Beatlemania: All You Need Is Covers!



  • Joanne Czarny
    This list is wicked cool!!!!
  • San Greeno

    Wow. This would be soooo fun to play! I want.


  • Steven Watson

    The Sandpipers - Michelle

  • Marilyn Eisele

    I also suggested Beatles covers but I couldn't get anyone to help me vote it up. I'm glad you're having better luck. Thanks for taking the time to compose a list of songs. This one should be on there too. Regina Spektor-Real Love

  • Steven Watson

    Thanks Marilyn Eisele. I added Regina Spektor!

  • Marilyn Eisele

    This is going to be fun. I hope they add it soon.

  • Diego Trindade

    Simple but clever tittle. Amazing idead. I'm up for the show. Kudos,Steven!

  • Marilyn Eisele

    I heard this version of Imagine for the first time during the Sochi Olympics. I think it is quite good. Avril Lavigne-Imagine

  • Sherry Linn Knox

    Please Song Pop. Please do this one!!!!!

  • Ann Fisher

    C'mon Beatles fans. Let's vote this up and make it a reality.

  • Brad Deckard

    The I Am Sam soundtrack is full of Beatles covers.  Some standouts include:

    Heather Nova - We Can Work It Out

    Ben Harper - Strawberry Fields Forever

    Eddie Vedder - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

    Grandaddy - Revolution

    Sarah Mclachlan - Blackbird

  • Steven Watson

    Thanks Brad Deckard.  I added the I Am Sam trax!

  • Marilyn Eisele

    I think a playlist like this would be quite easy to create. I hope somebody is working on it.

  • Teddy Ray

    Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin - Come Together

    Goldie Hawn - A Hard Day's Night

    Jim Carrey - I Am the Walrus

    Billy Connolly - Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

    Sean Connery - In My Life

    David Ball - I'll Follow the Sun

    Tanya Tucker - Something

    Willie Nelson - One After 909

    John Berry - The Long and Winding Road

    Delbert McClinton - Come Together

    Sammy Kershaw - If I Fell

    Collin Raye - Let It Be

    Phil Keaggy and PFR - We Can Work It Out

    Billy Dean - Yesterday

    Shenandoah - Can't Buy Me Love

    Randy Travis - Nowhere Man

    Huey Lewis - Oh! Darling

    Little Texas - Help!

    Susan Ashton and Gary Chapman - In My Life

    Steve Wariner - Get Back

    Suzy Bogguss and Chet Atkins - All My Loving

    Kris Kristofferson - Paperback Writer

  • Jeanie Dalrymple

    Let's get this one published :)

  • Steven Watson

    Thanks Teddy Ray: I added your song suggestions.

  • Marilyn Eisele

    SongPOP, We WANT THIS!

  • Lisa Pavlov

    Is a goodie :)

  • Joanne Czarny
    Come on SongPop!!! Make this list a go, please!
  • Michael Kuhn
    no, we need real beatles... so tired of covers for everything.
  • Joanne Czarny
    Michael, real Beatles woul be amazing but these covers are awesome & stand on their own merit :)
  • Lisa Pavlov
    Good list
  • Steven Watson


  • Jason Vaysberg

    I would love this :)

  • Robby Rilthe

    This cover is crucial for the Beatles Covers playlist that SongPop Administrators are currently working on!

    The Cyrkle - I'm Happy Just To Dance With You

  • Steven Watson

    The Undisputed Truth - With A Little Help From My Friends

  • Brenda Jordaneer Hunter

    Come on, Songpop, people NEEDS The Beatles!

  • Steven Watson

    I Want To Hold Your Bump

  • Narndt574

    One to seriously consider since not many in hip hop covered Beatles is All Together Now by Andre 3000


  • Narndt574

    Also Good Day Sunshine by Roy Redman.Yeah it's a bit obscure but pretty amazing.


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