• Lisaa Reid81
    Pleeeeaaassseee add this playlist!! It would make my year! Journey is my most favorite band ever!
  • Amyburns

    TOTALLY agree!

  • Razorback Fan200832
    I really want this playlist!!!
  • Clp6988

    I would like to see a playlist are some of there songs let me know if you need more.

    Only The Young

    Don't Stop Believin'
    Wheel In The Sky
     I'll Be Alright Without You
     Any Way You Want It
     Ask The Lonely
     Who's Crying Now
     Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
     Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
    Open Arms
    Girl Can't Help It
    Send Her My Love
    Be Good To Yourself

    When You Love A Woman 

    Stone In Love
    After The Fall
    Chain Reaction
    The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love)
    Still They Ride
    Good Morning Girl
    Stay Awhile
    Feeling That Way
    Walks Like A Lady
    Little Girl
    Just The Same Way
    When I Think Of You
    Mother, Father 


  • Ramm4me
    Journey has so many great songs.Sweet and simple off Evolution is a hidden gem..
  • Jana Turner Chapman
    I would love this playlist
  • Danya Kay Davis
    Journey has so many great songs. Steve Perry's voice was untouchable
  • Christine Shambora Esco
  • Laurie Juengling Ziga
    Another great play list to consider. That is after you get the Queen playlist up and going.
  • Jodie N Patty Buckallew
    I would love a journey playlist - but only with Steve Perry - not the new guy!
  • Srhodes36
    Journey would be a fun category.
  • Shera76
    Yes love journey, this would be great please. Agree only with Steve Perry :D
  • Angela Parker73
    It must be a copyright issue b/c this would seem to be a no brainer on whether it should be available. People still love them and they've been around since the late 70s. (Same with Zeppelin, Bad Company, AC/DC...etc)
  • Mrabatte
    Yes a Journey play list is required asap !!!
  • Sleightofmike

    Please add a Journey playlist as there are millions upon millions of new and vintage Journey fans out there.

  • Davy Prosser
    Journey , yes very popular
  • Maine Wallin
    Please make a playlist for Journey. They are a terrific band.
  • Cathytull2012
    Journey is my favorite.
  • Razorback Fan200832
    Please add Journey!!!!!! They are one of my favorite groups of all time!!!!! I love Journey
  • Happy Winsum Pete

    Yes please.  Also please vote for my list.

    Rock Hall of Fame snubs!

  • Martin Den Ridder

    Great band with a huge back catalogue!

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