Steely Dan List. How Many songs does a bands list need?



  • Jeanie Dalrymple

    I made up an playlist in Spotify if that helps :) I love Steely Dan and would LOVE to buy and play that as a SAPL <3

  • San Greeno

    Quality List


  • Jackie Huybs

    Excellent suggestions!  Come on, SongPop - we NEED The Dan!!


  • Weatherviewer

    this is a truly classic band that can easily have their own playlist. It would be fantastic to see that! I'm anxiously awaiting STEELY DAN!!!!

  • Jackie Huybs

    Watched the film American Hussle last night.  By far the best thing about it was 'Dirty Work' on the soundtrack.  Come on, SongPop - what are you waiting for??

  • Lu La


  • Weatherviewer

    seriously SP! There are band playlists on there for relatively new, not really great bands like Steely Dan! Please!

  • Acbinder
    Please add Steely Dan!!!!!
  • Weatherviewer
    I've been asking for a Steely Dan list for well over a year. I'm disappointed that SP seems to be just ignoring one of the best and most talented classic rock bands! Cmon SP you even have people making lists for you!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!
  • Acbinder
    It's been way too long without Steely Dan. Loyal fans would really enjoy their playlist!!!!!🎸
  • Acridder21

    Just creating a Steely Dan complete collection incl solo stuff from Fagen (4 albums) and Becker (1) :-)

  • Weatherviewer
    Let's keep hammering them on the fact that they NEED to add a Steely Dan list! Hit SP up on Twitter as I have been doing. I would even consider going VIP if. Could have my STEELY DAN!!!
  • Jackie Huybs

    Dear SongPop admin.  How can you ignore a band like Steely Dan, yet still have a Backstreet Boys playlist??  Come on - that's just disrespectful! The Dan, soon, please!

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