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Wrong artist




  • Kevin Smith

    they don't seem to be able to decipher film soundtracks from the actual artist. seems to be a common theme.

  • Mark McDermott

    In WORST SONGS: The ver4sion of "Puttin' on the Ritz" listed as being by Taco IS NOT! It sounds like a legit version perhaps by Fred Astaire.

  • Tompoint
    In Beach Bums, Oh, Pretty Woman is actually sung by Roy Orbison and not By " Pretty Woman"
  • Dana Lea Cruise
    U have the band Rascal Flatts spelled wrong! So every time I click on the one that's spelled right it says I'm wrong & that the "right answer" is Rascall Flatts...there's not 2 L's in rascal. Look at all of there cd's its spells RASCAL not RASCALL please fix this!
  • Ivonne van Gool
    In playlist Sexy 80's Songs: the artist of Running up that Hill is listed as Wuthering Heights, but this should be Kate Bush of course!
  • Luigi Perrone
    In playlist I love the 80's, the song "Big time" is a cover and it's not performed by Peter Gabriel.
  • B b

    In playlist Queens Of country-you have "From this Moment" by Bryan White(with shania Twain) this is incorrect. The song is by Shania Twain with Bryan White.You have listed as Bryan White as the main artist,last time I looked Bryan White was male

  • Joanne Goy
    Eminem's the real slim shady was listed as 'various artists'
  • Jeff Lewis

    It was first reported back in August, now it's the end of October and the change still hasn't been made.  In the Classic Rock and 70's Playlists, the song "Stuck in the Middle With You" was recorded by Steelers Wheel, not Reservoir Dogs.  Reservoir Dogs was the movie that FEATURED this song... as recorded by Steelers Wheel.

  • Zonvander
    In Annee 70 you hear Oh Caroll by Neil Sedaka. According to you should be the right answer Billy Paul with Me and mrs. Jones. No way that this is Billy Paul.
    Last year I let you know that Maniac by Michael Sombella was corrupted. It yook you almost a year to fix that. I'm wondering how long it will take to do something about Neil Sedaka and Billy Paul.
  • Mike Brooks
    That Stealer's Wheel/Reservoir Dogs one for Stuck in the Middle with You problem is still broken, even though it was reported in early August.
  • Lindsay Scott
    In indie rock you have New Slang by the shins listed as garden state which is the movie it was in.
  • Genevieve Bomes
    Bryan white is male how can he be in queens of country
  • Meredith Schupay
    In Crooners you have Fred Astaire as the artist of Change Partners, but it's Bing Crosby
  • Kat Palma
    The artist for "Against All Odds" is listed as Against All Odds. Should be Phil Collins. To make matters worse, Phil Collins was actually a choice in the answers!
  • J Dubuc
    In Johnny Cash section, that is NOT Johnny Cash singing "I'm so lonesome, i could cry" It is his voice in the youtube part, but not when playing the game
  • Mick Carrell

    'Under Pressure' is by Queen & David Bowie right, everyone knows this. So Under pressure was the song playing and in the four possible answers were Queen and David Bowie separately so I clicked Queen but the answer was David Bowie. Both are wrong answers really because it's by BOTH of them. Yet another stupid mistake on here. 

  • Monica Petrisor

    Trip Hop - there's a mistake, instead of A Perfect Circle's song Blue, the youtube link directs you to another song, Judith.

  • Michael May

    In Anime playlist, Joe Hisaishi's "Spirited Away Reprise" was played, and 2 of 4 answers displayed were...
    "Spirited Away: Reprise"
    "Spirited Away - Reprise"
    Remove one of these answers please! They're obviously both correct but I ended up choosing the 'wrong' one........

  • Tina Louise Jordan

    90's slow dance has KC and Jo Jo "All my life" as an answer worded exactly the same 2 times and 1 of them dings wrong :(


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