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90s Country Hits




  • Patricia Ohoma


    GARTH BROOKS - Friends In Low Places 
    GARTH BROOKS - The Dance 
    ALAN JACKSON - Chasin' That Neon Rainbow 
    MARTY STUART - Hillbilly Rock 
    THE JUDDS - One Man Woman 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Love Without End, Amen 
    CLINT BLACK - Nobody's Home 
    TANYA TUCKER - Walking Shoes 
    RESTLESS HEART - Fast Movin' Train 
    EDDIE RABBITT - On Second Thought 
    DAN SEALS - Good Times 
    CLINT BLACK - Walkin' Away 
    ALABAMA - Jukebox In My Mind 
    PATTY LOVELACE - Chains 
    TRAVIS TRITT - Help Me Hold On 
    REBA McENTIRE - You Lie 
    K.T. OSLIN - Come Next Monday 
    JOE DIFFIE - Home 
    HOLLY DUNN - You Really Had Me Going 
    GEORGE STRAIT - I've Come To Expect It From You 
    OAK RIDGE BOYS - No Matter How High 
    DESERT ROSE BAND - Start All Over Again 
    DAN SEALS - Love On Arrival 
    KATHY MATTEA - She Came From Fort Worth 
    KEITH WHITLEY - It Ain't Nothin' 
    ALABAMA - Pass It On Down 
    STEVE WARINER - When I Could Come Home To You 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart 
    SHENANDOAH - Next To Me, Next To You 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - I've Cried My Last Tear For You 
    LORRIE MORGAN - Five Minutes 
    THE JUDDS - Born To Be Blue 
    WILLIE NELSON - There You Are 
    EDDY RAVEN - Sooner Or Later 
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - Quittin' Time 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Crazy In Love 
    VERN GOSDIN - Right In The Wrong Direction 
    CLINT BLACK - Put Yourself In My Shoes 
    LORRIE MORGAN - He Talks To Me 
    SHENANDOAH - Ghost In This House 
    PAUL OVERSTREET - Seein' My Father In Me 
    VINCE GILL - Never Knew Lonely 
    EDDIE RABBITT - Runnin' With the Wind 
    VERN GOSDIN - That Just About Does It 
    VINCE GILL - When I Call YOur Name 
    BILLY JOE ROYAL - Toll I Can't Take It Anymore 
    EXILE - Yet 
    SHENANDOAH - See If I Care 
    DOUG STONE - Fourteen Minutes Old 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Drinking Champagne 
    TANYA TUCKER with T. GRAHAM BROWN - Don't Go Out 
    PAUL OVERSTREET - Richest Men On Earth 
    HIGHWAY 101 - Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin' Broken Heart 
    ALAN JACKSON - Wanted 
    RESTLESS HEART - Dancy's Dream 
    CARLENE CARTER - I Fell In Love 
    DOUG STONE - I'd Be Better Off In a Pine Box 
    DON WILLIAMS - Just as Long as I Have You 
    RODNEY CROWELL - If Looks Could Kill 
    LEE GREENWOOD - Holdin' a Good Hand 
    EXILE - Nobody's Talking 
    BELLAMY BROTHERS - I Could Be Persuaded 
    KEITH WHITLEY - I'm Over You 
    SKIP EWING - It's You Again 
    EDDY RAVEN - Island 
    T. GRAHAM BROWN - If You Could Only See Me Now 
    THE FORESTER SISTERS - Leave It Alone 
    REBA McENTIRE - Little Girl 
    TANYA TUCKER - My Arms Stay Open All Night 
    PATTY LOVELACE - On Down The Line

