Cher! Playlist Please Vote & Comment PLEASE, listen 2 New single now click the link




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    * mike alexander

     19 hours ago

    If I could Turn Back Time 

    I Got You Babe 

    Song For The Lonely 

    I Found Someone 

    We All Sleep Alone 

    Save Up All My Tears 

    All Or Nothing 

    When The Moneys Gone 


    Alive Again 

    Love On The The Roof Top 

    Needles And Pins 

    The Beat Goes On 

    Just Like Jesse James 

    Heart Of Stone 

    All Because Of You 

    After All 

    Walking In Memphis 

    Shoop Shoop Song 

    Gypsies Tramps and Theives 

    Bang Bang 

    Love And Underatanding 

    I Still Havent Found What Im Looking for 

    You Havent seen The Last Of Me 

    Welcome To Burlesque 

    Taxi Taxi 

    Love Is The Groove 

    Paradise Is Here 

    Working Girl 

    Different Kind Of Love Song 

    All I Really Wanna Do 

    Strong Enough 

    Love Hurts 

    Fires Of Eden 

    Could've Been You 

    When Love Calls Your Name 

    I'll Never Stop Loving You 

    Half Breed 

    Dov`E L`Amore 

    Dark Lady 

    One By One 

    Love One Anothercomment



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    Haven Smith
    That would be awesome! A Cher playlist, a great pop icon!
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    That would be amazing!
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    Lets get this rolling upcoming new album to Cher would be a cool playlist
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    Louis Muto
    Cool playlist Cher is a Icon
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    Nancy Noack

    Can you like and comment my playlist ideas too pls? ;)

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    alex hernandez
    yay thats awsome create this now GREAT IDEA
  • Avatar
    alex hernandez
    Cher Huge Icon make the playlist please. get started she has a huge songbook
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    glen edwards
    great idea love cher create playlist she has alot of songs with a new hot dance song out lets do this LETS PLAY CHER SONG POP
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    Sebastián Contarino

    I support this list! I want Cher, Kylie Minogue and Celine Dion playlists!!

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    Kevin Contini
    Please make this happen! She has so many good songs!
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    Lizzy! Maillard
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    Cara Light
    I want Cher
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    Kriss ʚϊɞ Murphy

    I could really do WITHOUT a Cher playlist!

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    Sara Piazza Newhall

    YES!!!!  Great idea!!!!!  This would be the BEST playlist EVER.....

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    Cher please
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    Cathy Sahyonne
    YESSSSSSSS!!!! The queen diva needs her own playlist!!!!
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    Sara Piazza Newhall
    Yeah, this should have been started AGES ago. Cher rocks and she deserves a place on Song Pop......just add her already!!!!!!
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    Kari Spencer
    Please Cher playlist
    Also ONJ, & Carpenters
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    Sara Piazza Newhall
    So when is Song Pop going to listen? Tired of waiting for them to put this playlist in effect. Hurry up!!!!!!!
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    Jessie-lee Johnson
    Where is Cher??? There is still no playlist of her, I think alot of people would love it. Come on songpop staff!
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    Keri Blake Moore
    !!!! Great idea!!!

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