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  • Jeanie Dalrymple

    I forgot Gary Puckett and the Union Gap!! I added "Young Girl", "Lady Willpower", "Woman, Woman", "Over You" and "This Girl is a Woman Now" to the Spotify list :)



  • San Greeno

    I want. 


  • Sangreeno

    Slug- "Modern Man's Hustle," and "Scapegoat"
    Eyedea- "Blindly Firing," "Now," and "Smile"

  • Aglfredo

    Rice cookers take the guesswork out of preparing rice. A microprocessor determines how and when to adjust the temperature and heating time. Once the rice is done, the rice cooker switches to a keep-warm setting.

    However, all the folks at the restaurant agreed that it’s extremely hard to rate white rice like this, as a lot comes down to personal preference, and there are a huge number of other variables apart from just the rice cooker. For instance, one of the other chefs, who trained at sushi restaurants in Japan, liked the rice from the super affordable Aroma rice cooker more than any other — but everyone else rated it near the bottom. A rice cooker can be used to cook rice, hot cereal, desserts and even steam vegetables and cook soups and stews. Not every rice cooker can perform every task so make sure you to select the right cooker for your needs. The Best Rice Cooker – My #1 Recommendation (for Both Brown and White Rice) Best Cheap Rice Cooker Under $35

    Another term you may read about is induction heating , which warms up the entire vessel of the best electric rice cooker models through electromagnetism rather than simply the bottom. Usual conventional or digital rice cookers are heated through a metal plate at the bottom of the rice cooker. On the other hand, rice cookers with induction heating are not just heated from the bottom but throughout the entire circumference of the rice cooker. This is much more efficient way to perform heating and allows for greater precision in temperature regulation.

    Chef Takahiro Hori of San Francisco’s Ken Ken Ramen restaurant (known for ramen but also bento boxes at lunch) took me aside and showed me how they prepare the rice for their bento boxes and curries. He explained that properly washing rice is one of the most important things you can do to improve the flavor and texture of white rice, and that involves rinsing it a number of times, washing it gently using either the edge of your hand or your fingertips dozens of times, rinsing it again, and then letting it soak before cooking. Chef Saipin was also clear on the point that the water should be room temperature or very slightly cool, so that it doesn’t start to slightly cook while it waits.

    This particular rice cooker is also available in a 10 cup capacity. Click here to see my review of the Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10 Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker My recommendations above should be sufficient in helping you find the best rice cooker for your needs but if you’re still keen on reading more rice cooker reviews , you can see every single review I’ve written by clicking on this link Alternatively, you may want to scroll up and look at the right sidebar to filter reviews according to your favorite rice cooker brand or cup capacity. Here are some of my personal recommendations for on/off rice cookers and fuzzy logic rice cookers Rice Cooker Reviews – My Top Picks That’s when a rice cooker comes in very handy. Kitchen Selectives 1.5-Quart Slow Cooker Instant Pot Ip-duo60 Review – The New Generation Pressure Cooker | Best Rice Cooker Reviews


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