80's Country Playlist!



  • Patricia Ohoma


    KEITH WHITLEY - I'm No Stranger To The Rain 
    CLINT BLACK - Killin' Time 
    EDDIE RABBITT - On Second Thought 
    EDDY RAVEN - Bayou Boys 
    DOLLY PARTON - Yellow Roses 
    GARTH BROOKS - Tomorrow Never Comes 
    DESERT ROSE BAND - I Still Believe In You 
    ALABAMA - Song of The South 
    PATTY LOVELESS - Timber, I'm Falling In Love 
    CLINT BLACK - A Better Man 
    GEORGE STRAIT - What's Going On In Your World 
    SHENANDOAH - Church On Cumberland Road 
    EDDY RAVEN - In a Letter To You 
    STEVE WARINER - I Got Dreams 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM - Long, White Cadillac 
    RANDY TRAVIS - It's Just a Matter of Time 
    RONNIE MILSAP - A Woman In Love 
    K.T. OSLIN - Hey Bobby 
    DAN SEALS - Big Wheels in the Moonlight 
    ROSANNE CASH - I Don't Want To Spoil The Party 
    HIGHWAY 101 - Who's Lonely Now 
    STEVE WARINER - When Did I Go Wrong 
    HIGHWAY 101 - Honky Tonk Heart 
    WILLIE NELSON - Nothing I Can Do About It Now 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - Hole In My Pocket 
    GEORGE JONES - I'm a One Woman Man 
    ALABAMA - If I Had You 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Love Out Loud 
    PATTY LOVELESS - Blue Side of Town 
    CONWAY TWITTY - I Wish I Was Still In Your Dreams 
    THE JUDDS - Young Love (Strong Love) 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye 
    DOLLY PARTON - Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM - I Got You 
    REBA McENTIRE - New Fool at an Old Flame 
    KATHY MATTEA - Come From the Heart 
    TANYA TUCKER - Call On Me 
    REBA McENTIRE - Cathy's Clown 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Don't You Ever Get Tired (of Hurting Me) 
    RODNEY CROWELL - After All This Time 
    KEITH WHITLEY - I Wonder Do You Think of Me 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Lovin' Only Me 
    THE JUDDS - Let Me Tell You About Love 
    VERN GOSDIN - I'm Still Crazy 
    RODNEY CROWELL - Alone But Not Alone 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Let It Be You 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - Living Proof 
    SHENANDOAH - Sunday in the South 
    RESTLESS HEART - Big Dreams In a Small Town 
    HOLLY DUNN - Are You Ever Gonna Love Me 
    KATHY MATTEA - Burnin' Old Memories 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - From a Jack To a King 
    ALABAMA - High Cotton 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM - I Sang Dixie 
    DON WILLIAMS - Old Coyote Town 
    BILLY JOE ROYAL - Tell It Like It Is 
    K.D. LANG - Full Moon Full of Love 
    RESTLESS HEART - Say What's In Your Heart 
    KATHY MATTEA - Life As We Knew It 
    PATTY LOVELESS - Lonely Side of Love 
    T. GRAHAM BROWN - Come As You Are 
    BALLIE & THE BOYS - (I Wish I Had a) Heart of Stone 
    PAUL OVERSTREET - All The Fun 
    REBA McENTIRE - Til Love Comes Again 
    DON WILLIAMS - I've Been Loved By The Best 
    HIGHWAY 101 - All The Reasons Why 
    BALLIE & THE BOYS - Longshot 
    SOUTHERN PACIFIC - Any Way The Wind Blows 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Beyond the Years 
    PATTY LOVELESS - Don't Toss Us Away 
    BILLY JOE ROYAL - Love Has No Right 
    EDDY RAVEN - Til You Cry 
    TRAVIS TRITT - Country Club 
    TANYA TUCKER - Highway Robbery 
    HANK WILLIAMS Jr. - Finders and Keepers 
    MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHY - From the Word Go 
    STEVE WARINER - Hold On (A Little Longer) 
    VERN GOSDIN - Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Houston Solution 
    LORRIE MORGAN - Out of Your Shoes 
    DON WILLIAMS - One Good Well 
    SAWYER BROWN - The Race Is On 
    CONWWAY TWITTY - She's Got a Single Thing In Mind

