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Down South Rap



  • Msteen1213
    All cash money records. All no limit records. Scarface, Bubba sparxxx, David Banner, Slim Thug, Bun B, Ludacris, Master P, Mystical, Sillk Da Shocka, C-Murder, Big Tymers, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG, Stat Quo, Ca$his, Bobby Creekwater. I could go on and on.
  • Msteen1213
    Lil Flip, Trick Daddy, Pimp , Chamillionaire, T.I., Big Boi, Andre 3000.
  • Lefty Lopez

    Seriously where is the songpop staff? We have west and east coast rap but no south????  How many rock categories do we need?

    Need actual song ideas? Ok then.

    Master P- Bout it bout it

    Master P- Make em say ugh

    Master P- Ice cream man

    Master p- How ya do dat

    Master P- If I could change

    Master P- I got the hookup

    Mystikal- Here I go

    Mystikal- Shake ya ass

    Mystikal- Danger (been so long)

    Mystikal- Bouncin back

    Mystikal- The man right cheaa

    Mystikal F/Outkast- Neck Uv Da Woods

    Outkast- Rosa Parks

    Outkast- Return of the G

    Outkast- Da Art of storytelling pt 1

    Outkast- Chonkyfire

    Outkast- ATLiens

    Outkast- Whells of steel

    Outkast- Elevators (me & you)

