Prince playlist. He is a icon.



  • Chusseau Cyril
    Prince playlist please !
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  • Chusseau Cyril
    More tracks. From the rainbow children ,crystal Ball,the gold experience and bootleg like the ride is a great song
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  • Chusseau Cyril

    My playlist of Prince for songpop

    01 Just as long as we are togrther

    02 I wanna be your lover

    03 It's gonna be lonely

    04  When you were mine

    05 Party up

    06 Controvercy

    07 Ronny talk to russian

    08 Jack u off

    09 1999

    10 D.M.S.R

    11 How come you don't call me anymore

    12 Lady cab driver

    13 Little red corvette

    14 Free 

    15 Delirious

    16 Purple rain 

    17 I would die for u

    18 When doves cry

    19 Erotic city 

    20 17 Days

    21 Let's go crazy

    22 Darling niki

    23 Raspberry beret

    24 The ladders

    25 Pop life

    26 America

    27 Girl

    28 Feel u up

    29 Kiss

    30 Mountain

    31 Girls and boys

    32 New position

    33 Sometime it's snow in april

    34 Alexa de paris 

    35 Sign'o'time

    36 If i was your girlfriend

    37 I could never take the place of your man

    38 Starfish and coffee

    39 Forever in my life

    40 U got a look

    41 Lalalahehehe

    42 Power fantastic

    43 Crucial

    44 Last heart

    45 Strange relationship

    46 All my dreams

    47 The cross

    48 Bob george

    49 Alphabet street

    50 Anna stesia

    51 Vicki waiting

    52 The arm of orion 

    53 The future

    54 Thieve in a temple

    55 The question of u

    56 Joy in repetition

    57 Diamonds and pearls

    58 Cream

    59 Willing and abble

    60 Gett off

    61 Money don't matters to night

    62 7

    63 Sexy M.F

    64 Tell me how u wanna be done

    65 Blue light

    66 And god created women

    67 The morning papers

    68 Peach

    69 Pink cashmer

    70 Dark


    72 Standing at the altar

    73 Love sign

    74 Gold

    75 Rock n roll is alive

    76 Shhh

    77 Don't talk to strangers

    78 Right back here in my arms

    79 Sombody's sombody

    80 Into the light

    81 Dinner with dolores

    82 Hide the bone

    83 The ride

    84 Interactive 

    85 Days of wild

    86  Da bang 

    87 She gave her angels

    88 5 Womens

    89 When the lights go down

    90 It's about that walk

    91 Kiss on u

    92 The one

    93 Wherever u go,watever u do

    94 When i lay my hands on u

    95 When will we be paid

    96 Beautiful strange

    97 Muse to the pharaoh

    98 Digital garden

    99 1+1+1 is 3

    100 The everlasting now

    101 Last december

    102 One nite alone

    103 Pearls be for the swine

    104 A million days

    105 Musicology

    106 Cinnamon girl

    107 Dear mr. man

    108 3121

    109 Te amo corazon

    110 Black sweat 

    111 Fury

    112 Get on the boat

    113 Guitar

    114 Boom

    115 Crimson and clover

    116 Colonized mind

    117 Wall of berlin

    118 Sticky like glue

    119 Everybody loves me 

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  • Steelcityga
    You have to music he wrote too Like Get It Up & 7779311. Prince wrote under the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind
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  • Cristella Rios
    Yes I agree you HAVE to put a Prince category!!!
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  • Frank Piehler
    Prince deserves his own playlist, maybe There are legal problems?
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  • Mookie_Blaylock_10
    Where is Prince? He is an absolute Icon!!! Why keep adding playlist of people that by no means are in the class he is in! By far has more tunes that people actually listen to. Brittney Spears really?!? Janet Jsckson etc.
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  • Michael Saxton

    We want Prince. We want Prince

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  • Anders Larsson
    You need to create a playlist for Prince..... Now
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  • Rhonda Hoberty
    Prince playlist please! Especially all of his 80s albums, those are his best songs!
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  • Diana Cruz
    Prince playlist please!!
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  • Kim Ravia

    I agree! A Prince playlist is definitely long overdue. Michael has one now. Just saying LOL!

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  • Charlotte01720

    I can't even watch his videos on YouTube, heard he's pulled everything.  Bummer, he has some great songs!!

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  • Kim Ravia

    Yeah it's very hard to get Prince songs on Youtube because he has strict copyright laws I guess.

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  • Lori Lee Dover Moore
    I absolutely love Prince and think it would be awesome to have A Prince play list!
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  • Ann Fisher

    An obvious choice.

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  • Sonya Jones
    All this time I'm wondering where are Prince's songs? Debbie Gibson, Kylie Minogue and the like are on here but a legend and icon such as his royal badness has not graced under the guitar solos??
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  • Joacim Berglund
    Prince for president, please create a playlist as son as possible!
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  • Canethia Eddings
    Yes PLEEEASE get Prince!!
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  • Joacim Berglund
    Yes, please give us Prince playlist, can't wait any longer now!
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  • Shamar James McBride
    I Request A Playlists Of Prince Too.. Especially Tribute To His Life...

    1958 - 2016... R.I.P...
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