Clone Melodies



  • Clovis Mello

    Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Queen w/ David Bowie - Under Pressure)

    MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (Rick James - Superfreak)

    Shaggy - Angel (Juice Newton - Angel of the Morning)


  • Lisa Pavlov
    Nice list Norbert and crew.
  • jhtt

    Great playlist idea!

  • bianca manzioni

    Not Lost - B.o.B (Lost - Coldplay)

  • bianca manzioni

    Also, Cold As Ice - B.o.B (Cold As Ice - Foreigner)

  • Narndt574

    M.I.A~Paper Planes (The Clash ~Straight to Hell)

    Kid Rock's All Summer Long also samples Warren Zevon's Werewolves Of London

    Little-T & One Track Mike~Sammy (Donovan~Season of the Witch)

    Cam'ron~Silky (No Homo) (King Floyd~Groove Me)


  • Narndt574

    Feist~Sealion (Nina Simone's Sea Lion Woman)

    Snoop Lion  feat. Cori B. & Drake~No Guns Allowed(Nantes by Beirut)


  • Devin

    Unfortunately with the way our songs are delivered in the SongPop challenge it's not possible to have it set up so that the "cloned" songs appear back to back. 


    Sorry :( 

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