  • Patricia Ohoma


    LONESTAR - Amazed 
    FAITH HILL - Breathe 
    CLINT BLACK - When I Said I Do 
    TIM McGRAW - Something Like That 
    KENNY CHESNEY - You Had Me From Hello 
    DIXIE CHICKS - You Were Mind 
    TIM McGRAW - Please Remember Me 
    BRAD PAISLEY - He Didn't Have To Be 
    MARK CHESNUTT - I Don't Want To Miss a Thing 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Write This Down 
    DIXIE CHICKS - Ready To Run 
    CHELY WRIGHT - Single White Female 
    MARTINA McBRIDE - I Love You 
    SARA EVANS - No Place That Far 
    KENNY CHESNEY - How Forever Feels 
    JO DEE MESSINA - Stand Beside Me 
    MARTINA McBRIDE - Wrong Again 
    ALAN JACKSON - Gone Crazy 
    MARK WILLS - Wish You Were Mine 
    SHeDAISY - Little Good-byes 
    ALAN JACKSON - Right On The Money 
    JO DEE MESSINA - Lesson In Leavin' 
    BILLY RAY CYRUS - Busy Man 
    ALAN JACKSON - Little Man 
    CHAD BROCK - Ordinary Life 
    MARTINA McBRIDE - Whatever You Say 
    BROOKS & DUNN - I Can't Get Over You 
    MONTGOMERY GENTRY - Lonely and Gone 
    FAITH HILL - The Secret of Life 
    GEORGE STRAIT - What Do You Say To That 
    BLACKHAWK - There You Have It 
    TY HERNDON - Hands of a Working Man 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man 
    ANDY GRIGGS - You Won't Ever Be Lonely 
    CLAY WALKER - You're Beginning To Get To Me 
    STEVE WARINER - Two Teardrops 
    REBA McENTIRE - Wrong Night 
    DIXIE CHICKS - Tonight The Heartache's On Me 
    ALAN JACKSON - Pop a Top 
    JOE DIFFIE - A Night To Remember 
    BROOKS & DUNN - I Can't Get Over You 
    REBA McENTIRE - One Honest Heart 
    YANKEE GREY - All Things Considered 
    AARON TIPPIN - For You I Will 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD - I'll Still Love You More 
    ANDY GRIGGS - I'll Go Crazy 
    ALABAMA - Keepin' Up 
    FAITH HILL - Love Ain't Like That 
    RANDY TRAVIS - A Man Ain't Made of Stone 
    LILA McCANN - With You 
    MARK CHESNUTT - This Heartache Never Sleeps 
    MARK WILLS - She's In Love 
    MONTGOMERY GENTRY - Hillbilly Shoes

  • Patricia Ohoma


    SHANIA TWAIN - You're Still The One 
    SHANIA TWAIN - Man, I Feel Like a Woman 
    FAITH HILL - That Kiss 
    TIM McGRAW - Just To See You Smile 
    GARTH BROOKS - Two Pina Coladas 
    GEORGE STRAIT - I Just Want To Dance With You 
    TIM McGRAW - Where The Green Grass Grows 
    SHANIA TWAIN - From This Moment On 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD - Perfect Love 
    DIXIE CHICKS - Wide Open Spaces 
    COLLIN RAYE - I Can Still Feel You 
    DIXIE CHICKS - There's Your Trouble 
    BROOKS & DUNN - How Long Gone 
    JO DEE MESSINA - I'm Alright 
    REBA McENTIRE with BROOK & DUNN - If You See Him, If You See Her 
    SHANIA TWAIN - Honey, I'm Home 
    GARTH BROOKS - To Make You Feel My Love 
    CLINT BLACK - The Shoes You're Wearing 
    TY HERNDON - It Must Be Love 
    FAITH HILL - Let Me Let Go 
    BROOKS & DUNN - Husbands and Wives 
    TERRI CLARK - You're Easy On The Eyes 
    JO DEE MESSINA - Bye, Bye 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Round About Way 
    MARTINA McBRIDE - A Broken Wing 
    ALAN JACKSON - Between the Devil and Me 
    REBA McENTIRE - Forever Love 
    LEANN RIMES - Commitment 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD - There Goes My Baby 
    JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - Cover You In Kisses 
    MARTINA McBRIDE - Happy Girl 
    STEVE WARINER - Holes in the Floor of HEaven 
    BROOKS & DUNN - He's Got You 
    TOBY KEITH & STING - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying 
    MARK WILLIS - Don't Laugh At Me 
    ALABAMA - How Do You Fall In Love 
    LONESTAR - Everything's Changed 
    MARK WILLIS - I Do (Cherish You) 
    ALABAMA - How Do You Fall In Love 
    LONESTAR - Everything's Changed 
    ALAN JACKSON - I'll Go On Loving You 
    DAVID KERSH - If I Never Stop Loving You 
    LEE ANN WOMACK - You've Got To Talk To Me 
    DIAMOND RIO - Imagine That 
    FAITH HILL with TIM McGRAW - Just To Hear You Say That 
    LEANN RIMES - On The Side of Angels 
    SAMMY KERSHAW - Love of My Life 
    DIAMOND RIO - You're Gone 
    LEANN RIMES - Nothin' New Under The Moon 
    LEE ANN WOMACK - A Little Past Little Rock 
    TY HERNDON - A Man Holdin' On (To a Woman Lettin' Go) 
    COLLIN RAYE - Someone You Used To Know 
    JOE DIFFIE - Texas Size Heartache 
    KENNY CHESNEY - That's Why I'm Here 
    TOBY KEITH - Dream Walkin' 
    CLAY WALKER - Then What? 
    GEORGE STRAIT - We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This 
    DIXIE CHICKS - I Can Love You Better 
    GARTH BROOKS - It's Your Song 
    TRACY BIRD - I Wanna Feel That Way Again 
    RANDY TRAVIS - The Hole 
    GARY ALLEN - It Would Be You 
    MICHAEL PETERSON - Too Good To Be True 
    WADE HAYES - The Day That She Left Tulsa

