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  • Jeni Farrar
    Must have!
  • emma
    That's a good idea
  • Stephen Rolfe
    Come on song pop, Neil Young has so many songs to chose from. If you can't do a playlist at least include some of his songs on classic folk rock or classic rock.
  • Stephen Rolfe
    Come on song pop, Neil Young has so many songs to chose from. If you can't do a playlist at least include some of his songs on classic folk rock or classic rock.
  • Nick

    this is a must.

  • Sharon Smith
    NEIL Rules !! Must have playlist
  • Chris Stride

    Here is a starter list for hopefully a Neil Young SAPL. I've also attached this list as an Excel file.

    This probably won't be big enough, but if people add to it to take it to 200 or so, it might be able to be considered.

    No. Artist Song Title
    1 Neil Young A Man Needs A Maid
    2 Neil Young After the Garden
    3 Neil Young After the Gold Rush
    4 Neil Young Ambulance Blues
    5 Neil Young Be The Rain
    6 Neil Young Blowin' In The Wind
    7 Neil Young Cinnamon Girl
    8 Neil Young Cocaine Eyes
    9 Neil Young Comes A Time
    10 Neil Young Cortez The Killer
    11 Neil Young Country Home
    12 Neil Young Days That Used To Be
    13 Neil Young Deep Forbidden Lake
    14 Neil Young Distant Camera
    15 Neil Young Don't Be Denied
    16 Neil Young Don't Cry No Tears
    17 Neil Young Don't let It Bring You Down
    18 Neil Young Down By The River
    19 Neil Young Dreamin' Man
    20 Neil Young Eldorado
    21 Neil Young Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
    22 Neil Young From Hank To Hendrix
    23 Neil Young F.ckin' Up
    24 Neil Young Goin' Home
    25 Neil Young Good To See You
    26 Neil Young Harvest Moon
    27 Neil Young Heart Of Gold
    28 Neil Young Heavy love
    29 Neil Young Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
    30 Neil Young I Believe In You
    31 Neil Young Just Singing A Song
    32 Neil Young L.A.
    33 Neil Young Like A Hurricane
    34 Neil Young Like A Hurricane (Unplugged)
    35 Neil Young Long May You Run
    36 Neil Young Long May You Run (Unplugged)
    37 Neil Young Look Out For My Love (Unplugged)
    38 Neil Young Lookin' For A Love
    39 Neil Young Love Is A Rose
    40 Neil Young Mideast Vacation
    41 Neil Young My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
    42 Neil Young Old King
    43 Neil Young Old Man
    44 Neil Young Ordinary People
    45 Neil Young Out On The Weekend
    46 Neil Young Over And Over
    47 Neil Young Pocahontas
    48 Neil Young Rockin' In The Free World
    49 Neil Young Roll Another Number (For the Road)
    50 Neil Young See The Sky About To Rain
    51 Neil Young Shock and Awe
    52 Neil Young Silver & Gold
    53 Neil Young Southern Man
    54 Neil Young Sun Green
    55 Neil Young Tell Me Why
    56 Neil Young The Great Divide
    57 Neil Young The Needle And The Damage Done
    58 Neil Young The Painter
    59 Neil Young Theme from 'Deadman'
    60 Neil Young This Note's For You
    61 Neil Young Thrasher
    62 Neil Young Tonight's The Night (Pt 1)
    63 Neil Young Two Old Friends
    64 Neil Young Unknown Legend
    65 Neil Young Walk On
    66 Neil Young War Of Man
    67 Neil Young You And Me
  • Brian Wylie

    Jolly good, Chris! Here are some more that i remember liking:


    Only Love Can Break Your Heart

    Four Strong Winds

    One Of These Days

    Are You Ready For The Country

    Oh, Lonesome Me



    The Losing End

    Once An Angel

    Wrecking Ball

    Where Is The Highway Tonight


    Perhaps this Youtube List will jog people's memories:








  • Chris Stride

    Additional suggestions from Paula Esker Nieberding:


    Mansion on the Hill,

    Sugar Mountain,

    Only Love Can Break Your Heart, and

    When You Dance I Can Really Love,

  • Paula Nieberding

    I am a Child

    Lotta Love

    Psychedelic Pill

  • Nick

    Neil Young would be a great playlist, and while your at it Bob Dylan would be great too.

  • Chris Stride

    Cheers Nick. Make sure you vote. More votes presumably mean a greater chance of it happening.

    As far as Bob Dylan goes, probably best if you either find an existing request for that on here (you can use the search facility for that) and add your support or, if one doesn't exist, start a new request.

  • Happy Winsum Pete

    I think maybe Neil's music has been pulled by songpop.  I own all the Canadian list and used to here a few songs of his but not in a few months.  Songpop mod willing to find out?



    It would be a great list.  He has written 700+ songs.

  • Steven Watson

    CSNY - Country Girl: Whiskey Boot Hill/Down, Down, Down/Country Girl (I Think You're Pretty) [2nd to last track on Déjà Vu.  This is a big NY fave of mine]


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