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  • Joemckjr
    From Nirvana to Blondie to Kanye to Reba, songs with the word Heart in them.
  • Lisa Pavlov
    I made a similar list a few months ago. Feel free to use. Mine is more broad, not just songs with heart in title.
  • Joanne Czarny
    Terrific list, Joe!
  • Joemckjr
    50 more songs added to my Spotify list
  • Joemckjr
    225 songs that span decades and genres.
  • Joemckjr
    Bumping since spammers have infested zendesk
  • Joemckjr
    Over 200 HEART songs! All genres!
  • Joemckjr
    Perfect for Valentines Day!
  • Narndt574

    Songs with heart? That could be combined with this shapes playlist or just the songs on heart about the heart shape can be taken off this & added to the Gotta have heart playlist.You Know whichever 


  • Joemckjr
    Perfect for Valentines Day!
  • Joemckjr
  • Joemckjr
    Maybe a good add to the game
  • Joemckjr
    New year, maybe this can be added
  • Joemckjr
    Valentines Day is coming up again soon!
  • Nick Arndt

    The Futureheads - Heartbeat Song

    FLOR - Heart

    EXGF - We Are The Hearts

    Charlotte Dos Santos - King of Hearts

    Good Shoes - The Way My Heart Beats

    Monarchy - Black The Colour Of My Heart

    Cassis Orange - Listen Heartbeat

    Postiljonen - We Raise Our Hearts

    Oberhofer - HEART

    The Subways - My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat

    Digitalism - 2 Hearts

    Night Riots - Oh My Heart

    Zulu Winter - Key to my Heart

    Stefana Fratila - Heartland

    The Flaming Lips - Always There In Our Hearts

    We Are Trees - Teenage Heartbreak

    Blood Diamonds - Heart

    Braids - Plath Heart

    Hot Chip - Don't Deny Your Heart

    Ginger & the Ghost - Mark of Hearts

    High Hazels - Hearts Are Breaking

    Psychic Twin - Unlock Yr Heart

    Allison Weiss - Hole In Your Heart

    The Zolas - Knot In My Heart

    Kopecky Family Band - Heartbeat

    Scarlet Youth - Home Is Where Your Heart Is

    St. Lucia - Paper Heart

    Saint Raymond - Wild Heart

    Dead Leaf Echo - Lemonheart

    Clones of Clones - Monster Heart
    Priest - Strong Hearts

    High Wolf - Wild at Heart

    Blackbird Blackbird - Summer Heart

    SUMMER HEART - Beat of your Heart

    SUMMER HEART - Broken Hearts

    Hymn De Lune - Young Hearts

    Young Karin - Hearts

    Pistol Shrimp - Heart

    Deptford Goth - Two Hearts

    Cosby - Heartracer

    Ásgeir - Heart-Shaped Box

    Long Walks On The Beach - Knew It By Heart

    Be Forest - Captured Heart

    Alex Winston - Heartbeat

    Miike Snow - Heart Is Full

    TOPS - Change of heart

    WIFE - Heart Is A Far Light

    Spirit Faces - Hurts Less Than Heartbreak

    Saskwatch - Born To Break Your Heart

    Magic Giant - Glass Heart

    Bib - Take My Heart

    The Airplanes - Paper Hearts

    Tim Kasher - Where's Your Heart Lie

    Davis Fetter - I won't let this world break my heart

    Bring Prudence - Don't Break My Heart

    Shy Girls - Second Heartbeat

    Strange Talk - Young Hearts

    Mutemath - Tell your heart heads up

    Clubfeet - Heartbreak feat. Chela

    Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire

    Late Night Alumni - Every Breath Is Like A Heartbeat

    The Griswolds - Heart of a Lion

    Lenka - Two Heartbeats

    Lenka - Heart to the Party

    Wallpaper. - Drunken Hearts

    the killers - heart of a girl

    MMOTHS - Heart (ft. Keep Shelly In Athens)

    Sky Ferreira - Heavy Metal Heart

    Eliza and the Bear - Lion's Heart

    School of Seven Bells - On My Heart

    School of Seven Bells - Heart Is Strange

    CASTLEBEAT - Heart Still Beats

    Eugene Marie - Bodiless Heart

    Hand Habits - Yr Heart

    Hudson Glover - Fading Hearts

    The New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show

    Juiceroof - Working on my heart

    melody's echo chamber - cross my heart

    semi-attractive boy - her heart isn't beating for me

    ablebody - backseat heart

    gal gun - heartbleed

    benjamin james - heart of darkness (feat. john mark mcmillan)

    honeyblood - sea hearts

    The Courteeners - Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly

    VVOES - arsonist of hearts

    cymbals eat guitars - have a heart

    molly burch - downhearted

    magic city hippies - heart wants

    marching church - heart of life

    TOBACCO - heart and soul

    bay ledges - hearts

    DREAM WIFE - hey heartbreaker

    green buzzard - (I don't wanna) break your heart

    blocktreat - follow your stupid heart

    Fhin - your heart sounds like

    NICKY DISKO - don't break my hart

    step-panther - it came from the heart

    Noah & the Whale - Heart of Nowhere

    Last Days of 1984 - Lost Hearts

    Thundercat - Heartbreaks + Setbacks

    Seatraffic - Superficial Heart

    Ancient Astronauts - Break My Heart In 2

    Diamond Doves - Eat Your Heart Out

    Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire

    MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker

    Jukebox the Ghost - My Heart's The Same

    Los Campesinos! - Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time

    feon - Ticking Heart

    Cerulean - Hearts Stop

    Kisses - Funny Heartbeat

    Dr. Dog - Heart It Races

    JMR - Pioneer Of Your Heart

    PAWS - Owls Talons Clenching My Heart

    Spirit Faces - Hurts Less Than Heartbreak

    Mystic Braves - Born Without A Heart

    Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)


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