Female Fronted Metal



  • Jennifer Louise Griffin
    My favorite! I would add in these: "Faint" by Epica, "Super Sadist"/"When I Become Queen"/"Angels Fu-k" by Jack off Jill, "S+M (a love song)"/"Crazy" by Kidneythieves, "Charlotte" by Kittie, "Beauty Fiend"/"Bladphamous Girl"/"Stick it to Me" by My Ruin, "End of All Hope"/"Phantom of the Opera" by Nightwish, "Blood Pigs"/"Head"/"My Confession"/"Battle Ready" by Otep, "Embrace the Storm" by Stream of Passion, "Clown" by Switchblade Symphony, "The River"/"Falling In"/"Hurticane" by Tapping the Vein, "Lost" by Visions of Atlantis, "Dark Wings" by WT,
  • Gabrielle Almeida

    Coloca Lunatica e Katra na lista tbm :)

  • Gabrielle Almeida

    I would add Lunatica and Katra too.

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