80s British Invasion



  • Nomadfrank

    Yeah, this needs to be fixed. Real Genius is the movie, not the artist. This isnt a movie category! The correct answer should be "Tears for Fears" for the song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

  • SVO

    At least a month later and Devo is still listed in this category too. Unless Akron, Ohio is located somewhere in the UK, there is no excuse for this. And don't even try to justify it because Brian Eno produced the first album in Germany either, because that came out in 1978, not the 80's, and every album since 1979 was produced in the USA.

  • Andrew Mann

    Air Supply are from Australia, NOT Britain

  • Andrew Mann

    "Careless Whisper" is from Wham, NOT George Michael

  • Andrew Mann

    "Boys Don't Cry" by the Cure was released in 1979.

    It was only included on albums released in 1980.

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