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  • Chris Penny
    Agreed! This is incorrect!
  • Esloss

    I will agree as well. They have several songs from the remake in this category. I think that is totally wrong. The category is 80s movie songs. It should be just songs from movies from the 80s. I am consistently missing the questions involving the remake. it does not fit the freakin category!!!!

  • Larry Corcoran

    Yup, same reason I came here for. Kenny Loggins should be tied to Footloose if you have it in the 80's category. Calling foul here.

  • Johnny Williams

    The had Holding out for a hero with the remake artist it should have been Binnie talyor

  • Luvmystang66
    I must also agree. I notice this is also true in other playlist where they include a remake or live version. Since there is a category for Cover Songs, I think the originals should be used in the playlists. Plus I hate live versions because they almost never sound the way you know the song.
  • Amy Atchison

    This is driving me nuts! Fix it!! Should defiantly be the 80s version not the remake which is god awful anyway!

  • Dragonkiss 3336
    Also using Jena Kramer for let's hear it for the boy. ANY Footloose songs should be coming from the 80s movie soundtrack otherwise get it off the 80s movie list. Just because it's a remake of the 80s movie doesn't make it an 80s soundtrack!
  • Brent Webster

    Also, Cee Lo Green was not even recording in the '80s. He has no songs in '80s movies. What is he doing in the '80s movie songs playlist?

  • Andrew saltwell
    I think the 80's movie song is absolutely rubbish - what's with all the tv theme players who are covering the theme tunes with poor keyboard playing and a rubbish backing track! Most of the theme tunes are completely unrecognisable!! And then to ask which artist sang this theme - tv players, the tv theme players or......the all Star tv players - hey what a choice - if I could recognise he tune I still wouldn't have a clue! Give us a break song pop and put the original tracks on, or at least cover versions that sound something like the original! This was a complete waste of 399 of my hard earned coins!!!!!
  • Brent Webster

    Hot Summer Nights from the Top Gun soundtrack has the artist listed as "Top Gun." This is laughably incorrect. The correct artist is Miami Sound Machine.

  • Theresa Body
    Twice today I have played this category and twice I have had songs from the 2011 version of footloose....you really need to sort this out!
  • Esloss

    It doesn't look like they will change it. I know they could say that the songs from the Footloose remake were originally done in the first film. But they blow that theory out of the water with new songs from the remake in this category as well. It just isn't right either way. I am so tired of missing these damn questions. It's funny. I liked the Footloose remake, but their songs should not be in this category. Period.

  • Karen O'Brien
    You have a band called "OMD" as the answer for "Don't you forget about me" but it's actually sung by "Simple Minds"
  • tara Scofield

    In the 80's Movies one of the songs is Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield.  This is a very well recognized song that was the them of The Exorcist.  The Exorcist was made in 1973. and the song "Tubular Bells" was a central part of the movie.

  • Brent Webster

    Yep, songs from the 2011 remake don't belong in this category. Holding Out for a Hero should be the Bonnie Tyler version, not Ella Mae Bowen. Footloose should be the Kenny Loggins version, not Blake Shelton.

  • Bonnie Davidson
    "So sorry Mama" by Whitney Duncan is NOT an 80's movie clip. It's from the horrible remake of Footloose in 2011. Please take it off.
  • Kurt Tappe

    Just got "Dance the night away" by "David Banner" in the "1980's Movie Songs" category. Of course this is from the 2011 remake. Guys, ARE YOU EVEN WATCHING THIS BOARD? Please fix the mistakes in your playlists!

  • KT Pierce

    The names in the "answers" section shouldn't be the names of the artists or song titles, they should be the movie titles. Right? That would make so much more sense... Much like the Horror Movie Themes. Think about it. :\

  • Andrew Mann

    The original Footloose soundtrack appears in the "Movie Soundtrack" playlist & the remake Footloose soundtrack appears in the "80's Movie Song's".

  • Liz Stewart

    All of the Footloose songs are from the 2011 version of the movie, but the category is 1980's movie songs

  • Chad W Smith
    You have the artist of Against All Odds as "Against All Odds". You even put the right answer (which is of course Phil Collins) as one of the other choices... As a result I got that one wrong.
  • Brent Webster

    The artist who performed the theme to Ghostbusters is Ray Parker, Jr., not "The Hit Crew"

  • Solos Tu Yo Forever

    es incorrecto


  • Tim Goosmann

    Don't offer me new playlists all the time: please take the time to revise the existent list - over 3 months with Footloose tracks almost 30 years misplaced...

  • Kim Suson
    You have "where the green grass grows" labeled as everywhere
  • Dave DeVos

    I see you have heard this before but the Footloose movie soundtrack is listed in the 80s movie soundtrack category but it is the soundtrack from the 2011 version of the movie-this is infinitely incorrect!!!

  • Rlamybarlow

    "Up Where We Belong" is correctly identified as "Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes".   But it also gave me the choice of "Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker", which seems like a technicality cheat.    Found in 80's Love Songs.

  • Rick Shulman

    "Stuck in the Middle With You" is by Steelers Wheel, not Reservoir Dogs.

  • Brent Webster

    Is there ever going to be anything done about the problems with this playlist? The Footloose thing is driving me crazy. It wouldn't be so bad if it just came up once in a blue moon, but it seems that every time I play on this playlist one of the songs from the remake is there. Come on, SongPop.

  • Esloss

    I think I am getting used to the new Footloose songs. Still not right. I still occasionally get them wrong. I also hate when they have like The Hit Crew for Ray Parker Jr. They also have some Karaoke thing that seems to pop up in various categories. I don't even know what that is. Or they have something in the vein of Duran Duran. What the heck is that?!!

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