Layla...decide who recorded it!




  • tara Scofield

    AGREE!!! Unless you're playing the version from UNPLUGGED the song "Layla" was recorded by Derek and the Dominioes.  There's another great guitarist on that recording besides Clapton and he should get his props somewhere.


  • Jacobkllr

    There is no difference at all. Clapton did not re-record the original version of the song. The reason is probably because it wasn't popular until it was re-released in an Eric Clapton compilation later but it's still the same recording by Derek and the Dominos. So you are right.


  • tara Scofield

    Actually the version Clapton does on "Unplugged" is different.  It's acoustic, slower, and changes have been made in the melody.  If you put the two versions of the song on a play they would have different artists.  The acoustic version would be by Clapton while the rock version, featuring Duane Allman, would be by Derek and the Dominoes.

  • Kurt Tappe
    This is definitely not the Unplugged version. The category is "Best guitar songs". On Unplugged, he doesn't play much guitar at all. It's all vocals.

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