  • Patricia Ohoma


    TIM McGRAW & FAITH HILL - It's Your Love 
    KEVIN SHARP - Nobody Knows 
    KENNY CHESNEY - She's Got It All 
    REBA McENTIRE - How Was I To Know 
    SHANIA TWAIN - Love Gets Me Every Time 
    GARTH BROOKS - Longneck Bottle 
    GEORGE STRAIT - One Night at a Time 
    TOBY KEITH - Me Too 
    DEANA CARTER - We Danced Away 
    DIAMOND RIO - How Your Love Makes Me Feel 
    ALAN JACKSON - There Goes 
    MICHAEL PETERSON - From Here To Eternity 
    LONESTAR - Come Cryin' To Me 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Carrying Your Love With Me 
    BRYAN WHITE - Sittin' On Go 
    CLAY WALKER - Rumor Has It 
    TIM McGRAW - Everywhere 
    RICK TREVINO - Running Out of Reasons To Run 
    MICHAEL PETERSON - Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie 
    JOHN BERRY - She's Taken a Shine 
    TRACE ADKINS - (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing 
    BROOKS & DUNN - A Man This Lonely 
    MINDY McCREADY - A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do) 
    MARK CHESNUTT - It's a Little Too Late 
    PAM TILLIS - All The Good Ones Are Gone 
    COLLIN RAYE - On The Verge 
    VINCE GILL - Pretty Little Adrianna 
    DEANNA CARTER - Count Me In 
    LORRIE MORGAN - Go Away 
    TRACY BYRD - Don't Take Her, She's All I Got 
    NEAL McCOY - The Shake 
    CLINT BLACK - Half Way Up 
    PATTY LOVELESS - She Drew a Broken Heart 
    TRACY BYRD - Big Love 
    LEE ANN WOMACK - The Fool 
    ALAN JACKSON - Everything I Love 
    KEVIN SHARP - She's Sure Taking It Well 
    DARYLE SINGLETARY - Amen Kind of Love 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - Better Man, Better Off 
    ALABAMA - Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard 
    CLINT BLACK - Something That We Do 
    SAWYER BROWN - Six Days On The Road 
    VINCE GILL - A Little More Love 
    TANIA TUCKER - Little Things 
    MARK CHESNUTT - Thank God for Believers 
    TRACE ADKINS - The Rest of Mine 
    THE KINLEYS - Please 
    JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - I Miss You a Little 
    REBA McENTIRE - I'd Rather Ride Around with You 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD with GARTH BROOKS - In Another's Eyes 
    MARK WILLS - Places I've Never Been 
    BROOKS & DUNN - Honky Tonk Truth 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye 
    KEVIN SHARP - If You Love Somebody 
    DIAMOND RIO - Holdin' 
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - Let Me Into Your Heart 
    TY HERNDON - Loved Too Much 
    BRYAN WHITE - Love Is The Right Place 
    VINCE GILL - A Little More Love 
    BRYAN WHITE - That's Another Song 
    LEANN RIMES - The Light In Your Eyes 
    PAM TILLIS - Land of the Living 
    BUFFALO CLUB - If She Don't Love You 
    GARY ALLAN - Her Man

