• Muso Geek

    Plus a resurgance with bands like The Horrors, Spotlight Kid, Toy, etc...  

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  • Scruff McKenzie

    A shoegaze playlist would be awesome

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  • Zac Gray

    I couldn't agree more on this-a Shoegaze/Dreampop list would be awesome!  Here is a base list based around some of the top Shoegazing artists:


    Angelfish-Suffocate Me

    Angelfish-King of the World

    Angelfish-You Can Love Her

    The Birthday Massacre-The Long Way Home

    The Birthday Massacre-Happy Birthday

    The Birthday Massacre-The Dream

    Catherine Wheel-Black Metallic

    Catherine Wheel-I Want to Touch You

    Catherine Wheel-Crank



    Cocteau Twins-Blind Dumb Death

    Cocteau Twins-Blood Bitch

    Cocteau Twins-Garlands

    Cocteau Twins-Lorelei

    Cocteau Twins-The Hollow Men

    Curve-Cotton Candy

    Curve-Men are from Mars Woman are from Venus



    Curve-Ice that Melts the Tips

    Curve-My Tiled White Floor

    Curve-Ten Little Girls

    Curve-Every Good Girl

    Curve-Pink Girl With The Blues


    Failure-Another Space Song

    Failure-Stuck on You


    Hum-Green to Me

    Hum-The Scientists


    Hum-Suicide Machine

    Hum-Little Dipper

    Hum-I’d Like Your Hair Long

    The Jesus and Mary Chain-April Skies

    The Jesus and Mary Chain-Just Like Honey

    Kill Hannah-Race the Dream

    Kill Hannah-Kennedy


    Lush-Sweetness and Light

    Lush-When I Die


    Mazzy Star-Fade Into You

    Mazzy Star-Flowers in December

    Medicine-Time Baby III


    My Bloody Valentine-Soon

    My Bloody Valentine-Only Shallow

    My Bloody Valentine-Sometimes

    My Bloody Valentine-I Only Said

    My Bloody Valentine-When You Sleep


    Ned’s Atomic Dustbin-Happy

    Ned’s Atomic Dustbin-Grey Cell Green

    Pale Saints-Sight of You

    Pale Saints-Half Life

    Pale Saints-Fine Friend

    Ride-Vapour Trail


    Silversun Pickups-All The Go Inbetweens

    Silversun Pickups-Little Lover’s So Polite

    Silversun Pickups-Common Reactor

    Silversun Pickups-Rusted Wheel

    Silversun Pickups-Lazy Eye

    Slowdive-Soulvaki Space Station

    Slowdive-40 Days

    Slowdive-Country Rain

    Spacehog-In the Meantime

    The Verve-Bitter Sweet Symphony

    The Verve-Lucky Man

    The Verve-The Drugs Don’t Work

     Please add more to keep the list growing!



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  • Jim Lahey

    I would also add M83, Explosions in the Sky, Ulrich Scnhauss, Bowery Electric, Kitchen's of Distinction, Deerhunter etc.  This is a genre that is totally under represented.

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  • Zac Gray

    We now have Dance, Dancehall, 90's Eurodance, New Year's Party, and Ultimate Party Mix...instead of making more of the same there should be more fresh lists with new songs. 

    I stopped playing this for a bit in dissapointment that the new lists continue to be more of the same.  I have talked at least 3 people into getting VIP because of how impressed I have been with the game, but the lists that have come out the last few weeks have started to turn me off for the first time since I started playing this.  Hopefully some fresh lists containing underrepresented and completely missing genres like Shoegaze are around the corner.  If there's a playlist for something as obscure as Bachata/Merengue (which I've never played or been challenged to in tens of thousands of matches) then there should certainly be one for Shoegaze. 

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  • Zac Gray

    Great playlist-thank you!

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  • Muso Geek

    Hooray!!!! One new decent playlist.  This forum does work!!  Wonder if the newgaze I offered up (Spotlight Kid, Sway (NOT the hip hop artist), Toy & The Horrors) will get added to a future update...  

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  • Muso Geek

    Wonder if my Krautrock suggestion will come to fruition too...  

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  • Zac Gray

    The list below appears to be very similar to where the albums were pulled off to create this playlist-about 80% of the albums on this list comprise the vast majority of the songs on the Shoegaze list.

    The other 20% of the albums that are missing are by Curve and M83-which are two bands that are essential to a complete Shoegaze list.  I can understand them leaving out certain bands that were suggested since they might be a bit of a stretch to be Shoegaze (e.g. Silversun Pickups, Ned's Atomic Dustbing, etc.) but missing Curve from a Shoegaze playlist is like missing Pearl Jam from Grunge or Bauhaus from Goth; they're such an obvious fit to go on this playlist and should have a ton of songs on here just like Ride and Slowdive do.  Hopefully this can be fixed. 

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  • Jorge Valenzuela

    I think "Alcest" and "Les Discrets" should be added to the list.

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