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US tv themes




  • Zayre Ferrer
    "who's the boss?" Theme song is off. The jazzy Muzak riff you're playing never appeared at the top of the show. The correct
    theme song has vocals and faster tempo.
  • Brent Webster

    There are numerous problems with this playlist.

    1. Please get rid of cheap cover versions and re-recordings of theme music. Originals only, please. Example: The clip of the theme to The Brady Bunch in this playlist is clearly not the original.

    2. Where a tv show used a preexisting song as their theme, please have a clip of what was actually used rather than some other part of the song. Example: the show Chuck used Cake's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" as its theme music, but only the instrumental intro, cutting it off before any of the lyrics can be heard. In this playlist, however, the clip comes from the middle of the song while John McCrea is singing.

    3. Where a show was an adaptation of a film or was later adapted to a film, please use the TV show theme rather than the film theme wherever there is a difference. Example: "Suicide Is Painless" where the lyrics of the song are sung is from the film M*A*S*H. The version used for the television show is instrumental.

  • Erikapete1
    The theme song for The Virginian is actually the theme song for The Love Boat...What's the deal with that?
  • Octomel

    The Wheel of Fortune song is not from the TV show, it's from a South Park episode called Naggers. This is the link that you have for the song. I clicked it and was shocked! I watched the clip for this song and should have known it would be bad coming from South Park. It was. The south park character had to guess the puzzle and instead of saying naggers, he said the N word. You need to have people listen to these songs before you download them for Song Pop. This was absolutely avoidable if that had been done in the first place.

  • Thomas Hoffelder
    It has the name of the band Bare Naked Ladies as the choice instead of the show name Big Bang Theory.
  • Mark Grosenbacher
    The Charlie's Angels theme came on and it wasn't a choice. The answer given was The Virginian. The 2 themes sound nothing alike
  • Ron Brunn
    Dukes of Hazzard, not hazard!
  • Tweekymonkeygirl

    Walls Cornetto is NOT a US TV Theme, it is a song from a commercial that might have aired in the US in the 80's at best. Please remove it from the US TV Themes

  • Juanma7125
    The theme for 'six feet under' series is wrong! That song didn't even appear in the show. Please put the main theme. The original.
  • Horomnizon

    The theme for "It's About Time" is so not right.  Not even close. It's a great theme - please correct it!

  • Rblomquist

    I'll make it easy for you. This is the theme song for It's About Time:



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