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Hardstyle Playlist



  • Jasper Heijmans
    Hardstyle is big in holland belgium italy germany austria slovakia slovenia etc. If you need songs for tge list would love it to help! Hardstyle is my style ! ;)
  • Thom Paanakker

    Thanks for the comment Jasper, Hardstyle is also beginning to grow in Australia and the U.S.A. Could you post here 5 of your favourite hardstyle songs? Thanks :)

  • Jasper Heijmans

    This is mine Top 5 for now:

    Bass Modulators - Leave The World
    The Prophet - Ordinary Life
    Code Black & NitrouZ - Can't Hold Me Back
    Tatanka - Feel it
    The Nasty Boyz - Angel

  • Thom Paanakker

    My personal top 5:
    1. Noisecontrollers - Sludge
    2. Alphaverb - We're Not Alone
    3. Shockerz - My Music
    4. Black & White Ft. Angie Brown -  Get your Hands Up ( Code Black Remix )
    5. Code Black - Red Planet

  • Matthieu Meunier

    Hello everybody, I allow my self to post here to be sure that this will not be forgotten and I hope that songpop staff will consider our request ;)


    And, obviously I'll share my favorite songs too :p

    1. Power of Music (Headhunterz)
    2. Lessons in love (Headhunterz remix)
    3. DJ ease my minde (Isaac)
    4. Break the spell (Da Tweekaz)
    5. Born in the 80's (Da Tweekaz & Coone)
    6. The words (Psyko Punkz & Coone)
    7. Stream of Blood (Psyko Punkz & Coone)
    8. Disrespect (Pysko Punk &(vs :p) Headhunterz
    9. I'm the melodyman (Frontliner)
    10. All in together (Frontliner) (Will be release 24 december only :/) 
    11. Music is my alibi (Mark with a K) (Da Tweekaz Remix)
    12. The nature of our mind (Qlimax 2009 anthem) (D-Block & S-Te-Fan)
    13. Feel The Love (Rudimental ft. John Newman) (D-Block & S-te-Fan remix)
    14. Rebel (D-Block & S-Te-Fan)
    15. Make it loud (Headhunterz remix)
    16. We can escape (Intets 2012 anthem) (Brennan Heart)
    17. For the people (Frontliner)
    18. Halos (Frontliner)
    19. Tweekend (Da Tweekaz)
    20. People Against Porn (Da Tweekaz)
    And I'll stop at 20 songs it's enough for me :p
  • Thom Paanakker
    Thanks for your comment matthieu! I hope the same, and nice top 20. Psyko punkz and coone fan?
  • Matthieu Meunier

    No problem, and, no, I'm not a Pysko Punkz & Coone fan especially. I just like hardstyle, and atm my favorite artists are Headhunterz, DBSTF, Da Tweekaz, Coone and Frontliner

  • Robke veghel
    Please make one!
  • John Phillip Mills
    Songpop please make a hardstyle playlist asap! If you make it I will be addicted to playing your game every day (currently only play every few days or once a week). Best genre out there!

    Also if anyone seeing this comment are keen on going to Defqon.1 Australia this year, I am selling ambassador tickets - more info here:
  • Jesper Keller

    it would be awesome if this gets added in songpop. i will be playing it all day

  • Thijs Brummelhuis

    brennan heart is the best

  • Cris Villa

    bump because im upset of mainstream electronic music and not variety in genres 

  • Pepijn van den Broek

    after all these years and they still havent added this playlist to the game. 


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