Dream Theater playlist



  • Lionel Di Bikash Skolnick

    there so many DT songs, i'll surely buy this playlist.

  • Unleash The Metal

    We have Pull Me Under, Metropolis, Panic Attack and On The Backs Of Angels in the metal playlists, and also those songs and Home are in the Progressive Rock playlist, we need A Fortune In Lies, Afterlife, Another Day, Take The Time, Caught In A Web, The Silent Man, Lie, Hollow Years, Through Her Eyes, The Spirit Carries On, The Glass Prison, As I Am, This Dying Soul, The Root Of All Evil, I Walk Beside You, Forsaken, Constant Motion, A Rite Of Passage, Wither, Build Me Up, Break Me Down, you know there's loads that should be in there

  • Douglas Dodd
    I would get this
  • Jack Dropkick

    Don't forget about their new album called "Dream Theater"

  • Jason Vaysberg

    Oh my god yes!

  • Kristoffer Bæk Kortegaard
    That would be genious!

    In general, any DT-song should be there = a minor challenge for us Dream Theater-fanatics :)
  • tukan op

    yes pls

  • Hanung Trisulo


  • Martidark

    So what are you waiting for to put DT in a playlist ?

  • Adam Chorabik

    I'd love a DT playlist so much

  • Vinicius Ricardo

    Dark Eternal Night should be in this list!

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