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Alice Cooper-1969 TO 2012.



  • Jamie Green

    Alice Cooper from 1969 to 2013.  Alice has over 20 albums  to his credit and is process of making yet another this year in 2013.  Alice Cooper was a major major game changer in Rock N Roll.   As stated, A lot if not most of All the heavey metal bands and 80's hair bands and glam rockers and punk rockers and grunge and shock and Stage SHOWS in rock n roll would not be invented at all.  Big time game changer even if you hate them/him., they were the ones who got ALL that started  in Rock N Roll.  Folks need to know there history and how groups like KISS, SEX PISTOLS,T REX,The Tubes, ACDC, WARRENT.Motely Crew, Ozzy, SKID ROW,METALLICA,JUDAS PRIEST, GUNS AND ROSES,  ECT, ECT, ECT...................


  • Jeffstress
    Remember, Jonny Rotten, singer of the sexpistols, In order to become a singer in the group, he sang Alice Coopers "Eighteen".
  • Mike Murray

    Now that we have the Marilyn Manson playlist, it's time for the original shockrockers!

  • Caryca Kiczu

    Great idea! Alice Cooper is the best.

  • Cciganek
    The man opened the door for the groups you presently already have on your playlist - ex Marilyn Manson , Kiss - what an insult to him. He is in The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame but can't make your play list.
  • Clay Glenny

    Agreed! Alice definitely deserves a playlist. I don't think I'd ever stop playing it.


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