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SongPop: Last Call for Something Fresh...




  • Candy Tharrington

    These are well thought out playlists!  SongPop needs a face lift!  Please make it happen.

  • Justin Byrley

    These would be welcome additions, and I agree the game has gotten stale.  If they insist on releasing countless decades lists, the least they could do is put a little effort into including songs that have been forgotten in previous lists.

  • Andii
  • McKensie L Davy

    I agree! Hope to see these playlists released asap!

  • San Greeno

    Something fresh? I am game.



  • Eoin Jackson

    You know it makes sense...

  • Chris Troch

    I agree that REAL new lists are much more needed then the recycled song-lists.

  • Zac Gray

    Anxiously awaiting to see what new lists come out tonight...

  • Devin

    Hey Zac,

    We'd hate to lose such a hardcore player who has been a part of the SongPop community for a long time. There's many factors that go into the playlists we release each week but we're always open to releasing a playlist that is a bit outside of what the majority of our players are looking for. I think what's difficult to overcome is the nature of those types of playlists - we try to avoid putting out playlists that are not explicitly defined/fit within a genre or specification such as billboard charts or wikipedia historical music articles. Ex. The first playlist on your list "Space Rock" has many deviating songs from the wiki page on Space Rock. We also are all hardcore music nerds and would love to delve into the more obscure (by mainstream definitions) Shoegaze rock and beyond but 99% of our players have no idea who those artists are. We also get many requests for playlists that are more subjective/personal mixtape like ideas that even with a proper playlist title confuse other more general players with what they contain. That doesn't mean that we'll rule out those types of playlists entirely, they're just not always going to be our focus. 

    It has been awhile as you noted since we did a more outsider rock playlist so if you want to consult other Space Rock fans in the SongPop community and include more historically associated acts ala the wiki article here: We'd love to release that playlist in the coming weeks. Ideally if you can submit to us a group-collaborated Spotify playlist those are easier for us to process and release with a faster turnaround time. 

    Thanks and let me know if you have any questions respond here or directly at, I or one of our other curators will get back to you.



  • Zac Gray

    Two Spotify playlists have been made for Space Rock and Industrial Rock-all songs for both playlists are from artists mentioned exclusively on the Wiki page for these genres.  I'm giving this one more week because I understand it takes time to get a playlist from the Spotify stage into the game. 

    One of my favorite parts of SongPop was when a new list that was 'very' challenging was put out.  The last time this happened for me was when Shoegaze was put out in March 2013.  I hope March 2014 can bring a new challenging version of an alternative rock genre such as one the two below.


  • Brad Deckard

    I agree completely.  While I understand its a business and you have to please the majority, when you are releasing 6 playlists every week, (many of which are redundant) it seems a couple of those could be an outsider list or a mixed across-genre list.  I've had many players challenge me specifically because of the niche categories I have 5 stars in. 

    I like discovering new songs I like and I would love to see lists with more critically acclaimed acts.  Maybe true "Best of"  (like the most critically acclaimed albums of the year, as opposed to what songs got played on the radio over and over.  Artists that appear on Austin City Limits or on NPR. 


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