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    RANDY TRAVIS - Forever and Ever, Amen 
    GEORGE STRAIT - All My X's Live In Texas 
    RESTLESS HEART - I'll Still Be Loving You 
    HANK WILLIAMS Jr. - Born To Boogie 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Ocean Front Property 
    HIGHWAY 101 - Somewhere Tonight 
    THE JUDDS - Maybe Your Baby's Got The Blues 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - Somebody Lied 
    REBA McENTIRE - What Am I Gonna Do About You 
    THE JUDDS - Cry Myself To Sleep 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - Straight To The Heart 
    STEVE WARINER - Small Town Girl 
    RONNIE MILSAP - How Do I Turn You On 
    DAN SEALS - You Still Love Me 
    ROSEANNE CASH - The Way We Make a Broken Heart 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - Kids of the Baby Boom 
    K.T. OSLIN - Do Ya 
    WAYLON JENNINGS - Rose In Paradise 
    RONNIE MILSAP & KENNY ROGERS - Make No Mistake, She's Mine 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - This Crazy Love 
    THE JUDDS - I Know Where I'm Going 
    DAN SEALS - I Will Be There 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - It Takes a Little Rain (To Make Love Grow) 
    REBA McENTIRE - One Promise Too Late 
    EDDY RAVEN - Shine, Shine, Shine 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Snap Your Fingers 
    STEVE WARINER - Lynda 
    MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHY - A Long Line of Love 
    REBA McENTIRE - The Last One To Know 
    EXILE - She's Too Good To Be True 
    STEVE WARINER - The Weekend 
    DAN SEALS - Three Time Loser 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - That Was a Close One 
    RESTLESS HEART - Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong or Right) 
    NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND - Fishin' In The Dark 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Right From the Start 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Am I Blue 
    RANDY TRAVIS - I Won't Need You Anymore (Always and Forever) 
    MICHAEL JOHNSON - The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder 
    GARY MORRIS - Leave Me Lonely 
    ALABAMA - You've Got the Touch 
    MICHAEL JOHNSON - Give Me Wings 
    T. GRAHAM BROWN - Don't Go To Strangers 
    O'KANES - Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You 
    LEE GREENWOOD - Mornin' Ride 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - I Can't Win For Losing You 
    S-K-O - Baby's Got a New Baby

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    THE JUDDS - Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days) 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Diggin' Up Bones 
    DOLLY PARTON - Think About Love 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Cajun Moon 
    WILLIE NELSON - Living In The Promised Land 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Once In a Blue Moon 
    DAN SEALS - Bop 
    STEVE WARINER - Life's Highway 
    RANDY TRAVIS - On The Other Hand 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her 
    ANNE MURRAY - Now and Forever (You and Me) 
    KENNY ROGERS - Morning Desire 
    EXILE - I Could Get Used To You 
    ALABAMA - She and I 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - Too Much Is Not Enough 
    RONNIE MILSAP - In Love 
    JOHN SCHNEIDER - What's a Memory Like You (Doing In a Love Like This) 
    THE JUDDS - Rockin' With The Rhythm of the Rain 
    DAN SEALS - Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold) 
    ROSEANNE CASH - Never Be You 
    HANK WILLIAMS Jr. - Ain't Misbehavin' 
    REBA McENTIRE - Whoever's In New England 
    FORESTER SISTERS - Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Desperado Love 
    T.G. SHEPPARD - Strong Heart 
    DON WILLIAMS - Heartbeat in the Darkness 
    TANYA TUCKER - Just Another Love 
    ALABAMA - Touch Me When We're Dancing 
    HANK WILLIAMS Jr. - Mind Your Own Business 
    FORESTER SISTERS - Just In Case 
    STEVE WARINER - You Can Dream of Me 
    WAYLON JENNINGS - Will The Wolf Survive 
    GARY MORRIS - 100% Chance of Rain 
    JOHN SCHNEIDER - You're the Last Thing I Needed Tonight 
    JANIE FRICKIE - Always Have Always Will 
    EXILE - It'll Be Me 
    EDDIE RABBITT & JUICE NEWTON - Both To Each Other (Friends & Lovers) 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Happy Happy Birthday Baby 
    JUICE NEWTON - Hurt 
    LEE GREENWOOD - Don't Underestimate My Love For You 
    REBA McENTIRE - Little Rock 
    JOHN CONLEE - Got My Heart Set On You 
    RESTLESS HEART - That Rock Won't Roll 
    GEORGE STRAIT - It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You 
    MARIE OSMOND - There's No Stopping Your Heart 
    JUDY RODMAN - Until I Met You 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE & GARY MORRIS - Makin' Up For Lost Time (The Dallas Lovers' Song) 
    MARIE OSMOND with PAUL DAVIS - You're Still New To Me 
    T. GRAHAM BROWN - Hell and High Water 
    KENNY ROGERS - Tomb of the Unknown Love 
    LEE GREENWOOD - Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're Made To Love)

