Prince playlist. He is a icon.



  • Sangreeno
    This would be so great but since Prince is missing from all the playlists that he could be in I suspect that its a longshot.
  • Elysia Melville

    He's not totally missing as I've heard Let's Go Crazy pop up in Movie Soundtracks and Dirty Mind in Funk. Would love a whole Prince playlist though but I suspect song rights may be an issue here.

  • Rodney Wilkins
    Prince should be on here!!
  • Nuejoisey

    As a challenge, songs after 2000 should be on a possible Prince playlist too from albums like The Rainbow Children, Musicology, 3121, Planet Earth and more. Also let's not forget songs from The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) like The Gold Experience, Chaos And Disorder, Emancipation and New Power Soul albums.

  • Rodney Wilkins
    As much as I would love to see a Prince playlist on Songpop, the copywrite issues will keep it from happening. Or Prince will prevent it from happening. He's a stinker for those types of things. Maybe hit him up when he's trying to promote his next album. Hopefully next year.
  • Jenni Lynn

    I would enjoy more of an 80's groove playlist with prince included in that.  Artists such as the time, sos band, rene and angela and sooo many more!! This to me is a HUGE void in the playlists so far

  • peggy diedrich
    Would love to have a Prince play list.
  • Renato Carlson

    A Prince playlist would be great, but at least there should be some Prince songs in "Funk", "Classic R&B", "80s collection"

  • Carl Briggs
    We want Prince!!!!!
  • Richard Johnson

    Can anyone please explain why he's not in the 80's, 90's, Funk or New wave lists ?  It seems that quite a few "Lesser" artists have managed to make it in !!

  • Smithermanwiley8
    If you ain't got prince you ain't got anything he is the best
  • Accesspsychotherapy
    Prince is great! Please release a playlist.
  • Mraygray
    Please add Prince playlist!
  • Tricia Garcia

    Prince has far more than 600 songs nad yes he IS a must.    Sadly a very large protion of the man's music was never released under his name,  or at all and is locked in his vault,  but some do excape.  There are at least 1000 songs though that have been officially released under his name or the NPG name, or on movie soundtracks, as well as dozens of related artists he's written entire alsbums for  taht arent even included in that number

  • Accesspsychotherapy
    Please create a Prince playlist.
  • Sharon Nyberg
    I would truly love to see this one come out because come on he's a legend. What more can I say.
  • Marilyn Eisele

    I don't know why copyright issues always have to get in the way. Songpop only plays a small portion of the song and it helps promote the artist. If I were an artist I would want my songs on here.

  • Sharon Nyberg
    I would love to see a prince playlist myself. Would you please put it into songpop?
  • Annab4g
    Please Bring us a Prince playlist! Also incorporate them into some of the other playlist Like the 80s! He is a legend!
  • Dana Langevin

    I really would love a prince playlist! I know tons of his songs! I grew up with his stuff!

  • Sobasedswag
    We NEED a Prince playlist. Not sure if he'd allow it though. Little Diva.
  • Iiamlegend69

    Prince is Legend we need him on songpop

  • Jeremy Wong
    MAKE IT HAPPEN. This is a no-brainer. The most talented Artist in the last 30 years and still going strong!
  • Tiffany Lewis
    Yes please
  • Douglas Dodd
    I'm ready to spend coins on this
  • Darcy North

    A needed addition to the playlist... absolutely.  Please consider not just all the music he has recorded under his own name, (Waaay more than MJ) but also all the other tracks that he has been a big part of with by writing or producing (which by Prince standards means pretty much the same thing) that have been recorded by others.

  • Marilyn Eisele

    I would love a Prince playlist. He is one of the great musical geniuses.

  • ACB
    Would love to own and play a Prince playlist!!
  • Marilyn Eisele

    I would like this too.

  • Michael Kuhn
    Great idea, I'd love it if they gave us this.

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