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90's Rock



  • jhtt

    Great idea!

  • Zac Gray

    Thanks-I really hope they make this list based on how many lists there are for the 70's, 80's, and 2000's:

    70's: We have 70's Love Songs, 70's Collection, 70's Country, 70's Glam Rock, 70's Punk, 70's & 80's Heartthrob, Decades 70's-80's

    80's: We have 80's Love Songs, 80's Breakup Songs, 80's Hard Rock, 80's Collection, 80's Hairbands, 80's Country, 70's & 80's Heartthrob, Decades 70's-80's

    90's: We have 90's alternative, 90's Eurodance

    2000's: We have 2000's Rock, 2000's Indie, 2000's Folk Rock, 2000's Rap, Ultimate 2000's

    It doesn't take much to realize there is a gaping hole in the 90's.  There needs to be a 90's Rock list, please add more songs to make it happen, I will revise the list as people help add songs.

  • Mandy Van

    I totally agree with you, they need to have more playlists for the 90's! I love playlist idea for 90's rock and i hope songpop adds it to their playlist soon. Some song ideas to add to your list which I really like what you have so far would be:

    Metallica-Nothing else matters

    Metallica-sad but true

    Metallica-The unforgiven

    Metallica-Wherever I may roam

    Nirvana-About a girl

    Nirvana-Heart shaped box

    Nirvana-In bloom


    The Offspring-Come out and play

    Smashing Pumpkins-Tonight Tonight

    Stone Temple Pilots-Wicked garden

  • Zac Gray

    Mandy thanks for your suggestions-I have added all of them to the list in addition to a multitude of other songs. 

    I noticed a lot of the playlists coming out recently are full of the same artists with a bunch of songs by each.  The purpose of this playlist is to have only a handful of songs by any given artist such that the variance between rock genres is maximized.  This is fitting since the 90's rock category is extremely underrepresented on SongPop so having a variety of artists from this period is the key to a good list.

  • Mandy Van

    Thats true, good point. No problem. I think your list is really good the way it is but if you need a couple more suggestions to add to variety you could add:

    Barenaked Ladies: the old apartment

    Beck: Loser

    Blur: Song 2

    Eric Clapton: tears in heaven

    Guns n Roses: November Rain

    Jane's Addiction: been caught stealing

    Jars of Clay: Flood

    Marcy Playground: sex and candy

    REM: everybody hurts

    Van Halen: right now

  • Jim Lahey

    This is such an obvious list to be missing, where is it???

    60's Garage Rock, 70's Glam Rock, Rock 1970-1975, 80's Hard Rock, 2000's Rock...why is there no 90's Rock list?

  • Brad Deckard

    Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

    Counting Crows - Recovering the Satellites

    Liz Phair - Supernova

    Liz Phair - Johnny Feelgood

    The Lemonheads - Mrs. Robinson

    The Lemonheads - The Great Big No

    Belly - Super Connected

    Belly - Now They'll Sleep

    Afghan Whigs - Uptown Again

    Big Head Todd & The MOnsters - Resignation Superman

    Concrete Blonde - Joey

    Dave Matthews Band - So Much to Say

    Ben Harper - Burn to Shine

    Godsmack - Voodoo

    James - Laid

    K's Choice - Not An Addict

    John Mellencamp - Human Wheels

    The Misfits - Scream!

    Ryan Adams - Oh My Sweet Carolina

    Urge Overkill - Sister Havana

    Travis - Sing

    The Violent Femmes - American Music

  • Zac Gray

    Thanks for the suggestions Brad and Mandy-I've added them all to the list.  Please make it happen!

  • Zac Gray

    Instead of adding more playlist with the same songs (e.g. Summers 90-95, Ultimate Party Mix, Play it Loud, etc.) I want to see a playlist full of underrepresented but notoriously good bands. For example, nearly everyone I have ever played likes the whopping 2 songs by Sponge on College Rock, the 4 songs by Stabbing Westward on Industrial, the 3 songs by Type O Negative on Metal, the 2 (two!?) songs by Filter on 90's lists, the 1 (one!?) song by Red Hot Chile Peppers on Guitar songs, the 1 (one!?) song by Curve on Goth,  etc. etc.  Put them all together on this list and represent them properly. 

    Unfortunately, I don't expect to see any Metallica or Tool put on here based on the fact they're missing on all other lists.  Even so, a great list could still be made with a compilation of songs by artists that ARE on SongPop scattered amongst a ton of lists but barely represented such as those above.

    I've added some Boy Hits Car to this list as well-these guys were awesome, anyone who knows of their album My Animal knows exactly what I'm talking about. 

  • Addison

    There is already a 90s Rock playlist 

  • Zac Gray

    There wasn't a 90's Rock list when this idea was originally suggested obviously-it was nice they made the list.  However, it's unfortunate the playlist is pretty marginal.  What's with all the songs by Days of the New?  There were 300 songs suggested that fit nicely into the 90's Rock category and hardly any of them were used-it's just another list full of recycled stuff.  I'll never re-up my VIP until they start putting out some fresh lists with new songs such as 90% of the 300 that are missing in the list above.

    Please stop recycling songs and add some fresh ones.  I play this game less and less every week because the new lists that come out get worse and worse.  The best lists are those that came out in the very beginning when people seemed to care. 

  • Angela Parker73
    Many more they can add! You've even done the work for them! What gives?

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