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    GEORGE STRAIT - The Chair 
    ALABAMA - (There's a) Fire in the Night 
    MEL McDANIEL - Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Lost in the Fifties Tonight (In the Still of the Night) 
    ALABAMA - Can't Keep a Good Man Down 
    THE JUDDS - Girls Night Out 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Make My Life With You 
    KENNY ROGERS - Crazy 
    HANK WILLIAMS Jr. - I'm For Love 
    MERLE HAGGARD - Natural High 
    THE JUDDS - Love Is Alive 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Touch a Hand, Make a Friend 
    RONNIE MILSAP - She Keeps the Home Fires Burning 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Don't Call Him a Cowboy 
    JUICE NEWTON - You Make Me Want To Make You Mine 
    ALABAMA - Forty Hour Week (For a Livin') 
    WILLIE NELSON - Forgiving You Was Easy 
    EXILE - She's a Miracle 
    RAY CHARLES with WILLIE NELSON - Seven Spanish Angels 
    STEVE WARINER - Some Fools Never Learn 
    ROSEANNE CASH - I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me 
    THE JUDDS - Have Mercy 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Little Things 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Country Boy 
    CHARLY McCLAIN - Radio Heart 
    REBA McENTIRE - Somebody Should Leave 
    NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND - Modern Day Romance 
    EXILE - Hang On To Your Heart 
    GARRY MORRIS - I'll Never Stop Loving You 
    JOHN SCHNEIDER - Country Girls 
    EDDIE RABBITT - The Best Year of My Life 
    MERLE HAGGARD with JANIE FRICKIE - A Place To Fall Apart 
    GARRY MORRIS - Baby Bye Bye 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - I Need More of You 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Honor Bound 
    STATLER BROTHERS - My Only Love 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Ain't She Somethin' Else 
    REBA McENTIRE - How Blue 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind 
    ALABAMA - There's No Way 
    SAWYER BROWN - Step That Step 
    LEE GREENWOOD - Dixie Road 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Love Don't Care (Whose Heart it Breaks) 
    FORESTER SISTERS - I Fell In Love Again Last Night 
    MARIE OSMOND with DAN SEALS - Meet Me in Montana 
    STATLER BROTHERS - Too Much On My Heart 
    LEE GREENWOOD - I Don't Mind the Thorns (If You're the Rose) 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Nobody Falls Like a Fool