  • Patricia Ohoma


    BROOKS & DUNN - My Maria 
    DEANA CARTER - Strawberry Wine 
    CLINT BLACK - Like the Rain 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Carried Away 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - Time Marches On 
    SHANIA TWAIN - (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here 
    FAITH HILL - It Matters To Me 
    LONESTAR - No News 
    PATTY LOVELESS - You Can Feel Baby 
    JOE DIFFIE - Bigger Than The Beatles 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Blue Clear Sky 
    RICOCHET - Daddy's Monkey 
    SHANIA TWAIN - You Win My Love 
    WYNONNA - To Be Loved By Now 
    SHANIA TWAIN - No One Needs To Know 
    MINDY McCREADY - Guys Do it All The Time 
    TY HERNDON - Living In a Moment 
    RHETT AKINS - Don't Get Me Wrong 
    RICOCHET - Daddy's Monkey 
    TIM McGRAW - All I Want Is Life 
    SHANIA TWAIN - You Win My Love 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD - Believe Me Baby (I Lied) 
    PATTY LOVELESS - Lonely Too Long 
    ALAN JACKSON - Little Bitty 
    RHETT AKINS - Don't Get Me Started 
    BRYAN WHITE - So Much For Pretender 
    TOBY KEITH - Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You 
    ALAN JACKSON - Home 
    CLAY WALKER - Hypnotize The Moon 
    DAVID LEE MURPHY - Every Time I Get Around You 
    JO DEE MESSINA - Heads Carolina, Tails California 
    DAVID KERSH - Goodnight Sweetheart 
    BRIAN WHITE - I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore 
    PAM TILLIS - Deep Down 
    LEANN RIMES -One Way Ticket 
    LONESTAR - Runnin' Away With My Heart 
    JOHN BERRY - Change My Mind 
    TRACE ADKINS - Every Light In The House 
    BROOKS & DUNN - I Am That Man 
    GEORGE STRAIT - I Can Still Make Cheyenne 
    BRYAN WHITE - I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - If You Loved Me 
    GEORGE STRAIT - I Know She Still Loves Me 
    FAITH HILL - Someone Else's Dream 
    JAMES BONAMY - I Don't Think I Will 
    GARTH BROOKS - It's Midnight Cinderella 
    DIAMOND RIO - It's All In Your Head 
    GARTH BROOKS - That Ol' Wind 
    COLLIN RAYE - I Think About You 
    DAVID LEE MURPHY - The Road You Leave Behind 
    MARK CHESNUTT - I Wouldn't Hurt To Have Wings 
    BILLY DEAN - It's What I Do 
    LEE ROY PANELL - Heart's Desire 
    KENNY CHESNEY - Me and You 
    DIAMOND RIO - Walk Away 
    CLAY WALKER - Only On Days That End in Y 
    WAKE HAYES - On a Good Night 
    PAM TILLIS - The River and Highway 
    TRAVIS TRITT - More Than You'll Ever Know 
    DOUG SUPER NAW - Not Enough Hours in the Night 
    COLLIN RAYE - Not That Different 
    DIAMOND RIO - That's What I Get For Loving You 
    RICOCHET - Love Is Stronger Than Pride 
    REBA McENTIRE - Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands 
    TRACY LAWREBCE - Stars Over Texas 
    ALABAMA - The Maker Said To Take Her 
    SAWYER BROWN - Treat Her Right 
    MARK WILLIS - Jacob's Ladder 
    RICK TREVINO - Learning As You Go 
    DIAMOND RIO - It's All In Your Head 
    BILLY DEAN - It's What I Do 
    JEFF CASON - Holdin' On To Something

