Pearl Jam




  • Brad Deckard

    Second this.

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  • Tom


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  • Mindi Hennie
    My fav, but it would be nice if there was some way to match up with other random opponents with the same PJ / or other specific artist genre, because my friends would probably not care about how much I love PJ.
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  • Dmbaxter 2000
    Absolutely! Pearl jam is a must!!!
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  • Miranda de Vree
    Definitely, a special Pearl Jam playlist is needed!
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  • Amandaannsilver
    This is a must!!
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  • Jueri00
    Please, please, please!!!
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  • Binkyponk

    Please add a special Pearl Jam playlist!!! They are currently touring and just released a new, amazing album. They are also a band that has stood the test of time and has some of the most dedicated fans around. And the band is equally dedicated to their fans! They also have a huge catalog  to pull from, so it would be easy to have a full playlist for them. Thanks for passing this suggestion/request on to whomever could make it happen!!!! :)

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  • Chris


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  • Stephanie Picard
    Please make Pearl Jam playlist!! The best American rock band EVER!
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  • Panfuharmann

    Please SongPop, make this happen!

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  • Nadine Suchanek


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  • Tanya Harman

    That would be wonderful!


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  • Nadine Österreicher


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  • Romi Roca
    It would be my dream come true, I don't know why they don't get recognized!!!
    If there's a Nirvana playlist there should totally be a Pearl Jam one!
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  • Rodrigo Gabriel Guerra

    Pearl Jam on Song Pop urgent please!

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  • Brad Deckard


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  • Gabriella Duarte Alves

    please, this game needs a Pearl Jam list song!

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  • Ci Aran

    Bring it on.

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  • Amanda Pierce

    I would LOVE to see a PJ playlist!!  Please add!!

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  • Amanda Pierce

    They've been touring for over a year now, please add a PJ playlist!!!!! 

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  • Mookie_Blaylock_10
    We need some more actual Grunge influences. Where is PJ or Soundgarden or Alice in Chains?! They are the founders of Grunge!? Best bands to come out of Seattle. I am a MAJOR GRUNGE and Alt fan but some of the bands don't go in Grunge just like Alt does not go in Alt. Thanks guys. You have added Temple of the Dog. Where is Mad Season or Mother Love Bone?! Rock on my friends!! There has to be others who feel the same.

    Thanks for listening and please take into consideration.
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  • Mookie_Blaylock_10
    Typo srry Alt doesnt go in Grunge or Grunge in Alt. \m/.
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  • Brad Deckard


    Alive      (Ten)

    Jeremy     (Ten)

    Evenflow     (Ten)

    Black     (Ten)

    Once     (Ten)

    Daughter     (Vs.)

    Rearviewmirror     (Vs.)

    Animal     (Vs.)

    Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town     (Vs.)

    Not For You     (Vitalogy)

    Corduroy     (Vitalogy)

    Better Man     (Vitalogy)

    Given To Fly     (Yield)

    Wishlist     (Yield)

    Do the Evolution     (Yield)

    I Am Mine     (Riot Act)

    World Wide Suicide     (Pearl Jam)

    Yellow Ledbetter     (Lost Dogs)

    Last Kiss     (Lost Dogs)

    The Fixer     (Backspacer)

    Just Breathe     (Backspacer)

    Mind Your Manners     (Lightning Bolt)



    Why Go     (Ten)

    Porch     (Ten)

    Oceans     (Ten)

    Go     (Vs.)

    Dissident     (Vs.)

    Glorified G     (Vs.)

    Leash     (Vs.)

    Indifference     (Vs.)

    Spin the Black Circle     (Vitalogy)

    Immortality     (Vitalogy)

    Hail, Hail     (No Code)

    Who You Are     (No Code)

    Lukin     (No Code)

    Brain of J     (Yield)

    MFC     (Yield)

    Low Light     (Yield)

    Nothing As It Seems     (Binaural)

    Thin Air     (Binaural)

    Life Wasted     (Pearl Jam)     

    Footsteps     (Lost Dogs

    Got Some     (Backspacer)

    State of Love and Trust     (Rearviewmirror - Greatest Hits 1991-2003)

    Breath     (Rearviewmirror - Greatest Hits 1991-2003)

    Love Reign O'er Me     (Love, Reign O'er Me (As Featured in the Motion Picture "Reign Over Me")

    Getaway     (Lightning Bolt)

    Sirens     (Lightning Bolt)



    W.M.A.     (Vs.)

