• Jennifer Zelinger
  • Cmy1021

    I would love this...I just suggested a "Jam Bands" include the Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic among others.  They have so many other genres, why not the Grateful Dead:) 

  • Jennifer Zelinger
    So did I! I suggested a Jam Band list of Dead, Blues Traveler, Phish, Dave Matthews. Did you notice that none of those artists (or even Zeppelin) are in 70's or Classic Rock?
  • Cmy1021

    I know...the only song I have seen by the Grateful Dead on Song Pop is under Classic Folk Rock...Morning Dew.  Well, I wouldn't mind helping put a playlist together if asked....

  • Jennifer Zelinger
    Then it would be too easy for you !
  • Norman Karp

    They have so many other genres, why not the Grateful Dead  !!!!! It only makes sense..........   They have their own Channel on XM Radio 

  • Megan kerrick
    Definitely. If not just the Dead then the Dead with other jam bands.
  • Jennifer Zelinger
    What's taking them so long??
  • Jeff Michel
    Psych rock isn't big enough we need our own playlist!
  • Megan kerrick
    Songpop...I know you can hear us :)! Psyche rock is ok, but it's not enough.
  • Chuckann12123
    I would be so grateful!!!!!
  • Nicholas Wachowski
    Jambands for sure
  • Scottielove
    A Grateful Dead playlist should be obvious...if there is an Enrique Inglsias-Jonas Brothers (seriously?) Pitbull...come on...The Dead deserve a playlist over these bands...come on Song Pop The Grateful Dead need their own playlist....
  • Devin

    Check out our Jam Bands playlist! :)

  • Scottielove

    I see that you want us to go to Jam Bands...but yet there are many Classic Rockers that have their own Playlist such as Aerosmith...Billy Joel etc...and many of todays artists with their own play list...Please give the Dead Heads what they want...WE WANT THE GRATEFUL DEAD...not a generic playlist...Jam Bands...I dont know many of the new Jam Bands but as a Dead Head we want a Dead playlist...if you need help with one I can give you all the help you need


  • Dylan Moore
    We absolutely need this. The dead have so much live material. The Playlist would be incredible.
  • Charrsch
    Hundred of song from one of the most important bands of all time!
    How disgraceful that robin thick has a playlist and not THE DEAD!!!
  • Cathob1
    I agree that a grateful Dead song list needs to be added!!
  • Nick

    yes, I would love this playlist.

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