  • Patricia Ohoma


    TIM McGRAW - I Like It, I Love It 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Check Yes Or No 
    ALAN JACKSON - Gone Country 
    CLINT BLACK - Summer's Comin' 
    SHANIA TWAIN - Any Man of Mine 
    JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - I Can Love You Like That 
    BROOKS & DUNN - Little Miss Honky Tonk 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD - Thinkin' About You 
    TRACY BYRD - The Keeper of the Stars 
    ALISON KRAUSS & UNION STATION - When You Say Nothing At All 
    JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) 
    GARTH BROOKS - She's Every Woman 
    PAM TILLIS - Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) 
    CLAY WALKER - This Woman and This Man 
    DAVID LEE MURPHY - Dust On The Bottle 
    TIM McGRAW - Not a Moment Too Soon 
    CLINT BLACK - Wherever You Go 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - Texas Tornado 
    BROOKS & DUNN - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone 
    BRYAN WHITE - Someone Else's Star 
    TRACY BYRD - The First Step 
    ALAN JACKSON - I Don't Even Know Your Name 
    AARON TIPPIN - That's as Close as I'll Get to Loving You 
    WADE HAYES - Old Enough To Know Better 
    TY HERNDON - What Mattered Most 
    LORRIE MORGAN - I Didn't Know My Own Strength 
    VINCE GILL - You Better Think Twice 
    MARK CHESNUTT - Gonna Get a Life 
    COLLIN RAYE - My Kind of Girl 
    MARK CHESNUTT - Going Through the Big D 
    REBA McENTIRE - The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter 
    ALAN JACKSON - Tall Tall Trees 
    JEFF CARSON- Not On Your Love 
    PATTY LOVELESS - Halfway Down 
    JEFF CARSON- The Car 
    NEAL McCOY - For a Change 
    TOBY KEITH - You Ain't Much Fun 
    TIM McGRAW - Can't Be Really Gone 
    LORRIE MORGAN - Back In Your Arms Again 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Adalide 
    SHENANDOAH - Darned If I Don't (Darned If I Do) 
    JOHN ANDERSON - Bend It Until It Breaks 
    ALABAMA - Give Me One More Shot 
    KENNY CHESNEY - Fall In Love 
    TY ENGLAND - Should've Asked Her Faster 
    TRAVIS TRITT - Tell Me I Was Dreaming 
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - Tender When I Want To Be 
    NEAL McCOY - They're Playin' Our Song 
    SAWYER BROWN - This Time 
    REBA McENTIRE - Till You Love Me 
    RHETT AKINS - That Ain't My Trust 
    RICK TREVINO - Doctor Time 
    SAWYER BROWN - I Don't Believe In Goodbye 
    JOHN BERRY - I Think About I All The Time 
    WADE HAYES - I'm Still Dancin' With You 
    COLLIN RAYE - If I Were You 
    PAM TILLIS - In Between Dances 
    ALABAMA - In Pictures 
    TOBY KEITH - Upstairs Downstairs 
    KENNY CHESNEY - All I Need To Know 
    BLACKHAWK - Down In Flames 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Lead On 
    FAITH HILL - Let's Go To Vegas 
    LITTLE TEXAS - Life Goes On 
    DIAMOND RIO - Night Is Fallin' In My Heart 
    DOUG STONE - Little Houses 
    CLAY WALKER - Who Needs You Baby 
    LEE ROY PARNELL - A Little Bit of You 
    COLLIN RAYE - One Boy, One Girl 
    LARI WHITE - That's How You Know When You're in Love 
    TIM McGRAW - Refried Dreams 
    TRAVIS TRITT - Sometimes She Forgets 
    BROOKS & DUNN - Whiskey Under the Bridge 
    JAMES HOUSE - This Is Me Missing You 
    JOHN BERRY - Standing On The Edge of Goodbye 
    MARTINA McBRIDE - Safe In The Arms of Love 
    SHENANDOAH with ALISON KRAUSS - Somewhere In The Vacinity of My Heart 
    HAL KETCHUM - Stay Forever 
    DAVID LEE ANTHONY - Party Crowd 
    ALAN JACKSON - Song For The Life 
    LONESTAR - Tequilla Talkin' 
    BLACKHAWK - That's Just About Right 
    PERFECT STRANGER - You Have the Right To Remain Silent 
    PATTY LOVELESS - You Don't Even Know Who I Am

