• Michael Patterson

    Totally agree, even though the CD has come out now, he's still got a few albums under his belt...I would love a JT playlist!

  • Dutchita
    I'd like it. My votes in ;-)
  • San Greeno

    Team Addict Go!

  • Bryanresngit
    Yeah JT playlist would be good.
  • Jelena Soskic

    Justin Timberlake playlist would be great! :)

  • Jelena Soskic

    all of his songs have a great international success. His playlist should be on SongPop.

  • Charles John Kelly

    They need a JT Playlist now

  • Martin Román

    Come on. he is totally known all around the world. He has Great tunes to play in this game.

  • Thedapplegrey21
    He's the comeback kid to pop music. If he keeps the tunes flowin there might be a 2nd king of pop! It would be awesome
  • Maryannminck
    I agree .... Would love to see a JT playlist.
  • Rajaa Blabla
    Please make a JT playlist !
  • Eden Gutierrez
    back this 100%
  • Maria Rox

    give us the right Justin, we didnt wanted awful Bieber.

  • Maria Rox

    didn't want*

  • Felipe Shibukawa

    Totally agree. Here's some of his songs that should be in the playlist (other songs also would be good, but right now I just remember these):



    Suit & Tie

    Tunnel Vision

    Don't Hold the Wall

    Blue Ocean Floor

    Strawberry Bubblegum

    Let the Groove Get In

    Pusher Love Girl


    Take Back the Night



    Not a Bad Thing

    What Goes Around Comes Around


    My Love

    Until the End of Time


    Cry Me a River

    Rock That Body


    I'm Lovin It

    Like I Love You

    Summer Love

    Rehab (Rihanna song, but he's a featured artist)

    Carry Out (Timbaland song, but he's a featured artist)

    4 Minutes (Madonna song, but he's a featured artist)

    Dead and Gone (T.I. song, but he's a featured artist)

    Holy Grail (Jay-Z song, but he's a featured artist)

    Love Never Felt So Good (Michael Jackson song, but he's a featured artist)

  • Divamonae
    If you ever make a playlist you have to have these songs: -Cry ame a River -Rock Your Body -My Love -Summer Love -End of Time -End of Time ft. Beyoncé -Suit & Tie -Mirrors
  • Mulattoprincessa
    Long overdue
  • Martin Román

    Still waiting this playlist on Songpop¡¡ 

  • Eden Gutierrez
    IT'S UP.

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