Several new ideas to get started!



  • Michelle Walthall
    Please create a playlist for The Black Crowes including Brothers of a Feather and all of Chris Robinson's work!!
  • Jorge Valenzuela

    I already creadted a Gothic Music thread

  • Marenda Smith

    wouldnt mind helping either love song pop

  • Justin Scherer

    Good people of Song Pop.  Thank you for nurturing such a wonderful game!  Shoegaze is a must.  It could encompass all the classic 90's shoegaze with the present day shoegaze.  We'd all be gazing at shoes.  Shoegaze!  Also, i must reiterate that college Fight Songs would just be an amazing category.. what about Saturday Night Live performances, or other live music collections??     

  • Sławomir Biskup

    please make the GOA playlist i can suggest a song

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