game more regularly and unless you fix it ,this game will go out backwards-get ONE GAME RIGHT before launching another one

  • Joan Collin Soles
    Can't figure out how to start a new thread. In Country Classics, a song is listed as 3 Bells by the Browns, but it is a song about Daddyo. NOT the 3 bells.
  • Barbara

    You have  70 country song Easy Loving playing, Loretta Lynn singing but answer you have is Freddie Hart come on check out who is singing before putting answer.


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