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  • Esloss

    I have a comment about the category as well. How in the world is Juice Newton a one hit wonder or Quiet Riot? Juice had several hits, while Quiet Riot had at least 2 songs that I would consider hits.

  • Mark Speck

    Mary Wells is NOT a one-hit fact, you use several of her other hits in the Motown and Classic R&B categories!

  • h patton

    I've never seen an "One Hit Wonders" list of any kind anywhere that wasn't full of seemingly obvious mistakes. What constitutes a hit anyway? top 10? top 40? top 100? and on what charts...I've long given up on griping about this kind of thing. 


    also, Stairway To Heaven  is a poor example, it was never a "hit" as it was never even released as a single. 

  • Judithcst

    "Sleepwalk" was sung by Santo and Johnny, a duo, not just Santo as you have it listed.

  • Distracted

    BJ Thomas had more than one hit as well.

  • Addison

    Same thing with thing with Thin Lizzy - it says their song The Boys Are Back In Town is a one hit wonder but they have at least 2 other songs I'd consider hits (Jailbreak and Bad Reputation). 

    Also, add Your Love by The Outfield to the playlist if it isn't already because I haven't been given that a choice yet.

  • Mark Speck

    Really have "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy in a few categories here, which means you obviously hold the song in some regard, yet Thin Lizzy is still listed as a 'one-hit wonder'!

  • Mark Speck

    Along the same lines of the "Sleepwalk" mention, "Denise" is by Randy and the Rainbows (not 'Randy' as you have it listed) and "The Freeze" is by Tony and Joe (not just 'Tony' as listed in the game).

  • Paul White
    The reason for the Randy and Tony changes is because, like almost all of the One Hit Wonders songs, their songs are re-recordings by those artists, not the original groups.
  • Brent Webster

    The artist for Gangsta's Paradise in this playlist is listed as Dangerous Minds. That is the title of a movie it was featured in. The artist is Coolio.

  • Georgie Billings
    bill Withers ain't no sunshine is listed, he's not a one hit wonder... Lovely day anyone?
  • Georgie Billings
    bill Withers ain't no sunshine is listed, he's not a one hit wonder... Lovely day anyone?
  • Paul White
    Not to mention Use Me, Just the Two of Us and Lean On Me. All were bigger hits than Ain't No Sunshine.
  • Kevin Smith

    Someone missed Whiskey In The Jar as a Thin Lizzy hit. Pulp's cover is interesting.

  • Sarah Cross
    Hanson had 2 hits mmm bop ( of course) and wheres the love uk no1-us no2 .
    I might spell it wrong but katrina and the waves have had more than one hit both in uk and us go check it out on wiki and a maybe one from frankie goes to hollywood only in uk as it is a one hit wonder in the us
  • Kate Thomas

    Hanson released Mmmboy, Where's the Love, Weird and I Will Come to You in 1997, in 2000 they released This Time Around and If Only, in 2004 they released the album Underneath which went straight to #1 on the Billboard Independent artist chart, they released three more albums out of that and have had several world tours. That's not exactly a one hit wonder.

  • Kate Thomas


  • Jacobkllr

    They have The Cure on there too. and Thin Lizzy.

  • Muso Geek

    Fatboy Slim: Praise You.  He had LOADS of success in the 90s and the 00s!!!   

  • Fwalexandr

    I agree that Juice Newton, Bill Withers, Ben E King, and  Mary Wells are far from being a One Hit Wonders.

  • Jasperelkhorn2

    Juice Newton has 7 top 10 hits!!!!!

    Tiffany had two #1's (I Think We're Alone Now & Could've Been) and another top 10.

  • Matthew Mabrey

    The Offspring in 90s one hit wonders.... are you kidding.... Self-Esteem, Come out and Play, The kids Aren't Alright, Pretty Fly, Bad Habit... they had 5 huge albums in the 90s all with at least a couple hits per... 

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