Where's Led Zeppelin?



  • Zac Gray

    Yeah this is brutal-there could be an entire playlist devoted to Led Zeppelin, and I'd pay about 1,000 coins for it...they were one of the most influential bands ever, the fact they are not in the psyche rock category tells me there most be some type of legal thing. 

  • Dashka Zlo

    Yes, that's absolutely unfair! Their music should not be ignored, i'm hoping for more songs too)

  • Гуля Гугуля

    Probably there are some legal barriers. I'm very offended. No, I'm dazed and confused))

  • Puma G
  • Rtrxl65

    for sure Zeppelin. get on it

  • Puma G
    We want a Zeppelin category it's extremely sad Rhianna and other talentless people are in EVERY PLAYLIST POSSIBLE I HAVE EVEN CONSIDERED STOP PLAYING BECAUSE I AM SICK OF HEARING HER CRAP 70% OF MY GAME I MEAN REALLY SHES EVEN IN MY TURKISH Music GIVE ME A BREAK THAT JUST RIDICULOUS I mean who comes up with these playlist? MONKEYS?! Think about it "Taylor Swift' has a playlist yet Zeppelin and The Eagles, or even Steve Miller don't they're the ones who made music what it is it's a tragedy they also sold albums the real way good music and, good music not there haircut not their clothes not the media they are music and since your song pop reflect it!!
  • Kevin Vincent Fratt
    Yeah where's Zeppelin
  • Kevin Vincent Fratt
    Yeah where's Led Zeppelin?
  • T Mead1
    Good point where's Led Zep the greatest Rock group of all time ?
  • Dan Mohr

    As a huge Zep fan, I'd love to see this list.
    As a huge Zep fan, I think it's very unlikely. :(
    Starting with their manager, Peter Grant and Zep have always had a stranglehold on their music.
    They don't allow it to be used for much at all I'm afraid. As a couple examples, I've only seen it used once in a commercial, just a couple years ago, when Cadillac used "Rock and Roll." On American Idol, I know a former contestant who told me that he submitted Zep a few times to do on the show, and AI could never get the okay. It was a couple years after that when they let Adam sing "Whole Lotta Love" on the show, and none since.
    Personally, I'd be very surprised if their songs made it on the game.
    Such a shame.

  • Gurcan997
    You so right mine friend my name is Abdo from Qatar me and mine rock brothers would like seeing led zeppelin song list play please wow
  • Cristella Rios
    Please please please I want to get the Led out!!!!!!!
  • Dave Cartman
    Please we need Led Zepplin plus an amendment to Best 70's Albums
  • Kelly Thornburg
    Please get the Led out! Some Zeppelin!!!!
  • Nick

    Please put Led Zeppelin on song pop.  There are the world's greatest rock band.

  • Tr Sprks
    Gotta have a Led Zeppelin playlist. ...come on... I agree with the others on this!
  • Nick

    The beatles are now on song pop, so now put the best hard rock group of all time on song pop.

  • Ron Naida
    A band that could sell out any stadium in a day and it's not on Songpop!?!
  • Nick

    If you don't put led zeppelin on song pop I am going to be dazed and confused.

  • Nick

    Must get the Led out!!!!!!!!!

  • Ann Fisher

    Would love some Zeppelin.

  • Natalie C

    I am absolutely desperate to get some Led Zeppelin on Songpop.  You don't have much Robert Plant either, actually I've never ever seen one of his solo songs.  But Led Zep is a glaring omission guys, please please add them.  Why are they not even in classic rock or best guitar solos?  That is such a shame.

  • Mak Colorcup
    we need Led Zeppelin
  • Sebastian Diaz
    Yesss plsss some LZ is a must
  • Martin Den Ridder

    Led Zep is one of the most interesting and great bands of the 70's!

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