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Hair bands



  • Patrick Cannan

    This playlist has existed for a while now. It's called 80's Hairbands.

  • Lexi Crowley

    Speaking of which, there are a number of bands missing from '80s Hairbands. Tigertailz - Love Bomb Baby and Living Without You should definitely both be in there. Bonfire had some great songs, too, like Hard On Me. Faster Pussycat are in there, and that's good, but there's only House Of Pain. Bathroom Wall would be nice, or Babylon. Couple more Hanoi Rocks songs, rather than just Don't You Ever Leave Me wouldn't go amiss, either. I don't remember hearing LA Guns in there, but Sex Action is one of the genre essentials. Haven't heard Skid Row in ages, either, and I've got 5 stars on this genre. Are they in there somewhere somewhere? :P

    ANYWAY. It's been a very helpful tool for me, the '80s Hairbands playlist. Helped me discover a few bands I'd never heard before, like Trixter and Slaughter. So thanks.

  • Lori Lee Dover Moore
    Why waste time and space requesting a play list that already exist? All you are doing is taking attention off of legitimate request.

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