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    JULIO IGLESIAS & WILLIE NELSON - To All the Girls I've Loved Before 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - The Sound of Goodbye 
    THE JUDDS - Mama He's Crazy 
    WILLIE NELSON - City of New Orleans 
    JANIE FRICKE - Your Heart's Not In It 
    ANNE MURRAY with DAVE LOGGINS - Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do) 
    MERLE HAGGARD - Let's Chase Each Other Around the Room 
    STEVE WARINER - Lonely Women Make Good Lovers 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Let's Fall to Pieces Together 
    HANK WILLIAMS Jr. - All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight 
    DON WILLIAMS - Stay Young 
    ALABAMA - Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) 
    THE JUDDS - Why Not Me 
    T.G. SHEPPARD with CLINT EASTWOOD - Make My Day 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Right or Wrong 
    MICKEY GILLEY - Too Good To Stop Now 
    JANIE FRICKIE - Let's Stop Talkin' About It 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - I Guess It Nevre Hurts To Hurt Sometimes 
    JOHN CONLEE - In My Eyes 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Still Losing You 
    MERLE HAGGARD - That's the Way Love Goes 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Don't Make It Easy For Me 
    T.G. SHEPPARD - Slow Burn 
    GEORGE STRAIT - You Look So Good In Love 
    VERN GOSDIN - I Can Tell By the Way You Dance (You're Gonna Love Me Tonight) 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Show Her 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Honey (Open the Door) 
    KENDALLS - Thank God For the Radio 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - Turning Away 
    WAYLON JENNINGS - America 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Uncle Pen 
    JOHNNY LEE with LANE BRODY - The Yellow Rose 
    JIM GLASER - You're Gettin' To Me Again 
    MERLE HAGGARD - Someday When Things are Good 
    ANNE MURRAY - Just Another Woman In Love 
    GEORGE JONES - You've Still Got a Place In My Heart 
    EDDY RAVEN - I Got Mexico 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Somebody's Needin' Somebody 
    NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND - Long Hard Road (The Sharecropper's Dream) 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Angel in Disguise 
    EXILE - I Don't Want To Be a Memory 
    JOHNNY LEE - You Could've Heard a Heart Break 
    CONWAY TWITTY - I Don't Know a Thing About Love (The Moon Song) 
    ALABAMA - When We Make Love 
    JOHN CONLEE - As Long As I'm Rockin' With You 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Everyday 
    GEORGE JONES - She's My Rock 
    EXILE - Woke Up In Love 
    DOLLY PARTON - Tennessee Homesick Blues 
    DON WILLIAMS - That's the Thing About Love 
    B.J. THOMAS - Two Car Garage 
    WAYLON JENNINGS - I May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up) 
    BONNIE McDOWELL - You Made a Wanted Man of Me 
    DEBORAH ALLEN - I've Been Wrong Before 
    JOHN CONLEE - Way Back 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Don't Cheat In Our Hometown 
    MERLE HAGGARD with JANIE FRICKIE - A Place To Fall Apart 
    STATLER BROTHERS - Elizabeth 
    MICKEY GILLEY - You've Really Got a Hold On Me 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Three Times a Lady 
    EDDIE RABBITT - B-B-B-Burnin' Up With Love 
    JOHN SCHNEIDER - I've Been Around Enough to Know 
    B.J. THOMAS - The Whole World's in Love When You're Lonely 
    LEON EVERETTE - I Could'a Had You 
    EXILE - Give Me One More Chance 
    WAYLON JENNINGS - Never Could Toe the Mark 
    JIM GLASER - If I Could Only Dance With You 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEE - Chance of Lovin' You 
    TOM T. HALL - P.S. I Love You 
    EDDY RAVEN - I Could Use Another You 
    RONNIE McDOWELL - I Dream of Women Like You 
    LEE GREENWOOD - Gone, Gone, Gone 
    STATLER BROTHERS - Atlanta Blue 
    LARRY GATLIN & THE GATLIN BROTHERS - The Lady Takes the Cowboy Everytime 
    FARON YOUNG & MARGIE SINGLETON - Keeping Up With The Joneses 
    MEL TILLIS - New Patches 
    EMMYLOU HARRIS - In My Dreams 
    EDDIE RABBITT - Nothing Like Falling in Love 
    RONNIE McDOWELL - I Got a Million of Em 
    DEBORAH ALLEN - I Hurt For You 
    JANIE FRICKIE - If the Fall Don't Get You 
    EMMYLOU HARRIS - Pledging My Love 
    VERN GOSDIN - What Would Your Memories Do

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    KENNY ROGERS & DOLLY PARTON - Islands in the Stream 
    SHELLY WEST - Jose Cuervo 
    WILLIE NELSON & MERLE HAGGARD - Poncho and Lefty 
    WAYLON JENNINGS - Lucille (You Won't Do Your Daddy's Will) 
    KENNY ROGERS & SHEENA EASTON - We've Got Tonight 
    EMMYLOU HARRIS - (Lost His Love) On the Last Date 
    EDDIE RABBITT - You Can't Run From Love 
    CONWAY TWITTY - The Rose 
    B.J. THOMAS - Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love 
    ALABAMA - Dixieland Delight 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Inside 
    JANIE FRICKIE - Tell Me a Lie 
    RONNIE Mc DOWELL - You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation 
    MICKEY GILLEY - Talk To Me 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - Baby What About You 
    RICKY SKAGGS - I Wouldn't Change You If I Could 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - When I'm Away From You 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - American Made 
    CHARLEY PRIDE - Why Baby Why 
    DON WILLIAMS - Love Is On a Roll 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - 'Til I Gain Control Again 
    JANIE FRICKIE - He's a Heartache (Looking For a Place To Happen) 
    REBA Mc ENTIRE - Can't Even Get the Blues 
    JOHN CONLEE - Common Man 
    MICKEY GILLEY - Fool For Your Love 
    JOHN ANDERSON - Swingin' 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Highway 40 Blues 
    GEORGE JONES - I Always Get Lucky With You 
    JOHN CONLEE - I'm Only In It For the Love 
    B.J. THOMAS - New Looks From an Old Lover 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEE - Hold Her and Loving You 
    MERLE HAGGARD - You Take Me For Granted 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - Our Love Is On The Faultlike 
    BARBARA MANDRELL - One of a Kind Pair of Fools 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEE - Your Love's On The Line 
    ALABAMA - Lady Down On Love 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Don't You Know How Much I Love You 
    ALABAMA - The Closer You Get 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Love Song 
    T.G. SHEPPARD 7 KAREN BROOKS - Faking Love 
    GEORGE STRAIT - A Fire I Can't Put Out 
    CHARLY Mc CLAIN & MICKEY GILLEY - Paradise Tonight 
    CHARLEY PRIDE - Night Games 
    JOHN ANDERSON - Black Sheep 
    MERLE HAGGARD - Going Where the Lonely Go 
    DON WILLIAMS - If Hollywood Don't Need You 
    REBA Mc ENTIRE - You're the First Time I've Thought About Leaving 
    LEE GREENWOOD - Someone's Gonna Love You 
    ANNE MURRAY - A Little Good News