  • Patricia Ohoma


    GEORGE STRAIT - The Big One 
    FAITH HILL - Wild One 
    ALAN JACKSON - Summertime Blues 
    JOE DIFFIE - Pickup Man 
    NEAL McCOY - Wink 
    LITTLE TEXAS - My Love 
    JOE DIFFIE - Third Rock From the Sun 
    ALAN JACKSON - Livin' On Love 
    BROOKS & DUNN - She's Not The Cheatin' Kind 
    NEAL McCOY - No Doubt About It 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - If The Good Die Young 
    TIM McGRAW - Don't Take The Girl 
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - Shut Up and Kiss Me 
    FAITH HILL - Piece of My Heart 
    MARK CHESNUTT - I Just Wanted You To Know 
    CLAY WALKER - If I Could Make a Living 
    SHENANDOAH - If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too) 
    TOBY KEITH - Who's That Man 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD - XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl) 
    TRAVIS TRITT - Foolish Pride 
    CLAY WALKER - Live Until I Die 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Whisper My Name 
    VINCE GILL - Tryin' To Get Over You 
    BROOKS & DUNN - That Ain't No Way To Go 
    BLACK HAWK - Every Once In a While 
    CLINT BLACK - A Good Run of Bad Luck 
    PATTY LOVELESS - I Try To Think About Elvis 
    CLAY WALKER - Dreaming With My Eyes Open 
    JOHN BERRY - Your Love Amazes Me 
    SUZY BOGGUSS - Hey Cinderella 
    TRACY BYRD - Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous 
    JOE DIFFIE - John Deere Green 
    NEAL McCOY - The City Put the Country Back In Me 
    DOUG STONE - I Never Knew Love 
    SAMMY KERSHAW - National Working Woman's Holiday 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Before You Kill Us All 
    DIAMOND RIO - Love a Little Stronger 
    TIM McGRAW - Down On The Farm 
    KEN MELLONS - Jukebox Junkie 
    WYNONNA - Girls With Guitars 
    SAWYER BROWN - The Boys and Me 
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - I Take My Chances 
    COLLIN RAYE - Man of My Word 
    CONFEDERATE RAILROAD - Elvis and Andy 
    GEORGE STRAIT - I'd Like To Have That One Back 
    LEE ROY PARNELL - I'm Holding My Own 
    KATHY MATTEA - Nobody's Gonna Rain On Our Parade 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Lovebug 
    DOUG STONE - More Love 
    CONFEDERATE RAILROAD - Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind 
    TANYA TUCKER - Hangin' In 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM - Fast As You 
    GEORGE STRAIT - The Man In Love With You 
    COLLIN RAYE - Little Rock 
    SHENANDOAH - I Want To Be Loved Like That 
    BLACKHAWK - Goodbye Says It All 
    CLINT BLACK - Half The Man 
    WYNONA - Is It Over Yet 
    MARTINA McBRIDE - Life # 9 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - I See It Now 
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - He Thinks He'll Keep Her 
    JOHN ANDERSON - I Wish I Could Have Been There 
    SAMMY KERSHAW - I Can't Reach Her Anymore 
    SAWYER BROWN - Hard To Say 
    PATTY LOVELESS - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye 
    DOUG STONE - I Never Knew Love 
    BLACKHAWK - I Sure Can Smell The Rain 
    JOHN ANDERSON - I've Got It Made

  • Patricia Ohoma


    TOBY KEITH - Should've Been a Cowboy 
    ALAN JACKSON - Chatahoochee 
    GARTH BROOKS - That Summer 
    JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - I Love The Way You Love Me 
    REBA McENTIRE & VINCE GILL - The Heart Won't Lie 
    PATTY LOVELESS - Blame It On Your Heart 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Heartland 
    GARTH BROOKS - Ain't Going Down 
    SAWYER BROWN - Thank God For You 
    CLINT BLACK - When My Ship Comes In 
    LORRIE MORGAN - What Part of No 
    RANDY TRAVIS - Look Heart, No Hands 
    VINCE GILL - One Last Chance 
    GARTH BROOKS - American Honky Tonk Bar Association 
    MARK CHESNUTT - It Sure Is Monday 
    BROOKS & DUNN - She Used To Be Mine 
    GEORGE STRAIT - Easy Come, Easy Go 
    REBA McENTIRE & LINDA DAVIS - Does He Love You 
    ALABAMA - Reckless 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - My Second Home 
    CLAY WALKER - What's It ToYou 
    SAMMY KERSHAW - She Don't Know She's Beautiful 
    MARK CHESNUTT - Almost Goodbye 
    DOUG STONE - Too Busy Being In Lov 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - Alibis 
    JOHN ANDERSON - Money In The Bank 
    TRACY BYRD - Holdin' Heaven 
    DOUG STONE - Why Didn't I Think of That