    Outkast- Aint no thang

    Outkast- SouthernPlayaListicCaddlilacMuzik

    Outkast- Players ball

    Outkast- Git up, git out

    Outkast- Skew it on the Bar-B

    Goodie Mobb- Dirty south

    Goodie mobb- Cell Therapy

    Big K.R.I.T. F/Ludacris- What you mean

    Big K.R.I.T.- I got this here

    Big K.R.I.T F/Ludacris.- Country Shit

    Big K.R.I.T.- Boobie Miles

    Ace Hood- Go N Get it

    Ace Hood- Hustle Hard

    Ace Hood- Bugatti

    Juvenile- Ha

    Juvenile- Set it off

    Juvenile F/Soulja Slim- Slow motion

    Juvenile- U understand

    Juvenile- Mamma got ass

    Juvenile- Follow me now

    Juvenile F/Hot Boyz- Rich niggaz

    Juvenile F/ Mannie fresh- I got that fire

    Juvenile F/ Mannie Fresh & Lil Wayne- Back that azz up

    8 Ball & MJG- You dont want drama

    8 Ball & MJG- Dont make me

    2 Chainz- Got one

    2 Chainz F/Drake- No Lie

    2 Chainz F/ Kanye West- Birthday song

    2 Chainz F/Nicky Minaj- I Luv dem strippers

    Young Problemz F/Mike Jones & Gucci Mane- Boi

    Mike Jones- Back Then

    Young Jeezy F/Mannie Fresh- And then what

    Young Jeezy F/Bun B- Trap or die

    Young Jeezy F/Drake- Los my mind

    Young Jeezy- You know what it is

    Young Jeezy- J.E.E.Z.Y

    Young Jeezy- I luv it

    Young Jeezy- Wha you talkin about

    Young Jeezy- Crazy world

    Young Jeezy- What they want

    Young Jeezy- Who dat

    Young Jeezy- Bang

    Young Jeezy- get ya mind right

    Young Jeezy- My hood

    Young Jeezy- Go crazy

    Young Dro- Shoulder lean

    Gucci Mane- Lemonade

    Waka Flocka Flame- Grove St party

    Waka Flocka Flame F/Drake- Round of applause

    Three 6 mafia- Sippin on some syrup

    Three 6 Mafia- Ridin Spinners

    Three 6 Mafia- 2 way freak

    Three 6 Mafia- Who run it

    Three 6 Mafia- Stay Fly

    Three 6 Mafia- Slob on my knob

    Three 6 Mafia- Late night tip

    Three 6 Mafia- Tongue ring

    Three 6 Mafia- Poppin my collar

    Three 6 Mafia- Tear da club up "97

    Three 6 Mafia- Hit a muthafucka

    T.I. F/Killer Mike- Ready, set, go

    T.I.- Top Back

    T.I.- I'm a king

    T.I. -Tha King

    T.I.- Motivation

    T.I. - U dont know me

    T.I.- ASAP

    T.I. F/Jay Z- Bring em out

    T.I.- What you know

    T.I.- Why you wanna

    T.I.- Whatever you like

    T.I.- No matter what

    T.I.- Big sh*t poppin

    Silkk The Shocker- Hand on my four-five

    Silkk the Shocker- It aint my fault

    Shawty Lo- Dey Know

    Shawty Lo- Dunn dunn

    Shawty Lo- Foolish

    Rocko- Umma do me

    Rocko- Tomorrow

    Rick Ross F/Drake- Made men

    Rick Ross F/Wale & Drake- Diced Pineapples

    Rick Ross F/ Meek Mill- So Sophisticated

    Rick Ross F/ Dr Dre & Jay Z- 3 Kings

    Rick Ross F/T.I.- 9 Piece

    Rick Ross F/Styles P- B.M.F. (Blowing money fast)

    Rick Ross- Hold me back

    Rick Ross- Magnificent

    Rick Ross- Push it

    Rick Ross- Hustlin

    Rick Ross- This me

    Rich Boy- Throw some D's

    Rich Boy- Boy Looka Here

    Project Pat- Ski Mask

    Project Pat- Chickenhead

    MMG- Ima Boss

    Meek Mill- Young & getting it

    Lil Troy- Wanna be a baller

    Lil Flip- I can do that

    Lil Jon- Snap yo fingers

    Lil Jon & the eastside boyz- What u gon' do

    Lil Scrappy- No problem

    Lil Wayne- 6 foot 7

    Lil Wayne- Nightmares of the bottom

    Lil Wayne- She will

    Lil Wayne- John

    Lil Wayne- Tha Block is hot

    Lil Wayne- Fireman

    Lil Wayne- A Milli

    Lil Wayne F/Big Sean- My Homies Still

    Lil Wayne F/Gudda gudda- Young money

    Ghetto Boyz- My mind is playing tricks on me

    Scarface- Jesse James

    Scarface- I seen a man die

    Scarface F/Ice Cube- Hand of a dead body

    Scarface- My block

    Scarface- No warning

    Scarface- Dont testify

    Scarface F/2pac & Master P- Homies & Thugs

    Scarface- The Geto

    Scarface F/Too Short- F*ck Faces

    Scarface- Rules 4 real niggas

    Scarface- Lettin em know

    Scarface- The wall

    Scarface- You dont hear me doe

    Scarface- Mr Scarface pt 3:the final chapter

    Paul Wall- Sittin Sideways

    Bun B- Draped Up

    Bun B F/Pimp C- Get Throwed

    UGK- Pocket full of stones

    Ludacris- Georgia

    Ludacris- Jingalin

    Ludacris- Number 1 spot

    Ludacris- Get Back

    Ludacris- Large amounts

    Ludacris- Pimpin all over the world

    Ludacris- Rollout (my business)

    Ludacris- go to sleep

    Ludacris- Cry babies (oh no)

    Ludacris- Area Codes

    Ludacris- Move B*tch

    Ludacris- Saturday (oooh ooh!)

    Ludacris- Ho

    Ludacris- U got a problem?

    Ludacris- Southern Hospitality

    Ludacris- How Low

    Ludacris- Blow it out

    Ludacris- Splash Waterfalls

    Ludacris- Diamond in the back

    Ludacris- Slap

  • Tdiddy73
    Plies, JT Money, Poison Clan, 2Live Crew, Goodie Mob, BG, Zero, Slim Thug, UGK....
  • Joyce Bee

    DIRTY south!!

    Yeah, that will  be a great list


  • Jennifer Louise Griffin
    They have Trick Daddy in East Coast Rap and it always throws me off, he reps down south! Along with Trina and all those formally and currently on Slip-n-slide records. Even with just the above mentioned alone, the playlist would be endless!!!
  • John Rozgony
    lil boosie and webbie also....this would be the best playlist yet
  • King

    T.I. !!!

  • Kelsey Walker
    I would also like to see this playlist. There's already an east and west coast one only one missing is the south. There are plenty of artist from the old school and now to choose from as mentioned in the previous comments.

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