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    ALABAMA - Mountain Music 
    DOLLY PARTON - I Will Always Love You 
    WILLIE NELSON - Always On My Mind 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Bobby Sue 
    ALABAMA - Take Me Down 
    EDDIE RABBITT - Someone Could Lose a Heart Tonight 
    JUICE NEWTON - The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known) 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Any Day Now 
    WAYLON & WILLIE - Just To Satisfy You 
    HANK WILLIAMS JR - A Country Boy Can Survive 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Slow Hand 
    SYLVIA - Nobody 
    ED BRUCE - You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had 
    RONNIE MILSAP - I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World 
    T.G. SHEPPARD - Only One You 
    CHARLEY PRIDE - Mountain of Love 
    MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHY - What's Forever For 
    KENNY ROGERS - Turn Your Love Around 
    JERRY REED - She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft) 
    CONWAY TWITTY - The Clown 
    ROSANNE CASH - Blue Moon With Heartache 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - Redneck Girl 
    RICKY SKAGGS - I Don't Care 
    T.G. SHEPPARD - Finally 
    MERLE HAGGARD - Big City 
    WILLIE NELSON - Let It Be Me 
    HANK WILLIAMS JR - Honky Tonkin' 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Fool Hearted Memory 
    JANIE FRICKIE - It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy 
    ALABAMA - Close Enough To Perfect 
    BARBRA MANDRELL - 'Till You're Gone 
    MICKEY GILLEY - Put Your Dreams Away 
    JANIE FRICKIE - Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - For All the Wrong Reasons 
    DAVID FRIZZELL - I'm Gonna Hire a Wino To Decorate Our Home 
    GEORGE JONES & MERLE HAGGARD - Yesterday's Wine 
    RONNIE MILSAP - He Got You 
    RICKY SKAGGS - Crying My Heart Out Over You 
    MICKEY GILLEY - Lonely Nights 
    GENE WATSON - Fourteen Carat Mind 
    WAYLON JENNINGS - Women Do Know How To Carry On 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night 
    DON WILLIAMS - Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    DOLLY PARTON - 9 to 5 
    ALABAMA - Feels So Right 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Elvira 
    HANK WILLIAMS JR - All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down) 
    EDDIE RABBITT - I Love a Rainy Night 
    JUICE NEWTON - Queen of Hearts 
    KENNY ROGERS - I Don't Need You 
    ROSEANNE CASH - Seven Year Ache 
    RONNIE MILSAP - (There's) No Gettin' Over Me 
    EDDIE RABBITT - Step By Step 
    JUICE NEWTON - The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known) 
    T.G. SHEPPARD - I Loved 'Em Every One 
    DOLLY PARTON - But You Know I Love You 
    JUICE NEWTON - Angel of the Morning 
    ELVIS PRESLEY - Guitar Man 
    CHARLY Mc CLAIN - Who's Cheatin' Who 
    MERLE HAGGARD - I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink 
    DAVID FRIZZELL & SHELLY WEST - You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma 
    ALABAMA - Old Flame 
    KENNY ROGERS & DOTTI WEST - What Are We Doin' In Love 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - Do You Love As Good As You Look 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Tight Fittin' Jeans 
    HANK WILLIAMS JR - Texas Women 
    JOHNNY LEE - Pickin' Up Strangers 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Fancy Free 
    ALABAMA - Love In the First Degree 
    STEVE WARINER - All Roads Lead To You 
    MEL TILLIS - Southern Rains 
    RAZZY BAILEY - I Keep Coming Back 
    MICKEY GILLEY - You Don't Know Me 
    WILLIE NELSON - Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground 
    T.G. SHEPPARD - Party Time 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Rest Your Love On Me 
    MICKEY GILLEY - A Headache Tomorrow (Or a Heartache Tonight) 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - Too Many Lovers 
    DOTTI WEST - Are You Happy Baby? 
    HANK WILLIAMS JR - Dixie On My Mind 
    ROSEANNE CASH - My Baby Thinks He's a Train 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Fire and Smoke 
    MERLE HAGGARD - My Favorite Memory 
    JOHNNY LEE - Bet Your Heart On Me 
    GEORGE JONES - Still Doin' Time 
    RAZZY BAILEY - Midnight Hauler 
    SYLVIA - Drifter 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Am I Losing You 
    CRYSTAL GAYLE - The Woman In Me 
    LARRY GATLIN & THE GATLIN BROTHERS - What Are We Doin' Lonesome 
    CHARLEY PRIDE - Never Been So Loved (In All My Life) 
    RONNIE Mc DOWELL - Older Women 
    BARBARA MANDRELL - I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool 
    ANNE MURRAY - Blessed Are the Believers 
    VERN GOSDIN - Dream of Me