  • Patricia Ohoma


    BILLY RAY CYRUS - Achy Breaky Heart 
    BROOKS & DUNN - Boot Scootin' Boogie 
    GEORGE STRAIT - I Cross My Heart 
    GARTH BROOKS - The River 
    ALABAMA - Born Country 
    WYNONA JUDD - No One Else On Earth 
    BROOKS & DUNN - Neon Moon 
    RESTLESS HEART - When She Cries 
    BILLY RAY CYRUS - Could've Been Me 
    VINCE GILL - I Still Believe In You 
    COLLIN RAYE - In This Life 
    WYNONA JUDD - She Is His Only Need 
    GARTH BROOKS - What She's Doing Now 
    SAWYER BROWN - Some Girls Do 
    TRACY LAWRENCE - Sticks and Stones 
    ALAN JACKSON - She's Got the Rhythm 
    RANDY TRAVIS - If I Didn't Have You 
    MARK CHESNUTT - I'll Think of Something 
    DOUG STONE - A Jukebox With a Country Song 
    SHENANDOAH - Rock My Baby 
    AARON TIPPIN - There Ain't Nothin' Woring With The Radio 
    GARTH BROOKS - Somewhere Other Than The Night 
    VINCE GILL - Can't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away 
    WYNONA JUDD - I Saw The Light 
    VINCE GILL - Take Your Memory With You 
    HAL KETCHUM - Past The Point of Rescue 
    ALABAMA - I'm In a Hurry 
    DIAMOND RIO - Norma Jean Riley 
    JOHN ANDERSON - Straight Tequila Night 
    CLINT BLACK - We Tell Ourselves 
    JOHN ANDERSON - Seminole Wind 
    ALABAMA - Take a Little Trip 
    SUZY BOGGUSS - Drive South 
    TANYA TUCKER - Two Sparrows In a Hurricane 
    TRAVIS TRITT & MARTY STUART - The Whiskey Ain't Workin' 
    LORRIE MORGAN - Watch Me 
    LEEROY PARNELL - What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am) 
    ALAN JACKSON - Mercury Blues 
    TERRY McBRIDE & THE RIDE - Sacred Ground

  • Patricia Ohoma


    ALAN JACKSON - Chasin' That Neon Rainbow 
    ALAN JACKSON - Don't Rock the Jukebox 
    DOLLY PARTON - Silver and Gold 
    HIGHWAY 101 - Big Bang Boom 
    CONWAY TWITTY - Crazy In Love 
    MARK CHESNUTT - Blame It On Texas 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM - Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn It Loose 
    RESTLESS HEART - Long Last Friend 
    SUZY BOGGUSS - Hopelessly Yours 
    VINCE GILL - Pocket Full of Gold 
    REBA McENTIRE - Fancy 
    KATHY MATTEA - Time Passes By 
    BAILLIE AND THE BOYS - Treat Me Like a Stranger 
    MARTY STUART - Tempted 
    LORRIE MORGAN - A Picture of Me (Without You) 
    DON WILLIAMS - True Love 
    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER - Down At the Twist and Shout 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM - Nothing's Changed Here 
    DIAMOND RIO - Mirror Mirror 
    RAY KENNEDY - What a Way To Go 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - Life's Little Ups and Downs 
    K.T. OSLIN - Come Next Monday 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Brotherly Love 
    MARTY STUART - Little Things 
    HAL KETCHUM - Small Town Saturday Night 
    AARON TIPPIN - You've Got To Stand For Something 
    TANYA TUCKER - Oh What It Did For Me 
    THE JUDDS - Hundred and Two 
    MARTY STUART - Till I Found You 
    CLINT BLACK - One More Paycheck 
    THE JUDDS - Love Can Build a Bridge 
    BROOKS & DUNN - Brand New Man 
    LEE GREENWOOD - We've Got It Made 
    VERN GOSDIN - Is It Raining At Your House 
    SAWYER BROWN - The Walk 
    KATHY MATTEA - A Few Good Things Remain 
    VINCE GILL - Liza Jane 
    TRAVIS TRITT - Anymore 
    DOLLY PARTON - Rockin' Years 
    SHENANDOAH - The Moon Over Georgia 
    TANYA TUCKER - It Won't Be Me 
    PAM TILLIS - One of These Things 
    DOUG STONE - These Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye 
    RONNIE MILSAP - Since I Don't Have You 
    ALAN JACKSON - Someday 
    EARL THOMAS CONLEY - Shadow of a Doubt 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - Keep It Between The Lines 
    CLINT BLACK - Put Yourself In My Shoes 
    SHENANDOAH - Ghost In My House 
    VINCE GILL - Never Knew Lonely 
    PAM TILLIS - Don't Tell Me What To Do 
    PATTY LOVELESS - I'm That Kind of Girl 
    BILLY DEAN - Only Here For a Little While 
    PAUL OVERSTREET - Ball and Chain 
    DWIGHT YOAKAM - You're The One 
    JOE DIFFIE - New Way (To Light Up an Old Flame) 
    DOUG STONE - I Thought It Was You 
    MARK CHESNUTT - Your Love Is a Miracle 
    TANYA TUCKER - Down To My Last Teardrop 
    ALABAMA - Here We Are 
    TRISHA YEARWOOD - She's In Love With The Boy 
    LORRIE MORGAN - We Both Walk 
    REBA McENTIRE - Rumor Has It 
    DIAMOND RIO - Meet In The Middle 
    CLINT BLACK - Loving Blind 
    ALABAMA - Down Home 
    DOUG STONE - In a Different Light 
    GEORGE STRAIT - I've Come To Expect It From You 
    PAUL OVERSTREET - Daddy's Come Around 
    CONWAY TWITTY - I Couldn't See You Leavin' 
    RICKY VAN SHELTON - I Am a Simple Man 
    ALAN JACKSON - I'd Love You All Over Again 
    GEORGE STRAIT - If I Know Me 
    BILLY DEAN - Somewhere In My Broken Heart 
    ALABAMA - Forever's As Far As I'll Go 
    GEORGE STRAIT - You Know Me Better Than That 
    MARK CHESNUTT - Brother Jukebox 
    JOE DIFFIE - If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)

