• Burakbugli94

    Hi, i wrote a suggestion like this here:


    voted yours, hope you do the same to me and we get some more metal playlists soon. o/

  • Matt Kraft
    Metallica, slayer, anthrax, pantera ya know good ol thrash metal! We get one metal playlist besides hair metal wtf???
  • Travis Lawler
    The metal playlist sucks no Metallica, VERY little Ozzy and Dio, and NO Black Sabbath Ozzy-Era what's up with that if it wasn't for Ozzy-Era Sabbath there wouldn't even be a metal playlist or hair metal playlist to put on songpop
  • Travis Lawler
    and plus how can you make a hair metal and not a thrash one to go along with it those two sub-genres go hand in hand that was metal in the 80s instead they give us that stupid power metal list wtf?
  • Jenni Lynn

    YES!! We NEED a Thrash metal Playlist!!

  • corey

    I was very disappointed with the "Metal" and Power Metal" playlists.  You might as well merge them and call it "Euro Metal". Been listening to metal for over 30 years and don't even recognize most of the music you've put in there.  You can make amends by creating a "Thrash Metal" genre, seeded with the following bands:  Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Testament, Overkill, Exodus, Death Angel, Kreator, Vio-lence,  

      Btw,  when buying the "Power Metal" genre, I was expecting something along the lines of Ozzy, Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc etc.  Maybe you can treat us to a "Classic Metal" genre as well?  You can do it!! :) 

  • Ronnierankine1983
    Please bring us thrash a huge metal fan and im getting tired of all the classic rock and pop playlist getting put out each week. There are so many sub genre's of metal and so many fans its def a no brainer.
  • ElizabethB.C
    Hell to the yes!!! Songpop needs more metal!
  • Ronnierankine1983
    Thank you so much song pop for making this list come true for us metalheads.
  • Żaneta


  • Krzysztof Brandys

    Why it's set to "done"? There's only "80's thrash metal" playlist with 5 or 6 bands. It sucks. Is that all that you can do?

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