Tori Amos playlist - compiled and ready to release :D




  • Gilbert Sotomayor

    Excellent! Though I'd suggest taking out some of the shorter interlude tracks (like Finn, etc.). Either way, I'd be thrilled if this was made! Surely if Alanis and Jewel can get their own playlists, there would be an interest in a Tori playlist, especially since they've included half of Under the Pink in 90s Divas!

  • Eric Anderson

    If you want to get more votes, you might want to promote the list on ., since they have the biggest online Tori Amos community that I know of. I am sure several community members would vote for the list.


  • Florence Caroline Williams

    Yes!  Please!!

  • Eoin Jackson
    1. A Tori Playlist is a GREAT idea...

    And the way you've divided the playlist into stars is perfect, but just to give my 2c... it's a little too balanced with each album being given an equal billing under the stars... I'd argue that Tori's first two albums would be her most popular ones, as they enjoyed greater commercial success and critical acclaim.

    So perhaps the songs from those albums should be contained under Star #1 and #2... I'm talking about:-

    1. Happy phantom
    2. Girl
    3. Space dog
    4. Cloud on my tongue
    5. Tear In Your Hand
    6. Icicle
    7. Baker Baker
    8. The Wrong Band
    9. Yes, Anastasia
  • espeket .

    guys thanks a lot for all your comments and likes!! :D let me now respond to Gilbert's and Eoin's suggestions.

    Gilbert, I was thinking of kicking out those interlude tracks, but still many of them are songs in their own right. I'll think of deleting "Finn", as it's also pretty obscure being part of a soundtrack. as regards tracks like that from later albums, as I don't know them very well, I'm not sure which of those short tracks are worth saving, and which are not, so I'd appreciate some further suggestions :)


    Eoin, I actually did try to put more emphasis on the early albums under the 1st and 2nd star... Little Earthquakes has 5 songs in 1*, Under the Pink has 4 songs, Boys for Pele, Choirgirl, and Venus - each have 3, and all of the remaining albums have 0-2 songs... when choosing songs for 1* I was thinking more of a common music fan who probably knows those tracks that appear on tv or get promoted otherwise... so the idea was that getting 1* shouldn't require going beyond that. and if you have a look here, you'll see that Pele and Choirgirl seem to have enjoyed greater commercial success than LE and UtP :)


    Eric, thanks a lot for suggesting advertising the playlist with the Tori community, I'll definitely do that :)


  • espeket .

    @Eric Anderson, I went to this, but registration has been disabled :( does anyone know what to do to be admitted or already has an account?

  • Gilbert Sotomayor

    I would definitely say take Finn out. The other interlude tracks (Mr. Zebra, Way Down, Programmable Soda, Wampum Prayer) are all well known to Tori fans so those could stay. Mr. Zebra could even go in the first star as it's a pretty iconic track known by even casual fans. I really hope this gets made! I'm sure there would be a lot of interest.

  • Mary Richards

    I have friends who are members at and I will ask them to promote this list there. I will also post it on my FB as I have many Tori Amos fans friends.

  • Steven Watson

    I'm not a big Tori Amos fan, but I would like to see this playlist make it into the game.  I have to compliment you on how thoroughly you made your case for this list.  Nice work! You got my vote.

  • Jillycoppercorn1674

    I would LOVE if this list is made...

  • Jillycoppercorn1674

    Did you put this on Spotify?  A response from songpop on another thread said it helps.  I really would like to see this done.    They need to start making more SAP that are not currently in the top 40.  Plus, doesn't she have a new cd coming out right about now?  Perfect time.

  • Brad Deckard
  • Jillycoppercorn1674

    Make this list.  I am just going to keep bumping it because I am annoying like that  and I would like one SAP I can actually play.  :)

  • Brad Deckard

    Trouble's Lament. 

  • Jillycoppercorn1674

    on tour now....

  • nbutterflymom
    I so want this to happen. You got my vote. Tori Amos was my sisters favorite when she was alive. I want to play it in honor of her. Please song pop add this one
  • Jillycoppercorn1674

    You know, her new album  debuted at #7.  Seems like she is popular enough for a list......

  • Florence Caroline Williams

    Please, please, please!  The release of Unrepentant Gerladines makes it the perfect timing for this list!

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