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80s British Invasion- major error




  • Ash Tarlek

    not uncommon. UK TV themes is mostly american tv shows :)

  • Dan Macklin

    Graham Russell was born in Nottinghamshire. There's your far as SP are concerned, anyway, even though any fule kno that they formed in Melbourne and are generally recognised as an Australian act.

  • Johan J. Villar

    The song Ordinary world appears in this list and is from the 90's not 80's

  • SVO

    DEVO appears in this category. They are from Akron, Ohio.

  • Ananda Santos

    The song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" is from Tears For Fears, but in the artist name it shows "Real Genius".

  • Alan Hirsch

    I don't mind Air Supply being called British any more than I mind Billy Ocean being called British. The British Empire once included Trinidad & Tabago, Australia and many other countries. Let us not be ultra-picky here.

  • SVO

    Ok, so we report the problems here. Does anyone fix them?

    - DEVO is still in 80's British Invasion

    - Fleetwood Mac - Dreams is still in 80's Synth Pop

    More issues:

    There are COVER band versions of songs used ... "The Police Gang" for The Police - Every Breath You Take  and Warefare for Frankie Goes To Hollywood's - Two Tribes come to mind. WHY would you expect anyone to know or select an unknown cover band's version of a song?

    Now today I played 80's Dance Party and  TWO of the 4 choices are labeled Kool & The Gang for the song Celebration, I somehow I selected the "wrong" one. WHO (if anyone) IS MINDING THE STORE HERE?


  • Kevin Smith

    Real Genius was the name of a film that Everybody Rules the World was on. Bit of a cock up, it would have given 2 TFF options when you had to name the band! Cost me getting a massive score.

  • Kurt Tappe

    Foreigner was the answer to a song in "80's British Invasion". Sorry guys, Foreigner was formed in New York, NY, and is thoroughly American.

  • Mick Carrell

    To be honest, I give a damn about who is American and who is British either i know the song and who it's by, or, I don't. BUT, the big problem , as has already  been pointed out many times, is where the following happens ;

    The song has audience participation/Band talking for the first part of the track. Unacceptable.

    The correct answer is not....the correct answer e.g. Everybody wants to rule the world (Tears for fears NOT Real genius

    and The police gang when it's The police. Sort it song pop otherwise you will lose customers.

    You need to listen to you users and act upon their comments, anything less is a failure on your part. 


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