Avril Lavigne Special Playlist




  • Andrea Rae Avery

    <3 Avril Lavigne

  • Peace Love Nirvana95
    Good idea. They should definitely put all her songs on there and not just singles to make it a little harder.
  • Khamani Moore
    I totally agree!
  • Dominic Vincent
    Id love for this to happen <3Avril Lavigne
  • Laura Hampton
    Please make a avril lavigne play list it would be grate
  • Kris
    Avril Lavigne is my favorite artist. I vote a big YES!
  • Laura Hampton
    Yes plz
  • Arthur Vega


    Avril is overdue for a special playlist. Multiple Hit singles in all four of her albums, album 5 is on its way and already hit singles from it. She is also international. Please do this and make a VIP happy. 

  • Nathaniel Holt

    Oh, yes. I've been wondering why there shouldn't be one when they already have playlists for Rihanna and some other shitty artists. Avril is a much more deserving artist when it comes to having thier own playlist.


  • LadyPop


  • Arthur Vega

    Pathetic that now Songpop has a Miley Cyanide playlist and not one of Avril yet. WTF Songpop, get on it!

  • Ayushthaper

    it would be great if this playlist would be dere

  • Axel Blaze

    LOVE AVRIL ! they should be definitely a special playlist of her !


  • Arthur Vega

    Please please please make this happen. I have quit playing songpop but might take it up again if they make it so. I also have almost 10,000 coins saved up because all the playlists suck. 

  • Arthur Vega

    Actually I shouldn't say I might take it up again, I would for a fact. AVRIL!

  • Pam Roosevelt
    Please make Avril Lavigne playlist .. Been waiting for a while now for it to happen ...Love her music !! Please put one out really soon ..
  • Arthur Vega

    We have all been waiting for it for a while! Ticked me off to see a Buckcherry playlist and still no Avril...like what the hell guys, really? Buckcherry? What have they sold? 

  • Fabricio Alves

    as you can now and 2014 and has no list of Avril Lavigne in songPop Please create a list

  • Fabricio Alves

    we are waiting for the special playlist of Avril Lavigne to more than two years of place

  • Fabricio Alves

    playlist of Avril Lavigne

  • Arthur Vega

    Yep, we have been waiting for this for so long now...

  • Fabricio Alves

    avril Lavigne have to have your playlist ,Love Avril Lavigne please do so by the game ...I'm sad list is not there ... cry

  • Fabricio Alves

    Can anyone guarantee me a list of Avril Lavigne this year 2014? hopefully answers!

  • Arthur Vega

    I hardly doubt they anyone can guarantee it...just need to see more desire from more people to want it, and hopefully it gets to the planned stage. Keep the fingers crosses! I have over 10,000 coins saved up too...I refuse to buy any playlists until they make an Avril one!

  • Arthur Vega

    14 months later and still no Avril Lavigne playlist...this really upsets me. So lets just state some facts:

    5 Albums, with over 42 million sold  worldwide

    20 billboard charting singles

    15 millions twitter followers, ranking her the 38th most followed person on all of twitter

    These are just a few stats that playlists like Buckcherry, Olly Murs, Selana Gomez, etc. can't touch. I mean seriously, Kesha? She has one album! Come on this is just stupid. This feels like how her songs never even made it on Rock Band because the producers of the game just didn't like her for whatever selfish reason. Numbers never lie, and she has produced more than enough hit music to justify a playlist. 

    Thank you. 

  • Douglas Rocha

    Why she don't have a playlist yet ?? 

  • Arthur Vega

    That's what we all would like to know....  =/

  • Lacey Pamer

    Yeah SongPop only has playlists for the older and little teenager. Nothing really in-between.

  • Arthur Vega

    That is true I guess. Seems they only bring out playlists of relatively new-ish artists or ones that have been here for ages. They do have a Christina Aguilera one though, and maybe even Britney? Not sure on that one. Regardless, she has the albums and hits to easily justify a playlist of her own. I still laugh when I see the Buckcherry playlist...like really? Buckcherry? Sigh...

  • Dom Vincent

    Ive never even heard of buckcherry.

    Avril is the greatest singer ever and WILL get a playlist soon!!!!

    I shall be buying it soon. Have 1000 coins to buy it with

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