    Nothingman     (Vitalogy)

    In My Tree     (No Code)

    Smile     (No Code)

    Off He Goes     (No Code)

    Habit     (No Code)

    Red Mosquito     (No Code)

    Faithful     (Yield)

    In Hiding     (Yield)

    Push Me, Pull Me     (Yield)

    Breakerfall     (Binaural)

    Light Years     (Binaural)

    Of the Girl     (Binaural)

    Save You     (Riot Act)

    Thumbing My Way     (Riot Act)

    Green Disease     (Riot Act)

    Come Back     (Pearl Jam)

    Inside Job     (Pearl Jam)

    Down     (Lost Dogs)

    Crazy Mary     (Sweet Relief - An Benefit for Victoria Williams or vs. expanded edition) 

    Gonna See My Friend     (Backspacer)

    Amongst the Waves     (Backspacer)

    Force of Nature     (Backspacer)

    Unthought Known     (Backspacer)

    Lightning Bolt     (Lightning Bolt)

    Infallible     (Lightning Bolt)

    Pendulum     (Lightning Bolt)



    Garden     (Ten)

    Deep     (Ten)

    Release     (Ten)

    Blood     (Vs.)

    Rats     (Vs.)

    Last Exit     (Vitalogy)

    Tremor Christ     (Vitalogy)

    Satan's Bed     (Vitalogy)

    Sometimes     (No Code)

    I'm Open     (No Code)

    Present Tense     (No Code)

    Mankind     (No Code)

    Around the Bend     (No Code)

    No Way     (Yield)

    Insignificance     (Binaural)

    Grievance     (Binaural)

    Rival     (Binaural)

    Soon Forget     (Binaural)

    Parting Ways     (Binaural)

    Can't Keep     (Riot Act)

    Cropduster     (Riot Act)

    You Are     (Riot Act)

    Bu$hleaguer     (Riot Act)

    Comatose     (Pearl Jam)

    Severed Hand     (Pearl Jam)

    Gone     (Pearl Jam)

    Big Wave     (Pearl Jam)

    Wasted Reprise     (Pearl Jam)

    Johnny Guitar     (Backspacer)

    Speed of Sound     (Backspacer)

    Supersonic     (Backspacer)

    The End     (Backspacer)

    Man of the Hour     (Rearviewmirror - Greatest Hits 1991-2003)

    Swallowed Whole     (Lightning Bolt)

    Let the Records Play     (Lightning Bolt)

    Sleeping By Myself     (Lightning Bolt)

    Future Days     (Lightning Bolt)

    Ole     (Ole - Single)




    Whipping     (Vitalogy)

    Pilate     (Yield)

    God's Dice     (Binaural)

    Evacuation     (Binaural)

    Sleight of Hand     (Binaural)

    Love Boat Captain     (Riot Act)

    Ghost     (Riot Act)

    Get Right     (Riot Act)

    Help Help     (Riot Act)

    1/2 Full     (Riot Act)

    Arc     (Riot Act)

    All or None     (Riot Act)

    Marker in the Sand     (Pearl Jam)

    Parachutes     (Pearl Jam)

    Unemployable     (Pearl Jam)

    Army Reserve     (Pearl Jam)

    Sad     (Lost Dogs)

    All Night     (Lost Dogs)

    Don't Gimme No Lip     (Lost Dogs)

    Alone     (Lost Dogs)

    In the Moonlight     (Lost Dogs)

    Education     (Lost Dogs)

    Black, Red, Yellow     (Lost Dogs)

    You     (Lost Dogs)

    Leaving Here     (Lost Dogs)

    Gremmie Out of Control     (Lost Dogs)

    Whale Song     (Lost Dogs)

    Hold On     (Lost Dogs)

    Fatal      (Lost Dogs)

    Other Side     (Lost Dogs)

    Hard to Imagine     (Lost Dogs)

    Wash     (Lost Dogs)

    Dead Man     (Lost Dogs)

    Strangest Tribe     (Lost Dogs)

    Drifting     (Lost Dogs)

    Sweet Lew     (Lost Dogs) 

    Dirty Frank     (Lost Dogs)

    Brother     (Lost Dogs)

    Bee Girl     (Lost Dogs)

    Just a Girl     (Ten Redux)

    My Father's Son     (Lightning Bolt)

    Yellow Moon     (Lightning Bolt)

    Soldier of Love     (No Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees)

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  • Holley gibson
    Do it
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  • 14stars41
    Been waiting for a Pearl Jam playlist!!!!
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  • Paola Aguilar

    PLEASE!!! We need this playlist!!!!!

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  • Amanda Pierce

    Not trying to be ungrateful, but you are giving playlists to Maroon 5 and Demi Lavato and you can't consider a band that has been around for 23+ years?? Come on!! People are begging for PJ!!  Give it to us!  Thank you!

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  • Tr Sprks
    I'm a major grunge fan also..I agree please put more awesome bands like Pearl Jam & Alice in Chain's playlist. .
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