80's TV Themes




  • Chuck Weltz

    i agree.   use original artists for all categories.

  • Vgmack53

    I agree that the theme songs don't sound like the actual themes.  Believe me I watched most of those shows when they were on and these songs are not them. 

  • Tany Harris

    I agree.

    Also I found out "The Virginian" has the wrong song. It's actually the theme to Charlie's Angels. Even the youtube link to it is wrong. It's showing the video of "Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (3FM Serious Request) [HD]". FIX IT!

  • Brent Webster

    This is worse than the "US TV Themes playlist. Most of these are completely unrecognizable.

  • Paul White
    I came here to report the same thing. Please either fix the songs or dump this category - most of the themes are rubbish!
  • Chris Penny
    Agreed! These are absolutely the worst sounding songs ever. They are not even close to the original themes. I went on YouTube and looked up the original themes are these dont come close.
  • Brian Nern

    This is the EXACT reason I came into this forum. Worst execution of a category ever and I was really looking forward to this set/playlist. Some of these themes are almost unrecognizable. I feel ripped off and want my coins back.

  • Greg P. Keelen
    This category is awful. The fake version if the themes is bad. The fact that many of the sing are not 80's Themes is even worse. For example, Bonanza is not an 80's show. This category should either bd fixed or Song Pop should refund the coins.
  • Johambley

    In 80's TV Theme, the song played for Booker is actually the theme song for Northern Exposure.  I thought I was losing my mind.    

  • Lisa Vandersee Dumond

    You have the wrong song for Charlies Angels theme.  YOu have it playing for the VIrginia sound.

  • Hawk

    It's not just this category that has wrong stuff in it, although this category is by far the worst offender. I know there are tons more. In one 80s category it was definitely a Michael Jackson song, but the answer was not MJ. What they need to do is do the PROPER research and yes get rid of those awful Muzak versions and put the actual TV themes. It's so hard sometimes to tell what something is since Muzak wasn't used then.

  • Jharvey711

    Just played 80's TV themes - the theme for "Booker" is wrong...that's actually the theme to "Northern Exposure".  Please fix!!  Thanks!

  • Lauren Garrett
    The theme for "Lois and Clark" is listed as "Louis and Clark" and PLEASE get rid of the Muzak!!
  • Dan Macklin




    It's the SongPop equivalent of those pre-Now! compilation LPs you used to buy in good faith, only to get home and find that all the songs were terrible cover versions by a gang of boil-in-the-bag session musicians.

    A total con.

  • Julia Skates

    Worst song list EVER. Horrible impersonations of the theme. JUST TERRIBLE. Fix this playlist or REMOVE IT. Total sham

  • Kitt JK Rollison-Faber
    First nearly every title the TV "orchestra" plays are almost indecipherable and second the theme to BOOKER was Billy Idols 'hot in the city' NOT what keeps perpetrating as the theme, which is actually the theme to "NORTHERN EXPOSURE"
  • Kerry Baier
    There is a song that says it is the Virginan but is really Charlie's Angels theme song
  • Veronica Marie

    The Charlies Angels theme song is mistakenly under The Virginian.

  • Bouynxdor

    I know everyone has said it but eventually you guys will have the number you need to do something about this list.  Musak itself is bad enough but these aren't even good Musak versions.  If I personally WROTE some of these songs, i STILL wouldn't be able to recognize them.

  • Cr8zyc8tl8dy

    Don't hold your breath. Ever since this game was taken over by Zynga, support has been incredibly bad. They church out playlists daily and half of them are rubbish. I contacted them about this play and asked for a refund and told them they should read their forums and be aware of how bad this list is. I told them that it should be removed and anyone who bought it should be refund. Instead, I got a very rude comment back and I quote: 

    Hello There,

    Thank you for writing in. We do not do refunds on playlists because you didn't like it. Sorry we couldn't be of more help.

    Thank you for playing SongPop!

  • Will Mibb
    The Virginian and Charlrs Angels themes are switched
  • Chris Miller

    Not only is the theme for Charlie's Angels incorrectly playing for The Virginian, the youtube video attached to it is for a show called "Susanna".

  • Bjbedwards

    I don't know if the app developer read these, because there is already many reports of the "The Virginian" theme on the 80"s TV theme playlist is really Charlie's Angels theme, but I really wish they would fix this!!!!

  • Lisadupleasebowers
    In 80's tv themes the Charlie's angels theme song is playing to the Virginian film by classic orchestra oscars.. Please fix. Thanks!
  • Stevebrackohio

    I, too, have just played 80's TV themes - the theme for "Booker" is wrong...  it's actually playing the theme to "Northern Exposure."  The correct theme for "Booker" is called "Hot in the City."  Please fix!!  Thanks!

  • Stevebrackohio

    I, too, have just played 80's TV themes - the theme for "Booker" is wrong...  it's actually playing the theme to "Northern Exposure."  The correct theme for "Booker" is called "Hot in the City."  Please fix!!  Thanks!

  • Laurendinah

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  • Jenni Lynn

    I would also like to agree that this is by far the worst playlist.  If you are going to create a category, do it right, or don't do it at all.  or at least let it be cheaper for Christ sakes!!

  • l schroeder

    Charlie's Angels music plays,but it isn't in the choices.The game claims the answer is The
     Virginian,which we all know is a western,with its own theme song.

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