MUSE playlist




  • hans de wit
    I totally agree! MUSE has really enough songs and they are very popular!
  • Kees-Klaas

    I love MUSE!!!

    I hope that SongPop makes this list soon!

  • Patrick Dugan

    Yes, muse is great, but maybe the original poster should delete those songs (& or put them in a different post, under the original) because I almost didn't scroll down all the way to give this thread a thumbs up. I'm lazy. Other folks are even lazier & won't scroll down. Just saying.

  • Iris de Piris
    Ik wil ook dat Muse een eigen playlist krijgt, dat lijkt me echt geweldig!
  • Maatii

    yes, I think they should make playlist of one of the best bands in 21st century. we have to do something to convince them! ;)

  • Muso Geek

    No way, not enough material!!  Radiohead far more deserved.  


    Also, why and when have muse ever been classed as Prog rock????  

  • Bas de Wit
    Muse has always been a Progressive Rock band. Look on Wikipedia or on the Musewiki. But I totally agree with you that Radiohead deserves a playlist too.
  • Rita Gubanova

    Yes please!

    They have about 100 songs, its enough, i think


  • Lindseyl
    Oh yes!!! This would be amazing!!!!
  • Wend Feltham
    Agreed - a muse special playlist and what does it matter what genre they come under or if radio head have had more songs?? It doesn't !
  • Hannah


  • Yori Lang


  • Chiisaimiss909

    Awesomeness 2013!

  • Kerim Mejdoub
    I would love a Muse playlist too. Best band of this century!!!
  • Amber 99


  • Chiisaimiss909


  • Athens

    One of my fav bands...

  • Bas de Wit

    I've started playing again, now I see that the MUSE playlist is "planned"!!!

  • Radoslav

    Its almost a year.

  • Anamoli109
    I would that, one of my fav bands <3
  • Abigail Hubbard
    Add another vote for this one.
  • Natalie Bowers

    Yes, yes, yes! Muse is a must!!!

  • Katelyn Armstrong
  • Eve Munson
    I want it nooooooooooow
  • Tuure Hartola
    This a is great idea to have Muse playlist added. However, we should add more songs in my opinion. The List above suggested is great if you are a true Muse fan, and have intrigued yourself with the early albums and debut songs. But many of the Muse fans have started the listening in 2007 and after. To be sure of delivering to all fans, I would add all The songs from the new albums to get The 1st stars, looking at 2nd Law, Resistance, Black Holes and Revelations. Then i Would add all The songs from Absolution and Origin of Symmetry albums. Then maybe some songs should be picked from Showbiz and Hullabaloo, but I would be cautious, because they are not so known for everybody. Maybe the songs Showbiz and Sunburn should at least be there from The debut album.
  • Maria Rox

    omg planned ♥ I cant believe it I wanna releaseeeeeeeeee ♥

  • Tuure Hartola
    What is taking so long in creating this playlist?
  • Maria Rox

    stop Metal playlists Iron Maiden, Soundgarden, Kings of thrash metal- enough! Release Muse finally! 

  • Niekske1989
  • Mk

    YEEES please :)

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