Will you do a U2 List???




  • Kirsten Rusj
    Yes please! Great suggestion!
  • beba

    yes please, I wanted too!

  • Smith Ronaldo 68

    imagine u2 the greatest ever irish rock n roll band in the universe , 4 irish lads from dublin went onto rule the world , and songpoppers go playlist crazy............songpop's big in the states too , americas got there's bonjovi now are taking songpop by storm , cant have that lads , owners of sp weve made you all very rich people , u2 on songpop would well make sp history :)) 

  • Rosana C Rangel

    Sim, sim, sim! Por favor incluam playlist do U2!

  • Rachanne44
    Yes I want a U2 playlist!!
  • Gwenn Poupeney
    Yes, U2 will be a great playlist!
  • Mike
    I agree U2 would be a good exclusive artist playlist.
  • Dianne Winand

    Yes please, we NEED a U2 playlist!!!

  • Muso Geek

    U2 aren't as big as Coldplay any more, but they may be in terms of longevity.  Don't know if they've done enough songs though...

  • Nitzia Morgado
    Please, please, please!!
  • Seannewlin
    Definitely U2! They have a huge catalog and are The Worlds Greatest Rock Band!
  • Erikd16

    Yes please!!!!

  • Mariatgunther
    Please!!!!! This would be excellent! But if you do it, you MUST include plenty of the pre-Rattle and Hum albums. So much music to play with!
  • Carlos Lucena

    new year´s day, one, until the end of the world, where the streets have no name, i will follow, bad, with or without you, beatiful day, walk on, the fly, mysterious ways, stay, zooropa, pride, i still haven´t found..., spanish eyes, sunday bloody sunday.... you name it.

  • Robin R Adair
    Create a U2 Playlist Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yori Lang

    U2 and Muse


  • Brent Green

    U2 has to be a playlist!!  They are one of the greatest groups ever and have a myriad of songs!!  Really....if some of these other artist get solo categories, U2 is a shoo in!!!  And, world wide appeal!!!  Please, quickly, I have a lot of people to beat in this category!!!

  • Mariana Castro
    Queen, U2, and Pink Floyd deserve a playlist. Thanks for Springsteen's, by the way. :-)
  • Christopher Crockett
    No. Fucking. Way.
  • Brent Green

    I Don't understand why haters just come to hate!!! ...especially when they obviously don't know anything about good music!!  @CC

  • Christopher Crockett

    arguably the most overrated band since 1990.  not as bad as mj (get it?), but close 2nd. 

  • Thais Cristina

    Please create a U2 playlist


  • Manuela Kalvoda
    You have to bring it out asap!!! Still missing! The best band in the World!!!!
  • Jennifer S Tello

    I would love to have the option to buy(unless you gift it to me) a u2 playlist. u2 is my favorite band but its not a playlist here :( Any chance you would consider u2 for an artist playlist please??? I'll be your best friend :)

  • Melac77
    U2 Please!!!!!! They are the biggest rock band since 30 years....
  • Brittany Blalock
    U2 PLEASE!!
  • Pam Dietrich

    A U2 playlist would be great!

  • Caroline3170

    La date de proposition de 2012! C'est écrit "Prévu" Maïs verser quand? Je suis impatiente de voir la playlist !!!!

  • Angela Parker73
  • Amy Hill
    Would love a U2 list awesome!!!!

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