Garage Rock Revival



  • San Greeno

    Another great ADDICT LIST!!! 

    I want.

  • Narndt574

    I would love this as well.So many songs & artists would be making their Songpop debuts thus filling a void.

  • Granny Smith

    Can Pete and the Pirates be included in this list? any songs from "Knots", "Mr Understanding" "Bright Lights",  "Come On Feet",  "Blood Gets Thin" and "Half Moon Street" would be cool

    The Holloways - Generator

    The Paddingtons - "Sorry", "21", "Panic Attack"

    Parka - "Better Anyway", "Disco Dancer" "I Don't Wanna Fight You Tonight" "If You Wanna?"

    Twisted Wheel - "Oh What Have You Done"

    The Twang - Either Way, Two Lovers

    The Metros - Sexual Riot, Live a Little, Last of the Lookers

    The Enemy - Technodanceaphobic, Away from here, We'll live and die in these towns, you're not alone

    The View  - grace, the don, same jeans

    Milburn - brewster, send in the boys, lucy lovemenot

    Reverend and the Makers - open your window, heavyweight champion of the world

    Cheshire Cat -  Souls, Love Is Dead

    Great to see Good Shoes and The Rifles included in this list. 

    Add The Rifles - Local boy, she's got standards, fool to sorrow, peace & quiet, robin hood

    Add Good Shoes - Morden, we are not the same, the photos on my wall, sophia

    Fantastic list! 


  • Karin Norrbin


  • Karin Norrbin


  • bianca manzioni
    please vote for this, everyone! we need this in the game.
  • Karin Norrbin


  • Karin Norrbin


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