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  • Shianne Taylor
    Queen was an inconic band. Let them be honored by allowing their fans such as us the enjoy of listening to their music. Please give them their own category.
  • Zoey lava
    I agree with this!
  • Larry Ortman

    A band like Queen deserves their own playlist.

  • Mackenzie Howard
  • Karla Riddell
    I would purchase a Queen playlist in a heartbeat. Great suggestion
  • Deb McManus
    Queen would be good
  • Miguel M González

    Hey! i've made 2 list for the game can you vote and share it please? :) https://songpop.zendesk.com/entries/22907456-oasis-playlist    https://songpop.zendesk.com/entries/22907266-rammstein-playlist

  • Sheri Mcnaught

    One of the best rockers! They deserve to be recognized.

  • Mania Mania

    Queen rulez!

  • Sharon McGowan
    Yes please create a song list of queen songs. I know them all by heart and look to be a champion!
  • Mark Potter
    Biggest band in world 70s-80s-90s-00s-and so on would love queen playlist so hurry up and get one thanks
  • Joost Vullings
    It would really be great if you could add this playlist. With 13 studio albums (that's without Flash) and lots of great live performances there is more than enough material!
  • Ira Nekhaeva
    We just need it))). So please add it!
  • Ira Nekhaeva
    We just need it))). So please add it!
  • Luca Galligani
    Please add a Queen playlist!
    Luca, Italy
  • Erica Kratzer
    A Queen playlist would be AMAZING!
  • irrelevant.
    Dear SongPop crew, if there's any way I can help you with making a Queen playlist, please let me do that or something, please I am dying without a Queen playlist do u feel me
  • Jessica Braswell
    I love queen
  • Marilyn Eisele

    Please create a Queen playlist and not just with songs that had radio play in the U.S. There are many many awesome Queen songs that were and still are popular in Europe but hardly heard in the U.S.

  • Christopher Berry
    Let's give Freddie the respect he deserves.
  • Bruce Robinson

    If ever a band deserved their own playlist it's Queen , would be fantastic .

  • Lisayoung27
    Just sent this as a request. Got to have a queen play list. They rock :-) "We are the champions"
  • Jenpeed00
    Just wondering where you are in the process of a Queen playlist?
  • Gaby Oegema

    Here are my suggestions:

    Bohemian Rhapsody (5:59) 
    Another One Bites The Dust (3:35) 
    Killer Queen (3:00) 
    Fat Bottomed Girls (4:16) 
    Bicycle Race (3:10) 
    You're My Best Friend (2:50) 
    Don't Stop Me Now (3:31) 
    Save Me (3:48) 
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2:44) 
    Somebody To Love (4:56) 
    Now I'm Here (4:14) 
    Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (2:54) 
    Play The Game (3:30) 
    Flash (2:47) 
    Seven Seas Of Rhye (1:15) 
    We Will Rock You (2:01) 
    We Are The Champions (2:59) 
    A Kind Of Magic (4:24) 
    Under Pressure (4:04) 
    Radio Gaga (5:45) 
    I Want It All (4:01) 
    I Want To Break Free (Extended Mix) (4:23) 
    Innuendo (6:33) 
    It's A Hard Life (4:08) 
    Breakthru (4:07) 
    Who Wants To Live Forever (5:16) 
    Headlong (4:38) 
    The Miracle (5:01) 
    I'm Going Slightly Mad (4:22) 
    The Invisible Man (3:57) 
    Hammer To Fall (3:38) 
    Friends Will Be Friends (4:08) 
    The Show Must Go On (4:33) 
    One Vision (4:01) 
    Barcelona (4:24) 
    Too Much Love Will Kill You (4:19) 
    Somebody To Love (Live) (5:16) 
    You Don't Fool Me (Single Version) (5:23) 
    Heaven For Everyone (Single Version) (4:43) 
    Las Palabras De Amor (4:29) 
    Driven By You (4:10) 
    Living On My Own (Radio Mix) (3:35) 
    Let Me Live (4:45) 
    The Great Pretender (3:25) 
    Princes Of The Universe (3:32) 
    Another One Bites The Dust (4:20) 
    No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) (4:20) 
    These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Terrence Higgins Trust) (4:15) 
    Thank God It's Christmas (4:20)

  • Marilyn Eisele

    March of the Black Queen, White Queen, Love of my Life, Don't Stop Me Now, Seven Seas of Rye, Man on the Prowl, I'm in love with my car, Stealin' (bootleg), Ogre Battle, Dragon Attack, I Was Born To Love you, Its a beautiful day, Jesus, Great King Rat, The Prophet's Song, Calling All Girls, Put Out the Fire, Don't Try Suicide, Coming Soon, Need Your Loving Tonight, Tie Your Mother Down, Fat Bottomed Girls, The Millionaire Waltz, Teo Torriatte, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, You and I, White Man, Drowse, You Take My Breath Away, I Want it all, See What a Fool I've been, A Human Body, Keep Passing the Open Windows, Mad the Swine, I Can Hear Music, Misfire, Soul Brother, Radio Ga Ga, In the Lap of the Gods, Tear it Up, Is This the World we Created, You're So Square (live medley), My Melancholy Blues, Big Spender.   (If you need more I can find them. I have a huge collection)

  • Laurie Juengling Ziga
    I been patiently waiting for a Queen playlist!!!!! How much longer?????? Best group of all time!!!!!! I just can't believe it hasn't been done already. Please and thank you!!!!
  • Amber 99


  • Julian Ragosta
    I hope it'll be added soon?!!!!
  • Laurie Juengling Ziga
    Ok.... I am begging for queen. So are song pop staff if you love queen so much why are you still really working on it? It been awhile since that message has been up. Can we have some resolution here? Please?
  • Marilyn Eisele

    Please give us a Queen playlist. Thanks.

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