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  • Patricia Ohoma


    KATHY MATTEA - Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses 
    THE JUDDS - Turn It Loose 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Honky Tonk Moon 
    KEITH WHITLEY - When You Say Nothing At All 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - I'll Leave This World Loving You 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Famous Last Words of a Fool 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM & BUCK OWENS - Streets of Bakersfield 
    EDDY RAVEN - I'm Gonna Get You 
    ROSEANNE CASH - Runaway Train 
    RANDY TRAVIS - I Told You So 
    ROSEANNE CASH - Tennessee Flat Top Box 
    EDDIE RABBITT - The Wanderer 
    RESTLESS HEART - Wheels 
    TANYA TUCKER - I Won't Take Less Than Your Love 
    ALABAMA - Fallin' Again 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Too Gone Too Long 
    KEITH WHITLEY - Don't Close Your Eyes 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Where Do The Nights Go 
    EDDY RAVEN - Joe Knows How To Live 
    REBA McENTIRE - I Know How He Feels 
    DAN SEALS - Addicted 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - Gonna Take a Lot of River 
    MERLE HAGGARD - Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star 
    REBA McENTIRE - Love Will Find Its Way To You 
    ALABAMA - Face To Face 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - Life Turned Her That Way 
    HIGHWAY 101 - Cry, Cry, Cry 
    TANYA TUCKER - If It Don't Come Easy 
    DAN SEALS - One Friend 
    DESERT ROSE BAND - He's Back and I'm Blue 
    RODNEY CROWELL & ROSEANNE CASH - It's Such a Small World 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Baby Blue 
    TANYA TUCKER - Strong Enough To Bend 
    EDDIE RABBITT - I Wanna Dance With You 
    RESTLESS HEART - Bluest Eyes in Texas 
    GEORGE STRAIT - If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - Don't We All Have The Right 
    ROSEANNE CASH - If You Change Your Mind 
    KATHY MATTEA - Goin' Gone 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY with EMMYLOU HARRIS - We Believe in Happy Endings 
    K.T. OSLIN - I'll Always Come Back 
    EXILE - I Can't Get Close Enough 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - What She Is (Is a Woman in Love) 
    T. GRAHAM BROWN - Darlene 
    RODNEY CROWELL - I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried 
    VERN GOSDIN - Set 'Em Up Joe 
    CONWAY TWITTY - I Wish I Was Still In Your Dreams 
    RESTLESS HEART - A Tender Lie 
    HIGHWAY 101 - (Do You Love Me) Just Say Yes

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  • Michael Carrera
    I agree!!!
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  • Belinda
    I'd play!
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  • Gibbmania

    Kenny Rogers - Buried Treasure
    Kenny Rogers - Evening Star
    Kenny Rogers - Hold Me
    Kenny Rogers - This Woman
    Kenny Rogers - Living with You
    Kenny Rogers - Midsummer Nights
    Kenny Rogers - You and I
    Kenny Rogers - I Will Always Love You
    Kenny Rogers - Eyes That See in the Dark

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  • Gibbmania

    *Kenny Rogers - Buried Treasure (from Eyes That See in the Dark album)

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  • Thedapplegrey21
    Would play because of Conway Twitty
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