Emo, Screamo and Emocore Playlist




  • Elizabeth Margaret Burda

    Not my favorite genre, but was just gonna suggest it too. Surprised it's not already up.

  • Elizabeth Margaret Burda

    (Emo, specifically)

  • Vegard

    I totally agree, but I think you should filter out bands like My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars and focus on "real" emo bans.

  • Michael Kirchl

    Sure Vegard, only suggestions :-)

  • Sobasedswag

    Senses Fail, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, Say Anything, The Early November, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Boys Night Out, I would love this playlist.

  • Vegard

    One focused on 90s' emo, especially midwest emo, would be totally rad. Maybe with these bands:


    American Football


    Cap'n Jazz

    Christie Front Drive


    The Get Up Kids


    The Jazz June

    Jets to Brazil

    Jimmy Eat World (Static Prevails and Clarity albums)

    Kill Holiday


    The Promise Ring

    Saves the Day (Through Being Cool album)

    Sunny Day Real Estate

    Texas is the Reason

    Weezer (Pinkerton album)


    They made a goth playlist, a J-pop playlist, a K-pop playlist, a Glee playlist, and tons of playlists for every single different decade, so why the hell not?

  • Natascha De Vries-van Limpt

    I'm waiting for such an list for such a long time, although I still miss:

    Silverstein (My Heroine / Smile in your Sleep)

    Hawthorne Heights (Niki fm/ Ohio is for lovers)

    From First to Last (Note to self)

    From Autumn to Ashes  (Chloroform Perfume / Lilacs & Lolita)

    Aidan (Die romantic / I set my friends on fire)

    AFI (Miss Murder / Silver and Cold)



  • Natascha De Vries-van Limpt

    Oh and Alasana of course (Red and dying evening / and they call this tragedy) 

  • Karolina Waryś
    maybe yes, but it's not exactly emo...
  • Michael Kirchl

    What else ? Some additional suggests ?

  • Zac Gray

    I'm working on a real emo playlist (bands like 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park is not even remotely close to emo...).  It will focus on midwestern emo primarily including bands such as: Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, Jets to Brazil, American Football, Mineral, Texas is the Reason, The Promise Ring, Thursday, Jawbreaker, Saves the Day, Brand New, The Appleseed Cast, Braid, Hawthorne Heights (maybe), Christie Front Drive, Elliott, The Gloria Record, Sparta, etc. 

    I completely agree Emo is a major genre that is completely missing from the game.  Having 2 types of Ska, 6 types of Metal, 78 types of Dance, and not a single Emo playlist is pretty crazy.  These are very popular bands completely missing from the game. 


  • Juliana Germanotta

    More song from Black Veil Brides!!! :)

  • Zac Gray

    Less than 40% of the Original Poster's bands are actually Emo, and many of them are not even remotely close (I'm not sure what Christian Rock bands like Anberlin are doing on the list...and...The Fray!?).  However, the concept of an Emo playlist is a good one. 

    Here is the link to the Emo playlist (focus on Midwestern Emo) I've created for SongPop: https://play.spotify.com/user/1295099002/playlist/44C7Nf8sPXpyV5BF7Dk7Vv

  • Storm Robinson

    Holy crap, if you add Escape the Fate, you are OBLIGED to add Falling in Reverse. They're like sister bands for God's sake. 

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