Chicago House (International)



  • Andre Burton
    Little louie vega.masters at work.lil louis.paul johnson.gene farris.derrick carter.dust traxx records.mark farina....what about just all around REAL house music.not the one on songpop york.chicago.detroit house..?
  • Andre Burton

    everything on strictly rhythm is a good start too!!

  • Jasper Heijmans
    Maybe this can help to conplete the list, try the cds from turn up the bass from 1988 till 1995 orso , or aint it the old house you ment?
  • Nathanael Munckton

    Totally agree, there is very little real House music on the current playlist of that name.

    Suggest mid 80's Chicago House right through to early 2000's

    Could have Chicago House playlist on it's own too.

  • Serge Paré

    Maybe too specific?
    then  80's House - 90's House - 00's House

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