  • Nick Wale

    Could include mid-late 80's stuff too that's not included in the other country lists

  • Patricia Ohoma

    I already added a suggestion for an all 80's playlist. If you look under my name or search for 80's country playlist, you should find it. 

  • Patricia Ohoma

    Link to the 80's country playlist:

  • Shianne Taylor
    These songs are what i love about the good ol days. I grewup knowing and singing these songs. Id love to see a playlist dedicated to just 90s countryhits!
  • Cassie Sampson
    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!
  • Craig Nations

    The Tractors - Baby Likes to Rock It :D

  • Sherri Whalen
    This is my favourite era and genre of music. Would love to see a 90's country playlist!!
  • Lilmissy646
    Definitely need a 90s country playlist! The best country era!
  • John Schmutzer  everyone go here move this up the list please, thanks.

  • Michael Carrera
    I agree!!!
  • Nikki N

    so glad you suggested this - there's no Dixie Chicks on the game, and too much Taylor Swift, also Taylor Swift has more than 4 songs, so do most country artists and people who know country music will know this!  I vote DIXIE CHICKS FOR SURE, love the Carrie Underwood, Faith, etc, but they all have more than the same songs that are in every round!

  • Mindi Hennie
    I second this motion. I enjoyed this era of country, but none from recent.
  • Belinda
  • Bean9970
    Love this playlist idea
  • Chevymun
    Yes!!!! BlackHawk - I Need You All The Time, Michael Peterson - Drink Swear Steal & Lie, Travis Tritt - Tell Me I Was Dreaming, Colin Raye - On The Verge, Everything Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, John Michael Montgomery... Particularly- Cover You In Kisses
  • Chevymun
    And please make them the REAL versions of these songs. Not some remix or cheap knock off like so many others on here.
  • Rachel B.

    So they added 2000s country and 70s country, but no 90s.......    why......?

  • Chevymun
    I noticed that too Rachel! Not very nice!
  • dmdoll
    This would be a great category! You seem have every category but the best country category!
  • Monica J Sorensen
    Definitely need this playlist!!! Don't forget "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" - Kenny Chesney, "Steam" - Ty Herndon, "Dream Walkin'" - Toby Keith, "Where the Green Grass Grows" - Tim McGraw. And what about Joe Diffie, Mark Chesnutt, Clay Walker, Aaron Tippin, Dwight Yoakam, Travis Tritt?
    Thanks! I know you'll make it happen!

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