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  • Jason Martin

    This playlist is just bewildering. A game featured Cloud Nothings (a band from Cleveland, Ohio), Yeasayer (from Brooklyn, NY), Santigold (from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), and Ladyhawke (from New Zealand). Not a single Australian artist. Ladyhawke might be acceptable because at least she lived in Australia for a couple of years, I suppose, but I still don't see how there's any connection to Australia Day.

    Of the sample songs on the store, the only Aussie artists are Xavier Rudd, The Presets, Angus Stone, Last Dinosaurs, and Alpine. I had to google the last two because I'd never heard of them, and NONE of those artists are particularly associated with Australia Day, as they're all relatively new on the music scene. What about Icehouse's "Great Southern Land", Men at Work's "Down Under", Peter Allen's "I Still Call Australia Home"?? Has anyone even looked at this playlist in the four months since the issue was reported?

  • Antonelladee70
    The song Kids has both Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue to select so since it's Australian I picked Kylie but it was actually Robbie. Don't you think it should be Kylie since she's Australian. A bit unfair not to mention ridiculous.

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