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  • Giovanna Del Prete
    Please make this playlist
  • Sandra Rodrigues

    Some songs that can be used:

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    - Heigh Ho
    - I'm Wishig/One Song
    - Some Day My Prince Will Come

    The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
    - He Lives in You
    - We Are One
    - Upendi
    - One of Us
    - My Lullaby
    - Love Will Find a Way

    The Aristocats
    -Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

    - So This Is Love
    - Sing Sweet Nightingale
    -A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
    - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
    - The Work Song

    Lady and the Tramp
    - He's a Tramp
    - The Siamese Cat Song
    - Bella Notte (This Is the Night)

    - Friend Like Me
    - One Jump
    - A Whole New World
    - Arabian nights
    - Prince Ali

    Peter Pan
    - You Can Fly

    Robin Hood
    - Love
    - Not in Nottingham
    - Oo-de-lally
    - The Phony King of England

    Beauty and the Beast
    - Be Our Guest
    - Something There
    - Beauty and the Beast (Tale as Old as Time)
    - Belle
    - Gaston

    The Little Mermaid
    - Under the Sea
    - Kiss the Girl
    - Part of Your World
    - Poor unfortunate souls
    - Les poissons

    - Two Worlds
    - Son of Man
    - You’ll be in my heart
    - Strangers like me

    - I'll Make A Man Out Of You
    - Reflection
    - A girls worth fighting for
    - Honor to us all

    The Lion King
    - Hakuna Matata
    - Circle of life
    - Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
    - I Just Can't Wait to be King
    - Be prepared

    Sleeping Beauty
    - Once Upon A Dream
    - I wonder

    The Jungle Book
    - Bare Necessities
    - I wanna be like you
    - That’s what friends are for

    - Colours of the Wind
    - Steady As The Beating Drum
    - Just Around The Riverbend
    - If I Never Knew You

    - I Won't Say I'm In Love
    -Go The Distance
    - Zero to Hero
    - A star is born
    - One last hope

    The hunchback of Notre Dame
    - God help the outcasts
    - The bells of Notre Dame
    - Out There
    - Heaven's Light
    - A Guy Like You

    - Baby mine
    - When I See An Elephant Fly
    - Pink Elephants on Parade

    101 Dalmatians
    - Cruella de vil

    - Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee
    - I've Got No Strings
    - Give a Little Whistle
    - When You Wish Upon a Star

    The princess and the frog
    - Never Knew I Needed
    - When We’re Human
    - Dig a little
    - Down in New Orleans

    Lilo & Stich
    - He Mele No

  • Rachel B.

    There was an Animated playlist that included Disney songs, but supposedly Disney had it removed =(

  • Brittany Derlath

    please, this would be awesome!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Maxthedog2000
    Love this Idea! Please make it happen!
  • Pinkstarz25
    There was a disney playlist and now its gone why that was the funnest one u had please bring it back :)
  • Tonia Danelle Walters

    yes please bring back the disney playlist. 

  • Jessica Braswell
    Please please please
  • Lasher215
    I love Disney songs!
  • Cassandra Marie
    I would pay money for this!!!
  • Kristie Hargeon

    I didn't know they had a Disney playlist before??!!! 

    Rachel B.- Disney had it removed?? Why???~~

    They should bring it back, because Disney is timeless

    I am kind of worried that SongPop might include songs of Disney artists (Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, other Disney movies that are not animated etc; although I do like some of their songs)


    We do have an understanding that what we are talking about this Disney Playlist are the animated Disney ones, right????

  • Kristie Hargeon

    Disney (and its songs) has this "magic" that makes me really happy for some reason

  • Skhobbs
    I think this playlist would be a great idea. Love Disney films & music!
  • Rory Tiger
    Why is there no Disney play list? Copyright? Please produce one thank you.
  • Christal Sheckles
    I like disney music and I think this playlist should be on songpop
  • Lisanne Krebs


  • Shannon888
    This would be so cool
  • Shannon888
    Yes add this but it has to be the the classic songs from the old movies. Not disney channel and all that
  • Lisayoung27
    Please have a disney play list. Please please please.
  • Amiratika Salsabila

    please make it soon

  • Braydyn Murphy

    Please make it guys i think it would be awesome

  • Scorcherz
    Classic Disney films? Yes please!
  • Merby98
  • Calvin smith
    there use to be an animated movie category with all Disney movies, but they removed it
  • Jf805849
    Yes let's have classic Disney songs as a playlist
  • Sweetpeakjp85

    That would be awesome if you would put a Disney playlist on here.


  • Jovin Goh

    Yes please!!! :D

  • Nykamp
    Yes please, disney
  • Jennifer Natasha Perasso

    I love disney please make a playlist

  • Flutterbyhunney
    Hooray for Disney!

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