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I suggest letting players use their coins or power ups to upgrade to VIP status.



  • Chris Howard

    This is a much better idea than the ridiculous charges they want to charge now for vip disappointed in the creators for doing that.

  • Mindi Hennie
    I agree. I just got VIP for the week and can't tell a big difference enough to pay for it longer than that. I don't chat much but I don't see why that can't be free or coin-based. Every other game, even free ones let u chat.
  • Sheree Moskow
    I agree too.
  • Hugh Jorgan

    I would gladly trade between 10,000-15,000 coins or 500 power-ups for a 3 month VIP status upgrades. I would also encourage 1 week Premium or VIP status upgrades for users who share SongPop on Facebook or tweet SongPop on Twitter.  These offers would be an option to reward the "power players" who frequently play this game.

  • Craig Stones
    I agree as well. So SongPop how about a reply ??????.....

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