• Kevin Smith

    Everybody Wants to Rule The World is by Tears For Fears, not Real Genius. That was the name of probably one of several films where it featured on the soundtrack and not the name of a band, It would also have given 2 Tears For Fears songs in the selection option when you had to choose the band.

  • SVO

    Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp. NOT 80s Synth Pop!

  • Andrew Mann

    Grey Matter by Oingo Boingo.  Not a Synth Pop song, or band (they were originally considered Ska)

  • Claudia Marcela Ayala
    Everyboy Wants to Rule the World is a Tears for Fears song
  • Adriana

    Dreams by Fleetwood Mac is not from the 80s and is not Synth Pop.

  • Chris Fabian

    Word Up by Cameo is not Synthpop. It's funk, R&B, dance... but certaintly not synthpop. And please on Satellite by Depeche Mode, delete "Live in Hammersmith, October" in the title, cuz it only confuses the player. It is not needed.

  • Kung Magnus Jonsson
    In some of your catagorys you have songs by Yazoo. But in your game they called Yaz.
  • Steve Gatehouse

    They had to be called Yaz in the USA as there was a drink called Yazoo there and they couldn't use the name.

  • SVO

    Heard a song by Armin van Buuren tonight in this category. WHY? He didn't release an album until the early 2000s. According to Wikipedia. "in 1995, Van Buuren had his first major success with a track called "Blue Fear", which was released under the Cyber Records label; he was 19 years old"

  • Barbara McGinlay
    Agree with others here everybody wants to rule the world is tears for fears not real genius.
  • Narmitt

    Once more, "Everybody Wants to Rule The World" is by Tears For Fears, not Real Genius.  Please correct this.

  • Mike Koehler
    How long will it take for you guys to change "everybody wants to rule the world"?? Even my dog knows it's from Tears for Fears
  • Steve Gatehouse

    Just played this and I had 3 mistakes out of 5 songs! 'Goodbye Stranger' by Supertramp is NOT synth pop OR in the 80s. Paul van Dyk's 'Angel' is from the 90s, and The lying Lizrds' 'Money' is from the 70s (1979). Sort it out!

  • Kelli-Jo Fidan

    I know a lot have already said but I just lost a game because I heard "EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD" and beings this is my most favorite song in the world I know this is TEARS FOR FEARS.     but that was not an option and I scrambled as to what to choose.     REAL GENIUS is wrong, please correct this


  • Steve Gatehouse

    More rubbish selections - Pat Benatar, Electric Light Orchestra (with a song from 1979), and Simply Red with a totally unsuitable remix from 2009. SORT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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