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  • Anatorres310

    I think they were trying to ask you which artist sang the song either Poison or Alice Cooper

  • Ice75 Man

    Yes but without being specific, both answers are right also in the right genre/category.

  • Tiffany Joseph Sorsen
    I had a song, sung by OutKast, their name was up on the answer board TWICE, and because I chose the wrong one, I got it WRONG!!! Their name, shouldn't have been up there TWICE!!!!
  • Grant Macdonald70
    I recently had the same problem with "Naughty Songs". There was 2 Lady Antebellum names for the song, my opponent choose 1 I choose the other. I was right, not fair that she lost because of your fuck up.
  • Christy Kraus
    I been away from song Pop for about 4 weeks but 3 of them I paid for VIP and didn't get to use it. & it's Not my Fault Every time I log into song pop it Boots me out... And Crashes every so ng for the Least....
  • Addison

    First of all, Alice Cooper is NOT a Hairband, that song belongs in 80's Hard Rock not 80's Hairbands

  • Philip Schlosser

    I dont know if someone actually reads these but if they do. I am a 25 year veteran dj. Please be more thorough with your facts...IE 80's hard rock..Alice Cooper and Only women bleed was released in 1975. I am coming upon more and more of these. Whomever is doing the fact checking is getting sloppy. Send to me I will do the proper time periods and genre. Another one was Classic rock Hold me now by the Thompson twins  umm no try 80's pop not classic rock by any stretch..just saying

  • Carrie Cheesman Wiley
    Can't remember what category it was in. Country love songs I think, the song was islands in the stream, which is by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, both of which were on the list to choose from!
  • Michael K. Daniels

    The southern rock category invariably includes Mountain (from Long Island), Ted Nugent (from Detroit, much to my chagrin) and Credence Clearwater Revival (San Francisco).  Really?  Oh, and by the way, Boyz II Men are NOT Motown!

  • Shannon Hilborn Mansfield
    I paid extra for VIP so I could have unlimited text messages and now it is charging me power ups to send a message. What is going on??
  • Rico Fajri

    why i can't play on facebook anymore? It just keep loading all the time.. please answer

  • Jake Wegman
    There are dozens of songs where instead of music, the clip is: the audience cheering, people talking, skits from the album & other noise. Ive heard this fron tracks from: Kiss (detroit rock city) GNR (Nov. Rain), WASP, Janis Joplin & many others.

    Also, the Jay Z category is awful, most songs from the A Capella album & nothing from Mr. Z early albums.
  • Unleash The Metal

    Lacuna Coil are in the Industrial playlist, but they should be in the Gothic playlist and Metal, cos they're a Gothic Metal band

  • Ernie Perry
    Quit destroying songs what's the point I've missed some of my FAvs because thier unrecognizable ,makes no sense
  • Tarnae Hind-Hartnett
    A few times my countdown has started and I get interrupted with an advertisement and my first song has started! Very annoying!
  • Tony Fiorillo
    Why is it when i bought a playlist i wasted all my powerups and still didnt get playlist got more powerups and still have to waste powerups
  • Jeffery Kenney
    on the parodies playlis the choice white and nerdy pops up twice as a choice and is the song playing and when you pick one of the white and nerdy's it's wrong
  • Dl
    Song Pop needs to change the songs in Doo Wop. The Spiders, The Velvets and the other awful groups I can't remember..the worst groups ever. Get rid of them and get the real fun doo wop songs. There are so many good groups available I don't know why you're choosing such horrible unknown groups and they keep coming up and up and up. AWFUL!
  • Chrystian Brown
    I want to suggest one of my most favorite bands but it's not on the suggest list they are called the swollen members pls add them
  • Keri Gates
    Only the first song plays on my challenges then its completely silent what can I do or will delete game
  • Hawk

    In 80's TV Themes for the theme song of Head of the Class you have the song title listed instead of the TV Show. That should be corrected.

  • Trish Reibert

    Billy Idol was not "Made in the USA".


  • Eric Smith
    The latest update had caused me to lose sound. I've had entire games with no sound. Fix it before I delete the game.
  • Carol J. Salazar
    Song pop keeps losing the sound of songs, lots of times it all five songs. This is getting ridiculous please fix it
  • Louis Lopez
    Since the last update, some songs just aren't playing. The timer is running, but no song. If I manage to guess correctly, it says I got the song in 0 seconds...
    this is occurring on both my tablet and cell phone.
  • Cheyenne Autumn Johnson
    What is going on with SongPop? I can not hear some of the songs in the play lists and have to use my Power ups and then guess which song I think it might be. Not only am I winning or losing challenges that perhaps I shouldn't be but I am also having to use my power ups unnecessarily. Please address this problem as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • mark frick
    Please get the sound fixed!! I love this game but can't expect to ein if i can't hear anything!!!
  • Lisa Werner
    I also am having problems with the sound. If it was only occurring once or twice I could deal with that but it has happened almost every time I play. It is starting to become really frustrating. I also feel that I am losing matches that I should be winning! :( This really needs to be fixed like yesterday! Thank you!
  • Nanette Kay Norris
    I have be en playing song pop for a long time and I love it but lately when I play I can't hear most of the songs and I end up loosing and that isn't fair I should get reimbursed Some way
  • Cathy Wagoner
    No sound on most games

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